Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When you put a Capricorn man and a Virgo woman in one place, you will see two extremely hard-working characters that are a bit boring at first sight. Both of them are the Earth elements, so steadiness and calmness is their natural state.

They actually enjoy in quiet and down-to-earth life. This means that the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman might get along well when it comes to life and love matters.

Everything will go smoothly between the two until it is time for some challenges. None of them is prone to making a risk and they would want to think about everything a few times, but sometimes it is not possible.

On the other side, the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman have their flaws, of course. Capricorn man is cold and distant, while the Virgo woman is shy and closed up until a real man breaks the spell on her. Their discipline might be great for marriage and long lasting relationship, but both of them should work on maintaining a stronger emotional bond.

Capricorn Man

A man born under the sign of Capricorn is confident, hard-working, but serious. His ruler, Saturn, makes him too mature sometimes, which might make the Capricorn man unapproachable or even boring. It is partially true that this guy doesn’t know how to have fun. He is all into plans and goals, that he becomes obsessed with it, not caring about his private life.

Capricorn man thinks that you don’t have to go out and make friends all the time. He makes friends spontaneously. Sometimes he is meeting new people through his job, so he doesn’t have the need to look further. This guy is suspicious about new people, as he believes that you have to prove your worth and loyalty. He has high moral standards and tries to achieve them, but expects the same from his friends, family, or a partner. This makes him too demanding at the times.

Even though this man tends to be successful and rich, he never sips his money all around. Capricorn man enjoys in financial security but tends to save that money instead of providing himself with pleasures. Still, he always drives a nice car and is dressed decently. He prefers dark or autumn colors.

Capricorn man loves to be independent and free. He enjoys in being alone sometimes, as only like this he can do whatever he wants. This man is conservative when it comes to love relationships and marriage. He believes that his wife should be honest, loyal, decent, well-educated, with a good background. This lady should be a type who enjoys being home or with kids and never cheat on the egocentric Capricorn man.

Virgo woman

Everybody is a bit harsh about the Virgo woman. People say that she is a perfectionist, that she criticizes too much, or that she is boring. Somehow, this lady doesn’t get many compliments, or we can say the least compliments among the zodiac women.

Yet, try to look at her from the other perspective. Virgo woman actually wants to make everything perfect. She is constantly working on herself, her goals, and achieves them all. Let’s respect the hard-working side of this woman. Even though she criticizes too much sometimes, there is a good intention behind it all. She usually has right, which is the most important thing to say. Virgo woman is strict at the times, but she only wants to point out to some of your mistakes and fix them. Imagine the Virgo woman as your mother. This isn’t so hard, as you will probably notice many similarities.

Mercury, the Virgo woman’s leader, gives her extraordinary intelligence. Virgo woman has the potential to study a lot, as her memory is great. She enjoys reading a book or watching a documentary movie. This lady is also creative and might come up with great decoration ideas.

When it comes to love, the Virgo woman asks for perfection, just like with everything else.

However, as she is not perfect herself, it is hard to find a man like that. She will wait for some time until the right one appears, but he won’t be as perfect as she would want. Virgo woman will actually get tired of waiting and give a chance to a man who is intelligent, successful, a bit serious, responsible, and tidy. Don’t try to get her with cheap tricks, but with elegance and charming moves.

Love and Marriage

Capricorn man fights hard to achieve his business goals. However, there is always some space and time for his love life, even though his partner should be full of understanding when he has to go on a business trip on weekend. He expects the Virgo woman to fight for his love, to prove to him that she is loyal and that she won’t disappoint him. Virgo woman will actually prove all this to him very fast, and the Capricorn man will gain trust in her.

Virgo woman is picky and wants someone who will love and want her. Her man, the Capricorn, should do his best to softens her heart and to make her feel that she is more than enough. Capricorn man will sometimes put her in the second place, but the Virgo woman will have understanding for this. Yet, she will expect him to be devoted and gentle when they are together.

Capricorn man is a cold type and won’t try so hard to open up or to show his kind side. Virgo woman might feel neglected in some way because of this. On the other side, these two will gain a high degree of mutual trust and support, which will soften both of them is some way, especially when we talk about emotions.


After some time, the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman will get rid of coldness in their relationship. It will turn out that this was only a defense mechanism. Their relationship will become passionate and warm, almost unbreakable. When we talk about intimacy, the Virgo woman is rather shy. Her partner is extremely passionate. Capricorn man enjoys physical pleasures and likes to experiment. He will have to help the Virgo woman get rid of her insecurities and give in to his powers. The things in their bedroom will be relatively good, but never exceptional.


Both the Capricorn man and the Virgo man are introverts. They don’t have hundreds of friends, but they do have a few loyal ones. This is the type of friendship they will achieve – a bit distant, but loyal for life.

Capricorn man has strong self-discipline and works hard to achieve his goals. This guy is a born leader so there is nothing that can step on his way. He has a serious approach to life, similar to the Virgo woman. Capricorn man is more passive and likes to watch things from a distance. Just like the Earth signs do, both the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman appreciate and strive for financial security and do everything to earn it.

Capricorn man is suspicious over everything until you prove your worth. If you hurt him, chances are slight that he will forgive you. On the other side, the Virgo woman is willing to forgive, even though she is sometimes harsh.

Virgo woman is idealistic, even though this is not a typical characteristic of the Earth signs. She is also shy sometimes, but when it comes to her job, the Virgo woman will present herself in another light. She will be authoritative and assertive about her goals. Similar to the Capricorn man, she adores working. Both of them will neglect their private lives because of their jobs. They should relax a bit more. Virgo woman has always something to fix, organize, or complete.

Capricorn man doesn’t like her criticism at all, which will produce tensions between them. However, the Virgo woman is truly loyal as a friend. Capricorn man will appreciate that over everything, aware that everybody has flaws.

They might seem funny when you see them planning a catch-up. Both the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman like to live by routine. They plan every step of the day detailed, so even potential meetings are perfectly planned, usually after work.

None of these two is prone to drama and none of them does the things half way. Working together would be great, but their bossy natures will put some tension in this aspect. Yet, as the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman avoid arguments, they will try to solve this with a friendly approach.

Capricorn man and the Virgo woman make great friends, as they share the same values in life. Even though they don’t pay much attention to love or friendship in their lives, it is inevitable that they will make friends through life. They will support each other and engage in some new things together.

Interesting Facts

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The Earth signs generally work well together. They understand and support each other. Even though it is obvious none of them is too emotional, the Virgo woman is more sensitive than the Capricorn man. He should put some effort and pay attention to how she is feeling, as she actually cares about her partner’s approval.

They could make a solid couple, but it depends on how much each one of them is willing to bear in the relationship.