Cat Crying at Night – Superstition and Meaning

It is a known fact that every animal on our planet, regardless of its size, shape or characteristics, has its unique symbolism and energy – it is said that even the smallest insects have a specific power that is relatable to human. And you can imagine what kind of energy one animal that is closest to humans, besides dogs.

One of the most obvious examples of durable protection from invisible negative energies is the cat -and you should not be surprised by this fact, even if the cat is sometimes for some people connected to the negativity, witchcraft and bad luck.

We must say that we understand such feelings; cats have such strong and mystical character that is entirely normal that they are not suitable for positive for everyone.

But, the thing that many would agree about is that the cat is animal that has such energy that it attracts other powers, and in this sense, it can attract good and bad energy, as well.

This may be the best explained with the feeling that we all have when a cat is sitting on our lap – it emits energy, it is warm, and this has a soothing effect on us.

People worshipped cats since the dawn of time, especially in ancient Egypt, where a cat had an almost God-like presence – they were not just simple animals, they had attributes that were unparallel to anything else.

So, we have lived with them for millions of years almost, and we are always surprised by their character, that can sometimes be very dramatic and unpredictable.

And in this sense, if everything they do means something, regarding energy and spirit, what does it mean when cats cry? It is not an easy task to listen to this almost child-like cry, but we think that this something that is worth looking into.

General Characteristics

As we have said, a cat is an animal that humans domesticated, and nowadays people worship them and treat them as children, as well as in old Egypt they have been adored as Gods.

So, they are a relevant motive in mythology, and the tradition of many cultures in the world, and there are many superstition aspects that are connected to them.

These furry creatures are known to be the leaders in covering emotions and pain, but they are very well known for their expression of various emotions, so they can be seen as crying (some form of vocalization is there for sure).

But, what does this “crying” means – does it carry some sort of message for the owners of the cat, or is it just an expression of its emotional state and the attempt to draw your attention?

It is said, by the people who dealt with this issue that this is the animal that has a very positive aura and that when a cat belongs to a particular family, and then it is the protector of the entire family.

In this sense, there is a claim that when you hear that your cat produces sounds that resemble crying, you should know that something may be wrong in your house, and regarding your family.

This is the notion that leans on the theory that cats are the guardians of the household in which they live and that their presence helps when something terrible is happening.

This event comes even scarier when they occur by night, as they often do – but this is not a surprise since cats are nocturnal beings. They feel comfortable at night, and they can see and prey, and feel what is going on around them.


Spiritual Meaning

As far as the symbolism of these fury beings with powers goes, the most prominent association is ancient Egypt, where cats were beloved animals that were equal to Gods – they were worshipped, had their own temples, and also were buried in the pyramids.

Even in these times, it was believed that cats have magical powers, like healing, for example – event in these times, when medicine and magic were connected and practically the same, they knew that cats are special.

This admiration and fear to a certain extent were transcended to the different centuries and parts of the world, like the Greek and Roman Empire, where it was also connected to Gods and Guardians of humans.

In Scandinavian countries, it was connected to the woman power and fertility – there are numerous rituals that are related to this idea in the Nordic tradition. In this sense, there are innumerable customs like the one that you should not let any car near the pregnant woman, etc.

In some western tradition, the cat does not hold such high place, and it is not adored as much, but still, it is respected and feared. It is believed that cats are the keepers of the otherworld. This is especially true for the black cats – they seem mysterious, and at times they have a somewhat sinister appearance.

It is about the black color that shines in the dark, just like their eyes, and this is an association to the potential dangers that lurk in the night.

Regarding cry in the dark (the night), in such variation, such an event can be a symbol of alarm – that you should look at things that are hiding in the dark. You may have been blind to some things in your life, and now is the time to see.

The cat is also a symbol of transformation (just remember the various legends and stories about their seven lives, and their ability to change their form over and over again), so they can be carriers of the change in our lives. But, at times that change can be a negative one.

Now, we come to the most known story about cats – the most ominous sign is when a black cat passes your way -this event became the synonym for lousy luck all over the world.

On top of this, there are numerous additional events that we connected to the cats and their power – did you ever heard cat that cries? It indeed resembles a children’s cry, and in this sense, it is terrifying, primarily when it occurs at night, and it usually occurs at night.

In some traditions, this can be a bad sign, and the cat that cries is telling you that something is seriously wrong in your household, most likely your family; some of them is having some negative emotions inside and does not want them to be seen. The cat feels this presence and is alarming you to react -in the long run, and this are a good sign that can make you react on time.

Good or a Bad sign?

As you were able to see for yourself, this event cannot be characterized either as a good or bad, since it can be an alarm that something is terribly worrying in your household.

Cats are energy animals, and they are able to find an unclean power in the house, so you should look where your cat moves around the house, so it can direct you to the “bad” place in the house.

And if a cat is “crying” then it is alarming, since you have not been following her lead and investigating the problem as you should have.

We will never tell you that this is a bad or a good sign, but if you have a cat that is close to you, you should be alarmed, and in the long term, you will be grateful that you are taking care of the furry creature.

If you follow that lead, then you can find out what the problem is, and how that something (bad energy, wicked intentions, etc.) is threatening your territory. The cat is the one that can help you expel it by its energy field. And if the cat does not succeed in doing so, then he “absorbs” the impure force into himself and brings him out of the house.

Therefore, in some traditions, there were motifs in pictures where the impure force travels on cats.

Since cats are conductors of cosmic energy, they can be introduced into the house, which will contribute to the well-being and accomplishment of the whole house. A cat likes to be in places of strong energy flow, and they often cry when they find such a place.

Then she became the symbol of the arrival of wealth. It attracts money, happiness, prosperity and new opportunities. Cats will scare away all the evil spirits that are poorly focused on your success.


The cat is one of the most human animals on Earth, and as we have said, it is the domestic animal that is not in our lives to give us milk or food but to fulfill some of the other needs that we might have in life – they are our friends, and if you want to believe to superstitions they are our protectors from evil forces.

Her aura is so great that it involves not only the man – the owner but also his family, the home and the territory that the cat considers to be his own. And in that territory, she will do anything that is in her power to protect it – and all those who want to harm that home should be careful.

The cat not only shields the house from unclean forces, not letting them to enter its world territory but also releases the home from those powers, if they were in it before.

This is primarily useful for those who have travelled to a home where someone has already lived.