Cheetah – Spirit Animal, Symbolism, Totem and Meaning

The cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth. Its body is specialized for speed and it can speed up to 40+ miles per hours in seconds. That is why speed action is one of its main traits as a spirit animal.

When cheetah is our spirit animal it calls us to act fast, react fast, respond fast, make a decision fast, and so on. It brings a message of necessity to move fast and seize the opportunity.

Maybe its appearance in your life is a sign of things moving fast right now in your life, calling you to be on the alert so you don’t miss any opportunity.

The Cheetah symbolizes self – esteem, speed, focus. Unlike other wild cats, they don’t jump on their prey, they run after it.

This spirit animal helps us determine our goals and then maintain focus in achieving them, in the fastest possible way. It also teaches us to be flexible and adapt if necessary when doing so, but also react in a timely manner and stop wasting time.

It also reminds us to focus on as much goals as we can accomplish and not waste energy aimlessly on too many things, which cannot be accomplished all at once.

Although it encourages a quick and swift action, it also reminds us about the need to rest and recharge afterwards in order to prepare for new challenges and goals.

What does the Cheetah Symbolize?

The Cheetah symbolizes speed, fast action, intensity, focus, flexibility, accelerating time, activity, maneuverability, keen sight, passion, procrastination, progress, opportunity, perception, survival, adaptability, resting, unconventional love and many other things.

Cheetah as a spirit animal, calls us to clearly set our goals, be focused on achieving them and react fast in doing so. It reminds us to stop procrastinating and wasting time, because sometimes we don’t get a second chance.

We need to grab it the second it shows up. That’s why we need to be on the lookout, awake and waiting.

This spirit animal encourages us to think and achieve big. It teaches us there are no limits other than the ones we set ourselves.

The Meanings of Cheetah as a Spirit Animal

The cheetah as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Adaptability and survival. The cheetah is a camouflage master. Its fur blends well with the surroundings, keeping it hidden from its prey, but also the ones who prey on cheetah.

If a cheetah is your totem animal, it might be questioning your ability to blend well in every surrounding. Are you capable of doing so, or you stand out and attract too much attention? Blending in is sometimes important in order to survive and that is one of the messages the cheetah brings.

Opportunity. The cheetah is a bold animal, patiently waiting for the opportunity to make a move towards its prey. And when it sees it, it unstoppably goes after it.

If the cheetah is your totem animal, it teaches you about the need to watch out carefully and patiently for opportunities and reach out for them, the moment they show up in your life. Be ready for quick reactions.


Selectivity. Cheetah’s message to you might be to choose your friends wisely. You need to pay attention to who you’re bonding. If there aren’t many people you can trust at the moment, you should focus upon yourself and enjoy the time spend alone.

Resting. The cheetah as your spirit animal reminds you about the need to take time off to rest. Cheetah charges like a bullet after its prey, but its quest only lasts seconds. After the hunt, the cheetah respects its body and its need to recover.

Just like the cheetah, you should be careful not to waste your strength too much. Maybe you’ve been overworking and doing many things at the same time lately. The cheetah reminds you it’s time to take time off and recharge.

Action. The cheetah as your spirit animal is a call for action. Don’t waste any more time procrastinating and making plans for the future. Start doing something to achieve your goals. And start it now.

Focus. The cheetah needs to sustain its focus in order to succeed. Its main target is catching prey. So it keeps focusing until it reaches its goal.

The cheetah as your spirit animal calls you to keep focus on your goals and never give up. First finish all the things you’ve been currently working on and then begin new projects. This animal is a reminder never to lose your motivation.

Procrastination. The cheetah is always active. If it is your spirit animal it calls you to stop wasting your time and actively pursue what you want. It is also a message to confront the issues and problems you might be having. Don’t run away from them or they will just get bigger and eventually catch up with you.

Intelligence and intuition. Cheetah brings you the gift of strong intuition, which allows fast reaction. They are also very intelligent and curious animals. If the cheetah is your spirit animal, those are also your gifts. You strive to gain more knowledge and you might also be fascinated by mysteries. You are a researcher, always on the quest to find the truth by yourself. You also don’t like your actions being questioned.

Creativity. If this animal is your spirit guide, it teaches you to be creative in the process of fulfilling your goals.
Activity. If the cheetah is your totem animal you are probably constantly doing something, even more than one thing at the same time.

Determination. Just like the cheetah unstoppably goes after its prey, if it’s your totem, it gives you the gift of determination and strong will to endure in the process of achieving success.

Isolation. If the cheetah is your spirit animal, you are sometimes a solitary person defending your own time and territory. You have the need to retreat from the world and have some time just for yourself. You also don’t allow many people into your life and tend to isolate doing your own stuff. Your tendency towards isolation, affects relations with others, who at times might consider you unpredictable and stubborn.

Interpersonal relationships. If the cheetah is your spirit animal, you might be having some issues in the field of love and relationships. You probably don’t fit well in social groups and have only few well selected friends.

You are also fun and charming and you are a good friend, but you tend to avoid love relationships and escape when things start getting serious. You probably have commitment issues and avoid attachment.

Unconventional love. Cheetahs are very powerful animals, but also aggressive. These traits might characterize your intimate life, which might be filled with a dose of aggression and maybe even risk. You love spontaneity and you tend to have an unconventional approach towards love and love relationships.

Sometimes that can relate to your love being stimulated by some extreme events and situations. You also probably enjoy pleasures and luxury.

Cheetah as Your Totem Animal

If the cheetah is your totem animal, it might signify your great empathy toward other people’s sufferings and feelings of pain and hurt. You have a talent of telling the truth nicely. You react quickly to all dangers in your life and you instantly seize opportunities when you see them.

You are selective about your circle of friends and it takes a lot to gain your trust. You also have a tendency towards solitude.

Your reactions are usually fast and you try to seize the moment.

What if the Cheetah Appears in Your Life?

If you came across a cheetah in your life somehow, that might be a sign of your life unveiling fast at this moment. You should be focused on your goals to find the fastest way of achieving them. The appearance of a cheetah in your life might require some flexibility on your side in order to succeed.

It’s important to know exactly what you want so you can solely focus on achieving it. It is also important to be well organized and not have too many goals in order to be able to focus straightly on achieving them without spreading much energy on many things.

When cheetah appears, you need to be on alert for new opportunities to come into your life and be prepared to react immediately not to miss them.

The cheetah is teaching us to react quickly and adapt fast to change.

When to call on Cheetah?

You can call on cheetah as your spirit animal when:

  • You need some support when things are difficult in your life and you need to focus on the things working out for you, rather than on things that are not. The cheetah will remind you to express your gratitude for all the blessings you already have while waiting for some more to come into your life.
  • You need to focus on the positive things in your life.
  • You don’t have enough drive and motivation to pursue some goals.
  • You need some answers to personal issues.
  • You need to take a quick action.
  • You’ve been delaying taking action.
  • You’ve been stuck in a rut for some time and you need some changes in your life.
  • Dreams about a Cheetah – Interpretation and Meaning

A cheetah chasing you in a dream might be a sign for you to get out of the rut you’ve been stuck for so long and get moving towards achieving your goals. Stop wasting your time and go after the things you want.

This dream’s message is to be more active in fulfilling your desires. Sometimes a dream about being chased by a cheetah might be a sign of not being able to overcome current situations or problems. You are probably not able to just leave some situation and you will be forced to confront it and deal with it.

A dream about a cheetah might be a sign of your strength and endurance. Maybe this dream is reminding you of your true power.

This dream might also be a sign you have a tendency to get bored easily. This animal in a dream might signify the success you have achieved already and the things yet to come into your life in regards to your personal advancement.

A dream about a cheetah might also signify something missing in your life. Maybe this dream is a sign of you trying to move forward in life, but you keep bumping into obstacles for some reason.