Capricorn Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Capricorn man and a Leo woman might form an interesting, but a pretty difficult love match. Even though these two might share some of the same goals, their passions lie in different places.

Capricorn man is devoted to hard work and achieving his goals through disciple and hard work. Leo woman wants to be successful but admired and adored at the same time. They will find each other amusing at some moment, but it is hard to imagine themselves together for the rest of their lives. Capricorn man and the Leo woman enjoy materialistic things in life, but this is definitely not enough to keep them together. Yet, enduring love between them is not impossible, but the Capricorn man and the Leo woman have to find the middle and tolerate each other’s faults more.

Capricorn Man

A man born under the sign of the Capricorn wears a dose of melancholy within. He is always serious and doesn’t give in to thoughtless reactions. Don’t blame him of this, as his ruling planet – Saturn, makes him this way. It is hard to break free from the obligation to have self-control and to be disciplined and stern.

Capricorn man, however, thinks that he is not good enough. That is why he is often sad or even depressed. The way he looks gives off an impression of an old-fashioned man. Capricorn man wears dark colors, as he feels they match his behavior.

Still, the Capricorn man always gets the best-paid jobs, as this is his goal actually. Capricorn man is ambitious and dreams about taking the leading positions. Yet, he is tricky, which will help him achieve what he is dreaming of. People might think that he is harmless or that he doesn’t have enough potential. Still, once the Capricorn man gets to the top, he will simply skip them, enjoying in the feeling of superiority. He is capable of handling every pressure, diligently and patiently working on what is his goal. Nothing can disrupt him, as his job is his priority in life.

Capricorn man still cares about the other aspects of life, such as family. He dreams of having a quiet and peaceful oasis, where his wife and kids wait for him. This man will always try his best to give them everything they need. He will never talk too much about his emotions, or rather never, but will show affection in a million ways.

To get the Capricorn man’s heart, you have to give him something hard to find. He has high standards, sometimes even unrealistic, which is usually not the case with other spheres of life. The highest value when it comes to a romantic relationship is loyalty. Capricorn man is not the type who cheats, and he expects the same from you.

Leo Woman

This woman is strong, stubborn, beautiful, humorous, and generous. Leo woman stands strongly for what she believes in her life and is capable of fighting against the whole world in order to protect whom she loves. She is intimidating and inspiring. Leo woman will teach you how to love yourself and be more confident. This is her natural behavior, as this lady has no complexes or personal issues. She is fully aware of herself and everybody sees it.

On the other side, the Leo woman likes to get many compliments. She has a thirst to see that people are enchanted by her appearance. Leo woman will never admit that she is wrong, even though everything points out that way – that is proof of how confident and stubborn she is.

Leo woman is loyal to the ones she loves, but you have to prove your worth. She knows how to scan a person in a few moments. That is why she won’t any of her time if she realizes that you are not worth it. On the other side, if she sees qualities in you, the Leo woman will be your lifetime friend.

When it comes to love, you have to impress this lady in many ways. You have to be successful with your job, to have friends, live up to moral standards, be loyal, and never too arrogant (even though she is like this). Make her feel as if she is the center of your world. Make her blossom by giving her compliments, showing affection every day, leading in the top position to her. Leo woman cares a lot about the intimacy part also, so make sure you fulfill her standards in this aspect, too.

Love and Marriage

Capricorn man is ambitious and goal-driven. The goal is to be successful and he doesn’t mind investing a lot of effort in it, as he is confident about himself in this aspect. He finds motivation in the things that he has already achieved. This man is a leader, self-disciplined, and strong character. Well, the Leo woman pretty much wants to be the leader two. How will these two handle this? They will have many arguments and live in tension, as no one is willing to slacken on this issue.

Capricorn man expects material security and achieves it without taking short-cuts. He is the Earth sign but has many fiery elements and characteristics. For example, he is calm and steadfast, secure, but on the other side, impulsive, aggressive, and passionate. Some of these sides of the Capricorn man will excite the Leo woman exceptionally, while the others will annoy her, as she is pretty much the same.

We mentioned the clash over taking the central place in this situation. Leo woman has an imperative – to be at the top of the world and she will accept nothing less. Even though the Capricorn man will find her too dramatic, she will also charm him with her personality. Bit by bit, the Capricorn man will admire the power of the Leo woman and her optimism. However, she is also capable of switching very fast to a stubborn and arrogant phase, when he does something she wouldn’t want to. We can say that the Leo woman is naturally spoiled. If the Leo woman finds another way to stand out, she might give in the leadership to the Capricorn man.

The difference between the Capricorn man and the Leo woman is their energy. He is grounded, down to earth, realistic, while the Leo woman is humorous and cheerful. Leo woman will accept whatever challenge, an adventure, or excitement with her arms open, while her partner will think about everything three times. It is true that the Capricorn man likes challenges, but only if they don’t bring him a risk. He is sometimes too focused, so he misses all the fun. Yet, the Leo woman surely makes the right steps and works hard, but has time to spoil herself and enjoy in comfort.

Capricorn man and the Leo woman would have to find a way to communicate effectively, without blaming each other for the issues in the relationship. They will be successful at work, but when it comes to an intimate relationship, they will have to make compromises. Both of them are stubborn and should try to avoid this side of their personalities.


The intimacy aspect of this relationship works awesome. Capricorn man and the Leo woman will satisfy each other’s needs in the bedroom. Neither of them will disappoint here, which is great. Their highly sexual natures and passions mesh perfectly, providing pleasure for both of the partners. Yet, their intimacy will not be only about physical desires, but also about romantic sexuality in some sense. Leo woman will realize her ambitions about endless adventures, as the Capricorn man is open to experimenting in the bedroom.


Capricorn man is reserved when it comes to making new friends. Don’t think that he is shy – he is just introverted. On the other side, he likes when people admire and talk about his success.

Capricorn man never brags about himself, as the Leo woman does. He is surely friendly and open to his close friends, but difficult to understand when you are a new person in his life. This man will expect that both of you work on this friendship, building a secure and long-term connection. Leo woman is more about finding friends who will admire her and boost her ego.

She wants you to give her compliments. Still, this woman is generous, humorous, and charming, so you will be pleased to be around her.

Leo woman will bring in a new kind of energy into the Capricorn man’s life, as he usually passes some dark times. These two will recognize honesty in each other. They appreciate moral standards also and will fulfill each other’s expectations when we talk about this aspect.

Capricorn man and the Leo woman can’t stand the fact that both of them want to take a leadership position. Both of them will try to gain the position, which will create tensions and intolerance.

Leo woman dramatizes everything, while the Capricorn man puts much aggression in all this. Working together is almost impossible, as they are stubborn. Capricorn man and the Leo woman should make an effort to join their forces and achieve greatness together.

Interesting Facts

Connie Chung and Maury Povich are an example that the Capricorn man and the Leo woman still have a chance. These two have been married for 24 years now, which makes them one of the longest lasting couples among celebrities.


It is hard to reconcile two great egos, such as the Capricorn man and the Leo woman. These two want to have everything in control, but separately, which is a mistake. Both the Capricorn man and the Leo woman should learn from each other and realize personal and individual flaws. If they do so, there is a bright future in front of them.