Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Capricorn man and a Pisces woman are a challenge for each other when we talk about romantic relationships. Dreamy Pisces woman is something extraordinary from the perspective of the Capricorn man.

He is the type who sees reality even more dramatic than it really is, while the Pisces woman sees everything through hearty glasses. Their goals in life are different, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t find the middle here.

Pisces woman will have a lot to offer to his partner, but the question is if the Capricorn man will be interested to see the heaven beneath the doors she is opening. Capricorn man is a strong guy, but he might get afraid of the Pisces woman is some aspect.

On the other side, she might be scared of his sternness. Only if they are willing to compromise there is a chance for their romance. This combination of the zodiac signs takes a bit more effort than most of the others, but the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman might turn out as a great match.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is the leader when it comes to living according to traditional values. This is a practical man who takes life as conventional as it is possible. Many consider the Capricorn man the most serious man among the zodiac signs. Yet, this degree of seriousness enables him to be independent and successful.

He is well disciplined and plans everything to the detail. Capricorn man has the potential to be a leader, boss, manager, or an organizer. Saturn is the leader of the Capricorn. This is the planet of self-control, restraints, and limits, so don’t be surprised by the behavior of this man. Capricorn is focused on material goods and the future. He wants to provide a good and wealthy life for him and for his family.

Capricorn man doesn’t like to be too close to his colleagues or friends. He always puts up his walls when it comes to talking about personal stuff. You have to prove him your worth and your quality, either you will have no access to this man.

This man is as serious with his partner as with his job. He wants to get the things done, doesn’t cheat, prefers planned meetings etc. Don’t expect crazy romantic surprises of the Capricorn man, but you surely can expect that he will take care of you and your needs in a unique, but efficient way. He is capable of strong emotions, but it will take some time for his woman to realize that. Be patient. 

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is so kind and empathetic that she wants to help everybody. She will even put their needs before hers, which already tells you enough about the big heart of the Pisces woman. Yet, this doesn’t mean that she will let you use her kindness. This woman is quiet and calm at first sight, but the Pisces woman possesses a high degree of passion and might be impulsive.

This lady likes to know every gossip and what is happening around her. She is always looking for a deeper sense. Pisces woman is probably the most known for her dreamy personality. She is constantly trying to run away from reality, as real life is pretty painful and cruel.

Pisces woman is always there for you, even if you are disrupting her private life. She is a friend that will offer a shoulder to cry on, while she cries with you. Pisces woman will maybe remind you of your mother, as she is so caring and understanding that you would want to run away in her hug whenever something bad happens to you.

Nothing will make the Pisces woman happy as falling in love. She is always in love with someone, or at least – something. This is a shy lady who wants a man who will be dominant in the relationship. Her utmost happiness is to please the man she is in love with.

This shy side of this lady is actually her secret weapon. Men usually think that she is mysterious and reserved, which makes them more interested in the Pisces woman. You will have no arguments with this woman, as she runs away from any kind of tension.

An ideal partner for the Pisces woman is the one who protects her with his mind and body, someone who knows how to make her feel conscious and see reality as it is. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she needs a harsh and rude man, but someone who has authority. Pisces woman will, however, surprise her man when it comes to the bedroom. She won’t be as shy as she might look like in the beginning.

Love and Marriage

We will start this part by explaining the main issue in the relationship between the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman. This lady is open and emotional. She craves for deep emotional connection and wants to be able to express her feelings at any time. Pisces woman is empathetic and her love for her partner goes so far that she will even sacrifice her own happiness because of his.

Oppositely, the Capricorn man is emotionally distant and unapproachable. Even when he loves a woman, he will never say it out loud. This man is keeping his emotions within, which is the part the Pisces woman won’t understand.


Still, the Capricorn man has his weak and vulnerable side but hides it well. He is afraid of getting emotionally hurt so he doesn’t relieve his personality to anyone. Yet, if the Pisces woman convinces him in her love, devotion, faithfulness, and trust there is a chance for him to open up. Pisces woman is generally patient, but her partner sometimes takes too much time to start with this phase. She might feel the exceptional coldness from the Capricorn man’s side and retreat completely.

One more thing that might produce issues within the relationship is the lifestyle these two have. Capricorn man sticks to routines and focuses on his job and responsibilities. Pisces woman takes everything as an adventure. She likes to take off to unknown places or situations, and she likes uncertainty. This woman dreams of big and great ideas, while the Capricorn man thinks of the ways to achieve his dreams.

Even though both of them have a different approach, they still achieve what they want. These differences will result in financial issues or lack of stability in their relationship. Capricorn man will be furious about the situation, as stability is all he asks for in a relationship.

We will continue with the positive aspects of this relationship. There will be numerous benefits for both sides in this relationship, but it will take some time to recognize them. Pisces woman sees everyone as good and kind persons, so she will not see some Capricorn man’s flaws. When she loves, she loves you truly with all good and the bad sides. This woman will trust her partner blindly, supporting him in everything he does. This will make the Capricorn man feel more confident, as he will be dominant in this relationship.

He will lead the Pisces woman through life, which will make them both have what they expect. With time, the Capricorn man will show the Pisces woman his devotion and truthfulness, as he will develop strong emotions. He will be her support, while she will be his biggest fan. As time passes, these two will be only more and more compatible.

The intimacy aspect is the smooth sail for the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman. Just like with everything else, the Capricorn man will take the dominant role in the bedroom too. This type of intimacy they have is bonding. It will give them many reasons to stay together despite the eventual issues. Capricorn man would never stay in a relationship if he is not content with the intimacy aspect.

He will surprise his partner, as the Pisces woman would never expect to see her partner in this light. She would think that he is shy and slow, while the Capricorn man is a firework. We don’t say these two have the same approach to this matter, but still, they work great together. Intense nature of the Capricorn man sometimes needs a sensible side of the Pisces woman. Generally, these two will enjoy making each other satisfied.


Capricorn man keeps a few very good friends close, while the others don’t have access to his private life. He is a bit hard when it comes to trusting someone, so you have to be patient and convince him that you are a friend.

Once you mess it up with this guy, you two will never get back to the roots. Introverted Capricorn man is picky when it comes to friendships. You also have to prove that you two share the same values and moral principles in life.

Pisces woman is completely different when it comes to friendships. She meets new friends every day. This lady helps everybody and she is someone you can rely on. Her empathetic side makes her a good person and people know to recognize that. Pisces woman will always find some time to listen to your problems and she will be your shoulder to cry on.

So, how come that these two have any chances to be friends? Even though the Pisces woman helps everybody, she knows who to trust. She is more of a listener than a talker. This woman lives her own fantasy while trying to fulfill her mission in this world. Capricorn man will find her clingy in the beginning.

However, in time he will realize that the Pisces woman is someone you can trust to. She is understanding and gentle, which is exactly what the Capricorn man needs when he is sad.

On the other side, the Pisces woman sometimes loses the compass in this life. Her imagination clashes with the reality of this world. Capricorn man represents cold and unpleasant reality, but he will try to help this woman overcome the fear and be more stable and confident.

Interesting facts

Xavier and Charo Cugat, Richard and Pat Nixon, and Henry Miller and Anais Nin are one of the examples of the famous couples’ relationships between the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman.

This is the proof that the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman still can be compatible despite the differences.


Capricorn man and the Pisces woman are a pretty interesting combination. This cold, distant, hard-working man will find the Pisces woman clingy at the beginning.

However, in time this man will realize how big heart this woman has and will start appreciating her more and more. What is interesting, the Pisces woman is just his type of woman for marriage and kids. This lady will admire her partner, looking at him as if he is a God, which will have positive effects on the Capricorn man. If they invest in mutual efforts, this couple might last for a lifetime.