Chipmunk – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Chipmunks are some of the cutest representatives of squirrels’ family.

These adorable rodents, easily recognizable by strips on their backs, short bushy tails and big bright eyes, surely bring smile on people faces.

They live in parts of American and Asian continent and are known worldwide. Chipmunks are present both in tradition and folklore, as well as in popular culture.

Two chipmunks, Chip and Dale, are true Hollywood stars! These funny and adorable little tricksters are born out of Walt Disney’s pen back in 1943.

There are also other pop-culture chipmunk characters, such as Alvin;

Chipmunks have many enemies, because they are so small, but they also have skills and tactics to avoid them.

These cute rodents can find food literally anywhere, because they are not picky. Just as squirrels, they always make proper food supplies for winter. In their overall behavior, they are much like their squirrel relatives.

There are numerous interesting and amazing facts about these little animals that make them inspiring spirit animals.

Although their symbolism is not as abundant as that of some other animals, it could still help us understand our bonds with animal spirits.

Tiny chipmunks surely seem lovely and cute, but they possess other valuable traits, as well.

Let us discover what they are about.

Chipmunk symbolism and spiritual meaning

Chipmunk symbolism is similar to that of squirrels, because these animals are closely related. They are active, fast and energetic. They are sometimes portrayed as tricksters, but never considered negative spirits.

Well, it is hard to resist them, even if they come to your porch and steal some food.

They have various symbolical meanings for people around the world.

Luck and fortune – For Native Americans and some Asian people, chipmunks represent luck, fortune and carelessness.

Native Americans believe chipmunks do not think before acting, but they surely have luck; they let their positive spirits guides them.


Generally, chipmunks are believed to bring fortune and good luck to people, even if they are sometimes seen as little tricksters.

Activity and hard work – Surely, chipmunks are very active, agile and fast. They are hardworking, despite everything seems to be easy to them. They represent the perfect balance between dedication to work and lightness in life. Chipmunks symbolize hard work without pressure.

They do what it needs to be done to have cozy, comfortable and joyful life. That is something most people desire.

Playfulness and fun – Chipmunks are playful creatures. They love to run around, play with their friends and enjoy life. They live in perfect balance with nature and give us a great example of how our lives could be good and full of happiness even if we do not have too much in material sense.

The greatest things in life are always in our reach and they are our friends, family and all beautiful things in the world that have no price tag.

Adventure and restlessness – It seems chipmunks are always on the run. They represent adventurous spirits and a need of discovering new things in life. They are intelligent and skilful little fellows, always ready to run.

It helps the escape predators, find food or shelter and survive, but it also makes them an ultimate symbol of restlessness and searching for an adventure.

Chipmunk totem and spirit animal

Chipmunk people are playful, intelligent and sensitive individuals who find it really hard to sit still or make big commitments in life.

These are adventurous spirits, always on the move, searching for new experiences.

Chipmunk people are all but hesitant; they are prone to risk and rush, which could be both good and bad for them and those around.

  • Playful and active

Chipmunk people love to explore. They love to travel and discover new places and meet different cultures. They really find it hard to stay in one place for long.

While such a characteristic has its advantages, it could make them look irresponsible to others, which might bring them difficulties in professional environment.

However, since they are talkative and good with words, they are excellent in journalism or tourism, jobs that allow them express their talent and move around.

They playfulness is something to admire. They have extremely positive attitude towards life and are not afraid of taking risks. They are not prone to depression and deal easily with failure.

Chipmunk people never let such things bring them down and give up. They live according to the motto: at least I have tried!

However, try to put some reason in your decisions. Taking risks can be great, but think of your own safety and that of people that care about you.

  • Free spirited and friendly

Chipmunk people are communicative and friendly fellows, always fun to spend time with. They are sociable and love to meet new people. They impress others with their numerous adventurous stories and rich life experience.

However, they do not have many true friends and they find it hard to settle in a relationship. They appreciate their freedom too much.

While others find that silly or simply think Chipmunk people are lonely, that is not true.

They are masters of their own destiny and actually enjoy their solitude.

  • Intelligent and hard-working

These people are intelligent and hard working. If they focus on their work, they do great things. What they lack off are patience and, sometimes, organization.

They are so restless that it is not uncommon for a Chipmunk person to make a complete mess about a task they have only because they are impatient as a child.

Try to organize your time and be aware of the fact other factors besides your own effort do matter. It is not all up to you!

Sometimes things need time to develop.

Chipmunk people are joyful and optimistic individuals, who always have bright ideas on their mind. If you are born under the totem of Chipmunk, you are naturally lucky!

You should only restrain your adventurous spirit a bit – no one can steal it from you.

Use your amazing Chipmunk traits to create beautiful new things and have a happy and fulfilled life.