Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Capricorn man and a Taurus woman are one of the harmonious horoscope matches. These two have almost the same values and beliefs in life, which makes them closer every day Even if the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman sometimes might have an issue, they are aware that their similarities will help them overcome any obstacle in the way. Still, these two don’t have many quarrels.

As we mentioned, they form a harmony and are comfortable with each other. Capricorn man and the Taurus woman have practical minds, so they will do everything with ease. Add a complete overlap of emotions between these two and you will get a high quality and lasting relationship.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is ambitious, practical, and resolute. He likes challenges, as this way, he is proving his worth to himself first, but to the world also. Even though he is coming through a storm, the Capricorn man will keep on walking and fighting, as he is aware that something beautiful waits for him.

Just like all zodiac signs with horns, the Capricorn man is dedicated to coming to the top. He is fascinated by the success, might, prestige, and money. That is why this man is hardworking – in order to achieve all this.

Saturn rules the Capricorn man, making him very authoritative and patriarchal. This man is pretty traditional also, although he doesn’t refuse chances when he has to make some. Capricorn man is restless. He is able to spend the last atom of his energy, just to finish what he has imagined. Yet, he is not prone to risks. Capricorn man is aware of the time and effort he has invested in becoming what he is today, so he wouldn’t play with such things.

Capricorn man will show that he is serious and mature even in his younger days. He is realistic and doesn’t paint things in pink. You will never hear him talk about some elusive goals, as he knows it is just a waste of time. This is exactly what makes him successful. You will never see the Capricorn man in a too relaxed position or a situation. He is somehow always watchful.

Just like everything else, this man takes love very seriously. He is not the type who flirts or plays with your emotions. Still, he is not easy to satisfy. Capricorn man’s requirements are high, and you would have to do your best to grab his attention. He might admire you deeply but rarely show it. Capricorn man has a bit cold emotions, but he is a stable and loyal partner.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is incredibly patient. She is capable of waiting what she longs for, no matter how long this could take. And you know what? She always gets what she wants in the end. This woman has a strong personality, a bit old-fashioned and reliable.

She doesn’t tolerate people who don’t make her feel secure or who might take her to uncertain future. Her friends have great trust in her, as the Taurus woman is a loyal friend. She will protect you with both her body and soul and will be always there for you. People like her because she is kind, gentle, and acts as if she was your mother. Yet, don’t try to push her limits. Taurus woman might get furious, rude, and unpleasant if you treat her badly. Once you lose her trust, it is impossible to regain it.

Taurus woman likes to enjoy life. She wants to live in a luxurious mansion, wear fur and jewelry, and eat the tastiest dishes. This might get her a bit chubby, but this makes her even sweeter. She is not the type who likes to wander or spend time in cafes. Her home is her heaven, and she invites her friends over all the time.

This lady wants a man who is open, reliable, and gentle. She will respond a thousand times more. She is a seducing queen, but once she gets committed she will see one man only. Remember that the Taurus woman is sensitive, even though it doesn’t look like this. Put some effort, make her feel appreciated, show her affection, and you will get her heart for eternity.
Love and Marriage

The Capricorn-Taurus share a perfect love compatibility for each other. They both have the same perspective on life and marriage. Let’s just hope that the male Goat can make the female Bull the center of his world instead of his work.

Taurus woman has a high level of patience, although she can get really nasty if you step on her nerves. This lady love to spend time at home and makes it a sacral place. Capricorn man is pretty much the same. He values family and a family home very much. Capricorn man doesn’t like to go to nightclub parties, either does the Taurus woman. These two will probably meet at their friend’s house.

They will be instantly attracted to each other. Capricorn man and the Taurus woman have big hearts and are capable to love each other unconditionally. Yet, their love will never get idealizing or overwhelming, as both signs are realistic over life. What else could you expect from the Earth signs?

Capricorn man and the Taurus woman will share mutual respect and admiration. None of them is prone to cheating, as they know how to keep what is worthy in their lives. Capricorn man spends money on unique and beautiful things, for example, antique items. His partner, the Taurus woman is well known for her materialistic attitudes. She likes to enjoy in luxury and comfort. These two will much fun furnishing their home with fancy items, looking at how their imperia is blossoming.

It might seem that the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman don’t grow strong emotions for each other. Although they are capable of deep loving, none of them will let the emotions get control over them. Both the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman might get insensitive about their feelings sometimes. People know the Capricorn man as cold or even rude, but the Taurus woman accepts him the way he is. She is calm and quiet, contradictory from the Capricorn man. Both of them have a stubborn side, but the Taurus woman takes the lead in this aspect. She knows how to get what she wants and will never let anyone stand on her way, either her partner.


Capricorn man and the Taurus woman have strong personalities. When their souls meet each other, it will produce fireworks at first, but both of them will try to control it. These two will try to compromise about important aspects of the relationship, but a quarrel will happen once at a time. If a relationship flows smoothly, it would become boring for both of the partners at one point.

Earth energies get along in the bedroom too. Capricorn man and the Taurus woman will satisfy each other in this aspect. Both of them are gentle and will give each other a special treatment. Taurus woman will try to charm his man every day, which will heat the Capricorn man’s passions. He will show his affection and love in many aspects but surely will impress her when it comes to intimacy.

Even though their passions don’t burn ardently as with some other signs, the Capricorn man and the Taurus man will believe that they found the ideal partner.

Capricorn man will be the one who brings in tension in the relationship. He is hardworking and sometimes gets obsessed over his job. This implies that he will have less time or that he will show less attention to his partner. Taurus woman expects her partner to show attention all of the time. Capricorn man will spend much time at the office, while she will wait for him at home. In this aspect, the Taurus woman should teach him how to relax and enjoy time spent at home. Otherwise, her dissatisfaction might result in a break-up.


Capricorn man’s and the Taurus woman’s friendship is rational overall. Both of them are realistic, disciplined, and think in a practical way. These two will surely form a strong, stable friendship as they are reliable and honest.

Capricorn might be too stressed at his work. Taurus woman will help him to lighten up and have fun. He will on the other side, be her support on her way to achieve her goals. Their ruling planets, Saturn and Venus get along well. This is a combination of feminine and masculine energy, so this friendship will be a mix of pleasure and hard work.

These two share passion for physical possessions and luxury. Capricorn man likes to drive an expensive car, while the Taurus woman enjoys in luxury furniture and food. In this aspect, they understand each other great and will share and achieve many ideas.

As the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman have so similar characters, there is no reason not to be friends for a lifetime. They will always give each other a good advice and be each other’s support.

Interesting Facts

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba are a match made in heaven. This Capricorn man and the Taurus woman have been together for almost fifteen years now. They have an unbreakable bond and their romance will surely last for a lifetime. Their marriage is harmonious and they have three children.


It would be almost impossible for the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman not to get along well. These two make a great couple or great friends. This love combination is definitely not fatal, but fatal romances usually end up badly. Capricorn man and the Taurus woman will have a stable connection, which will hold them together for a lifetime.