Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Capricorn man and a Gemini woman should give some time to their relationship in order to grow. If they do so, they will have endless possibilities for the future. Capricorn man and the Gemini woman are not aware of the potential they have until they overcome a tough period. It is definite that there are many differences between them, but they should try to turn them in a mutual strength.

This couple should think in a way of being and living as one, not as individuals. The most serious issue here is the way of communication the Capricorn and the Gemini woman have. She talks about everything openly, while the Capricorn is closed up. If he wants to keep the Gemini woman by his side, he would have to be more open and approachable.

Capricorn Man

If you want a man that is the real example of ambition, the Capricorn man is the one. He has pretty high goals in life, but he achieves them successfully. This man seems too distant and cold, just because people don’t understand his dedication.

His ruling planet, Saturn, gives him endless strength and power to accomplish everything that is in front of him. Capricorn man likes to be first in everything, and he really is. It is true that this guy is often obsessed with his job and the results of his past work, but this doesn’t mean he will spend all his time in the office.

Capricorn man is a traditionalist and wants to have a wife and a family. A wife is someone who waits for him at home, while kids are playing in the yard. This is an ideal image of a family from his perspective.

Capricorn man is not good at expressing his emotions verbally, but he is great with actions. He knows how to show you that he cares. As he likes the materialistic things, he will probably buy you an expensive pair of earrings or shoes. Do you really have to hear him say those words besides that?

You would have to know that the Capricorn man has high standards. He wants a woman who is well educated, mannered, loyal, and serious. He is not the cheating type, so make sure you fulfill these criteria.

Gemini Woman

Devilish Gemini woman is a true walking show. Everybody loves to be in her company, as she is hilarious. This lady knows how to make a good situation and entertain you. On the other side, the Gemini woman is capable of leading interesting discussions, as her intellect is strong.

Gemini woman has many friends, and she enjoys this aspect of life. She would never and for anyone to give up her friends. Don’t expect that this woman will stand still in one place for hours, as she moves from one place to another fast. She has some kind of movable and restless energy, which makes her attractive.

Flirt is her another name, as this lady loves the attention and voluptuous looks on her. It is pretty hard to make her commit to one man, as she tries to wander off every once in a while.

She needs a man that will understand her thirst for freedom and accept her the way she is. Gemini woman changes her moods often, so you have to read between the lines sometimes.

Love and Marriage

Just like we mentioned above, the Capricorn man and the Gemini woman are capable of great things. However, on the long run, the Capricorn man has to be more open about his thoughts and his feelings. Gemini woman talks about everything that makes her happy or bothers her. You will always know her emotions and expectations, which you can’t say for the Capricorn man.

He is more of a shower than a teller. This man would rather take you on a romantic weekend than say that he loves you openly. It surely takes some time to figure out the actions of this man. He is a serious type, but the Capricorn man will try to make you smile. Yet, the Gemini woman asks for both verbal confirmations of love and her partner’s actions. Capricorn man should understand that talking about emotions might contribute to strengthening and improving the relationship.

Further, the Capricorn man likes to live by patterns and makes his life a routine. He is conservative and old-fashioned. Earth signs are always like this – predictable. He is not eager for surprises in life, as he likes it more when he knows what to expect. Living according to a plan is definitely not the Gemini woman’s thing

. She is a spontaneous and carefree person who loves adventures and excitement. This woman is open to risky situations, too. Capricorn man would have to step out of the comfort zone and let in the Gemini woman’s lead. She will make him amused, only if he tries to relax and forget about his job.

Gemini woman has a dual nature, which might bother the Capricorn man. She is indecisive, oppositely from her partner. One day, the Gemini woman will be head over clouds, while tomorrow she will be desperate. Capricorn man find this confusing, as he has a strong and steadfast personality. He simply can’t understand that someone can change so quickly, which will cause conflicts between them.


However, the Capricorn man is patient and will try to understand the Gemini woman if she truly cares about her, even though it is hard. He will have to put a lot of effort to figure out her reasons. As he knows on which details to pay attention, it will lead him to a solution. Capricorn man will invest his time in building this relationship if he believes that the Gemini woman is the one for him.

As the Gemini woman sees her partner trying, she will try to adjust herself even more. One more issue that might bump out here is the fact that the Gemini woman is not too faithful. She commits hard, so you have to give her something extremely real and good to stick to you.

Still, this woman is capable of growing strong bonds with the Capricorn man. Once she decides to commit, she will calm down her nature. Capricorn man, however, has to understand that the Gemini woman needs some time to figure the things out. She loves her freedom and pursues excitement. Living with the Capricorn man doesn’t mean she will have a fantastic time all the time, as she expects. But, on the other side, she can have stability, loyalty, support, and attention.

Differences can actually make this relationship stronger. Capricorn man needs someone who will make him speak his mind and be more open to expressing emotions. On the other side, the impulsive and unpredictable Gemini woman should control herself in some situations. Capricorn man will be her voice of reason.

Both of them should learn to let go of the opposites in a negative way but to try to turn them into a power wheel for their relationship. There will be a lot of tension and communicating issues, but this is a part of every relationship now and then. Capricorn man and the Gemini woman should accept each other the way they are and reveal potentials of the relationship.


Capricorn man and the Gemini woman might achieve a bit strange kind of friendship, as they want completely different things in life. Gemini woman is much more friendly than the Capricorn man.

She will probably be the one to initiate the conversation. Capricorn man doesn’t want to make a risk, as he is aware that everybody wants the Gemini woman as a friend. He expects a truly loyal friend, but the Gemini woman has that potential. The thing is – he won’t be able to see it at the start.

These two have to find a balance if they want to achieve friendship relations. Lively Gemini woman is opposite to the calm Capricorn man. They should be careful about what they do or say in the beginning, until they get to know each other well.

Capricorn man should accept the quick and easy-minded Gemini woman, while she should find something good in his striving for success. The moment they accept each other, things will get more comfortable and they will start with achieving results.

Saturn rules the Capricorn, while Mercury rules the Gemini. These two planets usually don’t get along, which might be an explanation of the disparity between these the Capricorn man and the Gemini woman. Capricorn will try to tame the Gemini woman’s wilderness, while she will try to affect his emotions, which might get frustrating for the Capricorn man.

Gemini woman is flexible and open to changes, while the Capricorn man is interested in new things. They should look for bonding sides of their characters. They actually can make great business partners, as both of them are persuasive and consistent, achieving their goals. Capricorn man and the Gemini woman should learn from their differences and accept each other.

Interesting Facts

Elvis and Priscilla Presley and David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini made famous Capricorn-Gemini couples. People of that time described them as weird, but despite the contradictions, these couples stayed together.


Accepting someone who is everything opposite from you might be a tough task. Capricorn man and the Gemini woman would have a hard time getting to the phase of mutual acceptance. However, the Capricorn man will be the first to break off the chain and accept his partner, no matter if she does things he doesn’t support. Gemini woman should try to be more serious in this relationship, while the Capricorn man should talk about his emotions more.