Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

You might think at first that a cold Capricorn man would never match the highly emotional Cancer woman. However, be ready for a surprise – these two are actually highly compatible. This loving couple balances each other, making a harmony in a relationship. Even though they have many differences, they are similar when it comes to loyalty, devotion, and love for family.

Either the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman are friends or lovers, they will hold each other’s back. This relationship is definitely promising, even if it might take a while to get in the right direction. There is always a reason for differences, but try to turn them into favors.

Capricorn Man

Understanding the Capricorn man is not easy. He seems cold and unapproachable, too rational and serious.

However, you should read between the lines in the case of this man. He is not very chatty when it comes to his emotions, which says you a lot even without words.

Capricorn man is trying so hard to avoid making a mistake. He wants to have control over everything and carefully plans every step of the way. This man is afraid of failures and tries to understand a situation he is in from every angle. He is very attentive and doesn’t want to take risks.

He is strong, reliable, supportive, but practical and focused on his goals way too much. Capricorn man is trying to plan a perfect future, although he is aware that we can’t plan everything in life. He needs to relax a bit and know how to have more fun. This man has a few friends but is not trying so hard to make new ones.

Yet, for the existing friends, he is capable of doing everything to help them or provide support.

As we mentioned, the Capricorn man has pretty much cold emotions. It is hard to warm him up, but if you do have some patience – everything is possible. He wants to make sure that you are the one for him and then to open up bit by bit. Give him some time and make him believe you, the rest is up to stars.

Cancer Woman

We can say that the Cancer woman is a mother of all zodiac signs. She is so understanding and gentle that she will surely remind you of your mum. Cancer woman also worries too much, which makes her look like a mum even more. Yet, she is not that fragile as it might seem.

Cancer woman is actually full of contradictions. In one moment she is independent and self-sufficient, in another one, she craves for attention and is terrified to be alone. You see, she has personality layers, but this is what makes her interesting.

This type of a woman every man would want to marry. She is homebound, cooks great, loves children, is faithful, and has much understanding. If you don’t get to marry her, make sure you two make great friends. She loves hard and cares truly. Even though she seems calm and quiet, the Cancer woman’s emotions are sensitive and you can break them with a few words, so be careful here. She won’t show it off, even though she might cry a river inside.

You won’t get this lady easily, as the Cancer woman is afraid of getting hurt. She will make you try and try over again until she realizes that you are honest about your emotions. Finally, when she lets you in, there is almost no way out. Yet, you should consider yourself lucky in this case.

If she cries, cry with her. If she laughs, laugh with her. Whatever this woman does, be her support, make her feel understood and cared about. Love her deeply, as she is capable of loving you even more.

Love and Marriage

Both the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman have one mutual need and striving – security. They want to be secure when it comes to finances at first, but once they achieve a relationship they will strive for a stable home, loyal partner, a successful carrier, and responsibilities. None of them is afraid to have responsibilities in life, even though the Cancer woman looks like she is too fragile to cope with some situations. Her partner, the Capricorn man, will give her strength to deal with anything that is in front of her. Cancer woman asks for emotional security too.

She expects to be loved and cared about and expresses her feelings often. Capricorn man is rather shy and quiet and doesn’t like to express his emotions verbally, but will surely make the Cancer woman feel that he understands her feelings and that he is there for her. Cancer woman will appreciate actions over words, which is the right type of woman for the Capricorn man.

Capricorn man is really supportive and the Cancer woman will adore this side of his. Cancer woman is passionate about her goals and would want to achieve them, but she usually stops at half of the way. This shows how insecure she actually is. Her partner will help her bring a decision and come to it. Capricorn man has almost no insecurities – he is confident and stable. He brings decisions and takes actions with ease. In this aspect, he will be a true example of devotion and persistence to the Cancer woman.


On the other side, the Cancer woman will soften up the Capricorn man. He is not emotionless, but his emotions are hidden somewhere deep inside of him. Yet, the emotional and understanding Cancer woman will try to get this outside, and she will have success. It will take some time, as the Capricorn man is stubborn, but the most important thing is that she will wake up a new kind of feelings inside of him.

Sometimes the Cancer woman will annoy the Capricorn man, as he wants quiet and peace, and she might press up against him too much. This will make her feel neglected, as her partner is more concerned about financial security, while she asks that he focus on her and their love more.

Even though you might think that the Cancer woman is an introvert, she will surprise you with her list of friends. She has a dose of empathy and cares about everybody. As you probably already know, this woman has a strong motherly instinct. That is why she wants to protect her friends, and they love that she is so caring and kind. Capricorn man is more reserved when it comes to making new friends. He expects all his friends to live up to moral standards. This guy has high expectations about everything in life, so does with his friends.

Once you make him trust you, the Capricorn man will show his devotion and loyalty, so don’t try to mess this up. He will have a hard time to understand the friendly side of the Cancer woman, while she will try to find a way out of her loneliness when he is gone to work. In this aspect, they don’t understand each other’s needs well, which might produce quiet tension.

Still, the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman will hold onto each other as they have endless trust in each other. Capricorn man will invest some efforts to please his beloved. He will also enjoy this kind of relationship, as he will be the one who takes the lead, while the Cancer woman gives in to him willingly. This man will carefully guard his partner both physically and emotionally, as the Cancer woman will try to understand his lifestyle and his nature.

Cancer woman prefers a dominant man in the bedroom, and the Capricorn man is just like that. He expects both physical and emotional satisfaction when it comes to intimacy, same as the Cancer woman. Capricorn man will help her to get rid of insecurities and enjoy numerous pleasures he is willing to provide in this aspect.


Cancer woman is hardworking, but the Capricorn man is hard to beat when it comes to his carrier.

However, as she does everything while caring for others, the Cancer woman might become a serious rival to the Capricorn man. He is much more serious and strict, while she is gentle and knows how to say things in the right way. These two might not be a good pairing when it comes to a working place. Clashes are inevitable here, and the sensitive Cancer woman will be the one to suffer.

On the other side, if the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman achieve connection outside the office, they can actually make an unusual, but nice friendship. Both of them are loyal as friends and will support each other through life. As time goes by, their friendship will grow more and more.

Surely that they will have arguments in the beginning, but none of them is famous for giving up. Capricorn man and the Cancer woman won’t miss the chance to be good friends, even though it will be a bit rocky.

Interesting Facts

Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel, and Sylvester Stallone are some of the famous Capricorn men. Selena Gomez, Lana Del Rey, and Priyanka Chopra, Pamela Anderson are famous Cancer woman. Could you imagine for example Tom Cruise and Pamela Anderson as a loving couple?


Capricorn man and the Cancer woman might achieve a high degree of romance, although they would have to invest a lot in this relationship. Luckily, these two have similar goals in life. In the first place, they want a warm home and family, so this is a great base.

Once they figure out that they might be a match made in heaven, the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman will try to fix each other’s flaws and support each other as much as possible.