Cricket – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Crickets are distant relatives of grasshoppers.

The largest ones of the species, which comprises of more than 900 species, are the bull crickets, with up to 2 inches in length.

They live in almost every part of the world, and mostly in tropical locations.

They live in different habitats, like forests, grassland, bushes, caves and beaches and spend their days mostly hiding somewhere.

These insects are mainly active at night. Crickets are known for the specific sound they produce, which is a very persistent, loud and chirping sound.

They produce it by scraping two for that purpose developed limbs. They stop signing when there is danger around or when interrupted by something.

Male crickets use their sound to attract females.

Females are very fertile and lay hundreds of eggs. Female species usually don’t make sounds and some species of crickets don’t produce any sound at all.

Male crickets are very aggressive in establishing their dominance over other males. After the victory is won over, the winner sings the victory song, and the loser is silent.

Not all species have wings, and some species which have wings, cannot use them to fly. They have developed camouflaging mechanisms to hide themselves.

Namely, some species have such color patterns which allow them to blend in all types of surroundings.

What does the Cricket Symbolize?

The cricket spirit animal symbolizes communication, good luck, changes, contentment, connection, direction, focus, abundance, good fortune, happiness, grounding, intuition, inner guidance, moving forward, pleasure, psychic abilities, satisfaction, vibrational energy, self – expression, etc.

The Meanings of Cricket as a Spirit Animal

The Cricket as your spirit animal can have many different meanings.

Here are some of them:

Good luck and happiness. Among other things, crickets symbolize good luck and happiness. If this is your totem animal, you are most likely blessed with good luck and happiness in life. It is believed, that the cricket naturally protects you and your home from misfortune and bad vibes.

Intuition and inner guidance. If the cricket is your spirit animal, you probably have a strong intuition and inner guidance. You intuitively know what to do or say in some situations. You can also have some others psychic abilities.
Success. Crickets are also a symbol of success. If you are blessed to have the cricket as your totem animal, you are probably very successful.


Cricket gives you the gift of successfully achieving all your goals.

Longevity. Crickets are considered as symbols of longevity as well, so the cricket as your spirit animal blesses you with this gift also.

Fertility and good health. Female crickets are very fertile and healthy. If you have the cricket as your totem animal you are probably blessed with good health and fertility.

Abundance. Crickets are considered as a symbol of wealth and abundance. If the cricket is your totem animal, you can expect the same, if you don’t have them already.

Creativity. A cricket as your spirit animal encourages you to develop your creativity and use your creative ideas to achieve all your goals and desires. You rely on your instinct and inner drive to guide you towards the best outcomes.

Patience and calm. Crickets spend most of their days without movement, hiding somewhere. These spirit animals teach you about the importance of patience and calmly waiting for things to come. If this is your spirit animal, you might have a patient and calm nature as well.

Maybe you desire peace and calmness in every aspect of your life, and you present such demeanor to others as well.

Communication. Crickets have an exceptional gift of communicating through the sounds they produce. If the cricket is your spirit animal, you are most likely very good at communicating your ideas to others. If you are not good at communicating, the cricket is teaching you about that art and the possibility to achieve all you desire through proper communication with others.

Crickets are also known to help people who have difficulties talking properly, and teach them to talk with clarity.

Cricket as Your Totem Animal

If the cricket is your totem animal, you probably enjoy talking or somehow using your voice to get what you desire. Maybe you have a beautiful voice as well. You are probably good at communicating with others.

Often people with this totem animal are musicians or their careers are somehow related to music.

You might be a good healer as well, and possibly using music as a tool for healing.

If you have the cricket as your totem animal, you are most likely full of plans for action and often on the move. You probably don’t stay long on one place.

Sometimes that is an indication of being inconstant and often changing your direction in life.

If the cricket is your totem animal it teaches you about the need to be grounded, and the importance of having a stable foundation. It also teaches you about the importance of being patient, secure and helping others.

If you have the cricket as your spirit animal, be sure all your desires are for the highest good of all concerned.

You know that your desires tend to fulfill with success and you don’t want anyone to be hurt by that.

What if the Cricket Appears in Your Life?

A cricket appearing in your life is a very good omen, indicating good luck. Cricket’s appearance might be a guarantee of possibilities opening before you.

It might indicate the success of your long term endeavors and goals. It can be an encouragement that, things are working out in your favor.

It encourages you to seek internal and spiritual guidance about the moves you need to make. The cricket is a sign of being at the right place at the right moment.

Maybe you will suddenly get an opportunity to find a new job or be unexpectedly inspired to buy a winning lottery ticket.

When a cricket appears in your life, you should start believing in the impossible, and all your desires will come to fruition. Your only job is to believe in them.

The cricket is also a symbol of good luck in love and relationships. When it appears in your life, you can expect some wonderful things in those parts of your life.

This spirit animal encourages you to take risks to get what you desire in love, which is a true, committed and lasting relationship.

If you already are in a committed relationship, and the cricket frequently appears in your life, maybe it’s a message you need to evaluate your relationship and discover if there is something wrong you need to deal with.

The appearance of this totem animal can sometimes ask of you to turn to your inner guidance and strength. It encourages you to trust in your intuition.

Maybe you feel your intuition has heightened lately. Maybe you are developing psychic gifts and the cricket is there to confirm that.

When it appears, the cricket also might bring you the message that it’s time to react or take some long awaited action.

It encourages you to trust your abilities to succeed.

When to call on Cricket?

You should call on cricket as your spirit animal when:

  • You are bored and need some adventure in your life.
  • You feel stuck and you want things to start moving forward.
  • You need a boost of creativity and inspiration.
  • You need to get into some kind of action to achieve something.
  • You need to take some risks to achieve something and move forward in life.

Dreams about Sparrow – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about crickets usually indicate some kind of introspection and searching answers from within.

Maybe you are filled with emotional baggage from the past and now you need to address it.

These dreams might reveal your need for guidance to find a solution to some problem you have.

If you heard crickets chirping in your dream, such dream might reveal allowing insignificant things to bother you.

Sometimes this dream signifies something is bothering you from the inside, and it’s a message to try to resolve it, no matter what the cost might be.

If you saw crickets leaping in your dream, such dream is a very good sign, usually indicating your spiritual evolvement.

A cricket in your dream can also indicate a time to reevaluate your life path your goals and desires in this life.

Are you still satisfied with where you are in life, or it is time to make some changes?