Cousin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

We are all social animals, and in constant contact with other people, so it is not unusual to see them when we sleep. Sexual related dreams can often be confusing and somewhat scary. That happens especially when the centre of our vision involves someone we know.

When we dream someone we don’t know; we are not worried because it is considered to be perfectly reasonable to imagine the abstract relations with people who are not familiar to us. Strangers are people that we already saw somewhere, but too short to remember.

However, the brain recalls in detail what we thought was irrelevant. Oppose to people we do know, dreaming about strangers represent the hardest element to analyse.

Every component of our dreams is interpreted in two ways, as a subject and as an object.

On the level of the subject angle, every character represents ourselves, and what happens to that person is happening to us.

If the character is scared, subconsciously are we, for example. In terms of object, it is not essential to look at the figure, but its relations with other people. Especially when familiar faces appear in the dream, looking at them through this aspect explains the way we see them.

Meaning of the Dream about Cousin

We often dream about the people who are closest to us. If the relationship between our close family member and us is already stable and positive, they don’t usually appear in our dream. On the other hand, it could also implicate that hard times are about to happen.

Women dream about other close female relatives more often than men in two extremes, either very good or evil characters. The manifestation of this kind usually frees a negative emotion that is eating us inside, and that we are too afraid to show in reality.

When it comes to men and female figures in their dreams, it has a much deeper meaning. It personifies itself as someone who leads us in life, someone who we can always talk to and represents our support system.

Dreaming about a male character has a broader meaning and usually happens when we are trying to find ourselves in life. This figure is rational, sort of a mediator between reasonable and spiritual parts of our being. We also have these dreams when we find ourselves in conflict with what the person in question is doing in his life and what we are doing in ours, especially when we are trying to find our path.

When we dream about the opposite sex, it means that we are explaining ourselves the other side of our personality, our shadow. That is a manifestation of what we indeed are, which is usually the total opposite of our nature in real life.

If we dream a much younger figure, it speaks about sincere devotion. If these types of dreams happen often, we should pay attention to that message. It is a sign of a fresh beginning or a new life cycle. Rather than focusing on the dream itself, we should pay attention to the feeling it caused.

When the dream is focused on an older figure, it means that the message of a great experience is coming our way or that we are about to receive great wisdom. In modern times, we suppress the real meaning of older characters in our dreams, often forgetting that it shows that we are in the process of maturing and that we are about to live a significant change.

The symbolism of a Dream about Cousin

When the character of a cousin shows in our dreams, it represents a warning, mistrust in promises. It is possible that you rely on other people too much and expect them to solve your problems. You will learn the hard way that it is you that has to fight through life because even if they want too, other people are usually too busy to take you by the hand and lead the way.

If you are fighting with your cousin, it implicates that you probably won’t like what is someone about to tell you. If someone is being honest or shows disapproval of your actions, you might interpret that as manipulative, refusing to listen to any advice they give you.

When you dream about socializing with a cousin, it usually shows a lot of affection towards your family. You are a person that keeps everyone together, helps them and represents someone who is always there during hard moments.


You are aware they don’t have the same consideration towards you, but you are still making excuses thinking that they love you, but not capable of showing their emotions.

If your relationship with your cousin is about working together, it implicates a fight. In your case, indeed, you don’t mix business with pleasure. It is possible that after a mutual job, your relationship will get colder, and you will become more distant as time goes by.

When you dream of saying goodbye to a cousin, it usually means that you will keep a promise you made. For example, if you gave your word to someone and if your intentions were honest, but they will not go as easy as you hoped them to go.

Since you came across a lot of difficulties, you will think that the person in question has more significant expectations than you initially thought.

Do I have to be worried?

Fortunately, the meaning of these types of dreams can be much simpler. If you recently saw, spoke to or had a conflict with your cousin, it could be the main reason you are dreaming about them.

Probably the most uncomfortable variation on a cousin related dream is having sex with them.

These dreams cause us to feel confused when we wake up, but it’s essential to know that they are entirely divided from the conscious part of our personality in moments where our brain acts without any breaks or inhibitions. It draws attention to our relationship with our parents that is not sexual.

The exact nature of this relationship may lie in an unsolved problem you had, and maybe you want to build a more close and stable relationship with your mother, a more stable one with your father or perhaps you aren’t telling them something you should.

In general, dreaming about any member of your family can symbolise everything between love, bitterness, rivalry and safeness, depending on other aspects and elements of your dream.

It also means that you are too dependent on your family, especially if you are dreaming about someone who you haven’t seen in a long time, but that person keeps coming back in your dreams.

What should I do if I had this dream?

You should think about that person you lost touch with; it is advised that you reconnect.

On the other hand if yours feeling about your cousin and entirely negative, you should keep your distance or it is just too hard for you to find a common language with them.


In short, if you are dreaming about your cousin, you can expect problems that you have to solve fast. It also means that you can expect an unwanted visitor.

It implicates that several changes are about to happen, most of them being beneficial. It also shows that it is time to be more active, to change your attitude and be more positive so that success finally knocks on your door.