Coconut – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To this day, we still do not know with certainty where from the coconut palm originally came. Reason is also the good buoyancy of the coconut, which can go up to 4,500 km in the sea, without losing its germination ability. It could be from the South American continent or it can come from the Indomalay region. The latter is in the most sources widely represented. Nowadays you can find the Coconut palm on almost all tropical and subtropical coasts of the earth (borders are the northern and southern Earth circle).

Already 4000 years ago, the coconut was in the South Sea and South Asia used as important food. Since 1740, the coconut palm is from the Dutch and Portuguese planted according to plan. The name “coco” comes from the Spanish for ghost (probably because of the three scars of the stone) kernels, which give the nut a ghostly appearance).

Coconut is a high, woody plant from the palm family, characteristic of the tropics. The coconut tree is used for many purposes, and its fruit is large nuts, an exotic and unforgettable taste.

In today’s text we are going to see the secret meaning behind coconut itself and the dreams about coconut as well.

Sometimes even the simplest objects can have an interesting meaning and symbolism behind them, so we shouldn’t discard them right away. So, if you want to know more about coconut or dreams about it, this is the article for you.

Coconut – Dream Meaning

Coconut is a strange plant and whether you believe it or not, many people view it as neither fruit nor vegetable, nor classic nut. This already gives him an epitome of mystery, and in all likelihood, cocktails related to coconut, predicts strange and unexpected events.

Dreaming of eating coconut or coconut flour

Generally, coconut nuts in dreams are positive symbols, and if you dream of eating juicy coconut nuts, it’s often a sign that you want to draw attention to yourself. You do not mean to get this attention in a bad or dishonest way, but it is more likely that you are a lover of beauty and aesthetics, and as such you want to be noticed.

Dream the coconut tree

If you see the coconut palm in your dreams, long life filled with satisfaction is what you can expect. When this tree is especially rich in flavor, then hope for a long life accompanied by excellent health, great business successes and significant material wealth that you will acquire.

To dream of a coconut tree without fruits, it also means a long life and relatively good health, but without any particular material wealth and business success. Nevertheless, it is not too late to change some business habits and decisions, and to experience success in this field of life.

Dreaming of open coconut nuts

When your coconut walnuts appear in your dreams, with visible, inner, white fruit, prepare to receive a nice gift. This gift can be cash, you can get some nice thing, or a piece of clothing, in any case, the gift is purely material.

If a person who has long abstained from sex dreams open coconuts, it is very likely that he will soon be able to overcome his great thirst for these passionate pleasures.

Dream that somebody wants to smash coconuts from your head

If you happen to dream this, a bit uncomfortable dream, believe that you are also afraid of something similar and unpleasant situations as this one in reality. Most often it can be a situation where someone, or a group of unknown people, tries to blame you for something you have not done.

You can avoid the inconvenience that is being prepared for you, but you will have to invest a lot of effort and sacrifice to get yourself out of it.

Dream to separate the edible part of the coconut from the shell

When you dream to divide the edible, white part of the coconut from its shell, it could mean that you will easily overcome every obstacle that life puts before you. This dream reflects your persistence and the clear goals you aspire for, and suggests that there are very few obstacles that you are not able to overcome.

If you’re dreaming that someone else is trying to separate the coconut from the shell, and it’s in front of you, it’s a sign that someone is trying to tame you, weaken it and eventually humiliate you. You will have to struggle to make those predictions fail, but you can succeed, because it will be hard for others to find themselves more powerful than you.

Dream that you are a coconut nut

If you have put on some strange “reality” in which you are a coconut, or feel that way, it’s a sign that you are trying to present yourself to everyone as a solid, cold person, and in fact you are not.


This dream suggests that you need to work on yourself to show others good things about yourself, because in this way you will only lose friends and fall into the hands of loneliness. Open your soul to somebody, show them well who you are, and find a partner with whom you will be free to share, both good and evil.

Coconut – Meaning

There are several stories from mythology about the coconut palm. Here are two:

Guam: the legend of the coconut palm

Long time ago a Chamorro family, who belonged to the Achote tribe, lived. One of the children was one very beautiful girl, and all within the tribe admired her beauty. One day the young girl was very thirsty. She just wanted to quench her thirst, and she found the tastiest fruit with an extraordinary taste. Everyone in the village tried to find this fruit, which she described to have found, but in vain.

Soon the girl became very ill and died. The father buried the young girl at the top of a mountain that towered over the village. He put one on her grave a beautiful tombstone, and flowers to cover it.

One day the villagers noticed that on the tomb of the young girl, a strange plant started to grow. They immediately thought of magic and built a protection to protect them from it. It had passed five years after the appearance of this plant and the plant reached twenty feet in height and received big fruits. One of these fruits fell to the ground and broke up. The chief of the village asked the dead girl’s father, to eat this strange fruit. But he refused. He called his wife and ordered her to try this fruit.

After she had eaten, she said that fruit was sweet and rubbery and called it coconut nut. The coconut is still one of the main components of the diet of Chamorro’s. The history of the coconut palm plays an important role.

Fiji: the legend of Sina and the eel

On a far distant island the most important plant in the South Seas has mythology dedicated to the fairy tale of Sina and the eel: Sina, the most beautiful girl far and wide, and the Prince of Fiji fell in love with her. To be closer to her, he transformed himself into an eel and the prince as an eel jumped into the water where Sina took bath every day.

The beautiful Sina became irritated with the eel after some time and she decided to cut off the head of the animal. On his death bed, prince confessed his love to Sina:  So that you always remember me, where you are burying my head, a palm will grow. She will bring you shadow, the juice of their nuts will quench your thirst, the flesh will satisfy your hunger. And so it happened. The first coconut tree bore its fruits. And who has a close look at coconut, eyes and mouth, even the face of the eel, can be recognized.

Overall, this tasty fruit has a rich meaning and symbolism behind it, even though the major part of Earth was deprived of its beauty for a very long time.

Coconut dreams can be interpreted in many ways, but the most important thing is to remember how you felt when you saw the coconut and how you acted in your dream. Even though it is hard to remember, try to go back to the feelings you had in your dream to get the best possible interpretation.