Capricorn Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Capricorn man and a Libra woman will go through a tough times being together. This relationship stands on a weak foundation, but the partners will have a chance to try to balance themselves out.

Capricorn man is highly independent, while the Libra woman likes a dependent type of a relationship. She will be the one who tries more to smooth the things out, as she is aware of the potential they have.

On the other side, the Capricorn man believes that a couple should stay together only if they have similar goals and strivings, making to effort to fix the possible flaws. Both of them are hard-working and will understand each other in this aspect, but in order to achieve a romance and love, the Capricorn man and the Libra woman should give it some time and invest much effort.

Capricorn Man

It might take some time until you understand the real nature of the Capricorn man. He appears as cold and distant, too grounded, and grumbling. Yet, with time you will realize that this man actually wants to avoid failures, so he sticks to routine and familiar patterns.

Capricorn man is trying so hard not to make a mistake that this becomes his obsession with time. He is self-disciplined and self-critique so no one will know better than him what he is afraid of.

This man is cautious and attentive. He takes care of himself, so no one cheats or lies to him. Capricorn man is egocentric and treason would hit him very hard. That is why he is trying to put everything under the control and prevent possible harm. He hangs out with a few people, knowing that it takes time and effort to build an honest and trustful friendship. Once you make him trusts you, the Capricorn man will put his walls down.

He acts similar in relationships, too, taking some time to get to know the real you. Capricorn man wants a lady who will be caring mother and understanding woman. He is a traditionalist when it comes to family matters, believing that his role is to provide financial security. This man won’t tell you that he loves you, but will prove it million times.

Libra Woman

A queen of balance, the Libra woman, is one of the adorable zodiac ladies. She is sweet and gentle and people fight over her attention. This woman avoids drama and conflict, which makes her even more loveable. Libra woman has one main goal in life – to harmonize everything around her.

It is pleasant to be around the Libra woman, as she is so fun and talkative. On the other side, she might get a bit passive, but you surely won’t mind this. The energy that she releases will calm you. Libra woman always has a good advice, which makes her a good and desirable friend. She won’t ever tell you to argue over something but will teach you how to say everything in a nice way and smooth the situation.

This lady is fragile at first glance. However, there are two sides of the Libra woman. When we talk about a job, she is persistent and diligent. Still, she has strong and sensitive emotions when it comes to love. Libra woman is indecisive and it takes the eternity to make a decision. She needs a strong man that will guide her through life. Libra woman won’t mind if you take the lead over everything, so she can sit back and enjoy her fabulous life. In return, she will make you feel loved and appreciated. You will be her king, her hero, so tell us – who would mind it? A beautiful, caring, emotional, and passionate woman as the Libra woman is surely a dream of many men out there.

You have to make her trust you, as she is aware of how easy you can break her world to pieces. Libra woman is faithful and honest, so don’t be afraid that she will have three guys beside you. This woman is not prone to adventures but prefers serious relationships.

Love and Marriage

Capricorn man chooses partners that will let him be the leader. Libra woman is the perfect match for him in this aspect, as she is the type of a woman who wants a dominant and strong man by her side. She will even be grateful because he will be the one who takes off the burden of bringing decisions all the time by herself. Capricorn man will be her hero and a saver.

Still, this relationship is full of the Libra woman’s clinginess and the Capricorn man’s coldness and emotional distance. Capricorn man prefers to settle things down in the bedroom and achieves the greatest connections there. His partner, the Libra woman surely enjoys being intimate with him, but she needs a proof of love and affection before things get there. Capricorn man is not a romantic or gentle partner, but it is up to the Libra woman to make him realize how important this is to her. Capricorn woman will try to please her needs. Open communication and expressiveness is the key, as both of them should speak more about what they expect and what bothers them in the relationship.

Capricorn man will ignore other aspects of life because of his job. However, personal aspect is also important to him. This man is constantly making new plans and works towards better, more pleasurable life, although he is not enjoying himself as much. Things he does are sometimes unnecessary, as he already has stability, financial security, and power. He is confident in everything he does, but his partner might feel neglected or lonely because of his emotional distance.

Libra woman tries to balance the things out in this relationship. He will realize how devoted the Capricorn man is to his job. This will push her even more towards her friends and going out. Libra might feel incomplete in this relationship, but the Capricorn man won’t realize it. He will only see that she is going out too often, which will make him angry.

Still, the Libra woman never gives up her job. She is pretty devoted to her carrier, but not as much as the Capricorn man is. This lady knows how to enjoy and relax, just like every Libra does – balancing, tuning up, smoothing life as much as possible.


This woman is avoiding any confrontation and is more passive. Her partner will only see her actions, while she will continue on doing things he doesn’t like without any explanation. This will be her silent revenge to the Capricorn man. They both are unforgiving but in different ways. Libra woman would hardly ever admit that you are hurting her, but she will feel it and try to pay you back.

This two lack open and honest communication. Even though there is a potential for their relationship, being silent just to avoid a fight will make them split up to different sides. They should be careful and fix things until it is too late.


Capricorn man is a homebody who tends to live by routine. He is an introvert at heart and makes new friends rarely. This man sticks to his old friendships, but still hardly ever accepts someone too close. He might not have a best friend, as he is suspicious of people. Capricorn man appreciates loyal, moral persons who have their goals in life and focus on their work and family.

Libra woman is completely opposite, an extrovert. She is a sunshine when she is with her friends, as social contacts fulfill her truly. Libra woman is kind and gregarious, so it is easy to see her as your friend. People simply adore being around her and are willing to help her in every situation. Yet, this doesn’t mean you can manipulate her. Capricorn man will see this with time, and this will make him respect her.

Capricorn man is sometimes too impulsive, as he has some fire elements, even though he is the Earth sign. Libra woman is more calm and balanced. She will try to teach the Capricorn man to ease up things a bit. If he is willing to cooperate, this lady will show him how to relax and find something that fulfills him, besides his job. Libra woman enjoys in helping people and she is really fair.

On the other side, she is indecisive and dependant on people. Capricorn man will be her support and her motivation to step into things more confidently and openly. She doesn’t lack confidence, but as she is trying to make a harmony, which is pretty impossible, the Libra woman is ready to think the things over a thousand times. Capricorn man will help her make a decision fast, sometimes even putting a pressure on her.

Interesting Facts

Denzel and Pauletta Washington are one of the most famous Hollywood actors. These two met on a set and married in 1983. This couple is a true example that the Capricorn man and the Libra woman can actually work out as a great couple. As Denzel and Pauletta have been married for 35 years now, what does it say you about the potential of a Capricorn-Libra matching?


Capricorn man and the Libra woman will surely have to break through the obstacles on their way. A degree of romance is not so high here, because of the coldness of the Capricorn man. Libra woman naturally tries to make everything smooth and perfect, but her partner has to give her something to stick to.

This lady won’t stay in a relationship where she feels neglected or not respected. They should talk about the things over and over again until they find a solution and achieve understanding.