Chickadee – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Cute little chickadees are representatives of the large family of various tit birds and they share characteristics and symbolical meanings with their colorful relatives.

These adorable species inhabit North America and that is the only actual difference between chickadees, from genus Poencile, and other tit family members.

These beautiful songbirds are small, gentle and lovely, but they can be quite hardy and resilient.

While the exact origin is unknown, it is thought that chickadee name comes from peoples’ interpretation of their vocalization, which to our ears sounds like a ‘chick-a-dee-dee’ call, sound;

Chickadees have dark feathers on tops of their heads and over the throat, while the rest of their body is yellowish, grey and white.

There are various species of these little fellows and they mostly vary in colors of their feathers, while their overall cuteness is out of question.

People love these beauties and associate them with joy, happiness and grace.

Chickadees are similar to all other tit family birds. They are active, sociable and loud little fellows;

These birds express territorial behavior during the mating season, while during other periods of the year they usually gather in large flocks and search for food together.

They are of a friendly nature and do not mind getting mixed up with other bird species.

Chickadees are adaptable and tough, even if they appear so gentle and fragile.

Chickadees are adaptable and clever little birds. Their level of intelligence could be compared to that of crows and parrots, birds known for their remarkable brains;

Native American chickadee meaning

Native American tribes have always been admiring these little birds. They believed chickadees have a special connection with the worlds of spirits and considered them messengers and news bringers.

Chickadees have always had a positive symbolism.

Cherokee legends tell about chickadees as true tellers, opposing tufted titmouse birds that were believed to bring false news.

Cherokee people believe chickadees are able to predict things. If you see a chickadee near your house and hear its song, it actually warns you a danger is approaching;


According to legendary tales from an unknown Native American Indian tribe, the almighty Eagle gave the power of fortune telling to the Chickadee.

Many tribes believe this adorable bird is kind and helpful, so they all respect chickadees and love them.

They also think of these little birds as keepers of knowledge and wisdom.

Indian tribes from the Plains believe chickadees bring good luck and fortune to people. To them, chickadees represent success, happiness and prosperity;

Chickadee symbolism and spiritual meaning

Native Americans have many positive things to say about adorable chickadees.

In addition, seeing a chickadee in your dream or having a vision about it is particularly good omen.

Chickadee symbolism does not vary much in other parts of the world and it is similar to that of other tit birds.

Good omens and fortune – As we have seen, chickadees are believed to be messengers, news bringers and fortunetellers. It is believed they possess special powers and the ability to foresee things that going to happen.

Since they are our helpers, little chickadees will always warn us if there is something we should be concerned of.

Happiness and joy – Chickadees are very loud little fellows that love socializing and playing. Their nature is playful and they seem so joyful and happy. In addition, their songs are irresistible. If they do not tit to warn you, chickadees sing beautiful melodies that put all of your worries and troubles aside.

Their magical song reminds us of how good our life is and that the greatest beauty is to be found in simple things.

Chickadees symbolize modesty and simple joys of life. Their song chases away dark thoughts and brings us good mood, feeling our hearts with love and joy.

Chickadees represent waking of a new day, hope and belief there are still so many good things in this world.

Fragility and tenderness – Little chickadees are delicate and fragile creatures. Their bodies are small and light. Many bigger birds and other animals hunt chickadees and these adorable fellows have many enemies. They are very soft and dear, so they are commonly associated with ideas of beauty, purity, innocence and frailty.

In addition, they symbolize alertness and cautiousness. They are intelligent and capable of avoiding all of these bloodthirsty enemies.

Their fortunetelling abilities are a part of this. Chickadees symbolize readiness and cautiousness.

Friendship and sociability – These colorful songbirds live in large flocks and they are very talkative. They represent the power of unity, strong bonds and relations. They symbolize true friendship and the importance of keeping together.

They also represent family joy, loyalty and love.

Chickadee totem and spirit animal

Chickadee people are probably some of the most adorable and irresistible fellows around. They are full of joy and positive energy they love to spread around and share with other people.

To them, nothing is impossible. They never lose hope things could be better, while at the same time they value the moment they find themselves in.

They are unlikely to get depressed, discouraged or desperate.

They know such things pass with time and by positive thinking attitude.

  • Positive and energetic

These people are the most optimistic individuals you could meet. If you are a Chickadee person, you know what we talk about, because a positive approach to life is in your nature.

Chickadee people are unlikely to lose their hope, even if they face great difficulties in life. They have a lot of energy to deal with all bad things that do happen in a person’s life.

They know life develops in cycles; sometimes you get the perfect wind to sail on, sometimes you have to wait. If they fail, Chickadee people do not get discouraged.

They give themselves time to put themselves together and start rebuilding their plans.

  • Joyful and sociable

Positivity they radiate around makes Chickadee people amazing friends. They love social gatherings and always meet new people. Other find them attractive, charismatic and very interesting to talk to.

Chickadee people are usually creative, clever and artistic, as well.

They love meeting new people and exploring new places, but, at the end of the day, they return to their closest friends and loved ones.

People guided by Chickadee totem are confident and ready for changes. They are communicative and love to cooperate with people.

They are masters in mixing up good work and fun; you would never see a Chickadee persons complaining about their job, because they love it or make themselves enjoy it.

  • Loving and passionate

Overall, Chickadee people are emotional and passionate. They are devoted to their partners and caring about their families. Chickadee people are always amazing parents.

They love family life and relaxing moments with their close friends.

Everyone around them feel their love and positive energy.

Chickadee people will always help others and listen to what they have to say.