Capricorn Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Capricorn man and an Aries woman are a tough combination. Even though they share a passion for each other, there are much more obstacles to their relationship. Both of them would have to compromise if they want to succeed. Impulsive Aires man clashes with the practical Aries woman. He knows how to express himself easily, while she has a hard time with feelings.

When it comes to business, these two work great together. That is why it is better to stay on friendly terms, as being in a relationship is hard for both partners. Even though none of them would feel much romance in this relationship, still there is a possibility to get married. When it comes to raising children or handling money issues, the Capricorn man and the Aries woman are highly compatible.

Capricorn Man

This man is extremely ambitious and persistent person. He is not afraid of tough or serious situations that stand in front of him. Capricorn man tries to be a better version of himself every day, which is easy for him. He might appear as a great innovation, as the Capricorn man likes to try out new things first.

This man always thinks twice about his next move, but of course, there is a chance that even he will miss something. Capricorn man has great intuition and logic that leads him the right way.

This guy is a sports type, but he can do art, too. Capricorn man usually has many talents, and try to develop and improve each one of them. Never underestimate this man. He seems happy and gentle when he is doing things he likes. However, bear in mind that his mind is always far away, as he is thinking about some serious stuff.

Capricorn man never gives up. He doesn’t run away from changes and is willing to change for the greater good if he realizes it. This man never falls into depression. Even when he thinks there is no way out of some situation, he won’t let himself give up. In the next moment, the Capricorn man will try to find another way or a solution.

Dominant, seducing, and stable Capricorn man is a man who likes to be in a serious relationship. He doesn’t like passable adventures, as that doesn’t bring security or certainty. Marriage is a sacral institution from his perspective, so the Capricorn man will stay faithful to his beloved one. If you want to approach him, make sure you are a creative and stable woman. He needs to see that you are different from the others in some ways and that you are loyal. If he realizes this in the start, he will keep on wanting more from you.

One more thing – don’t try to tame him too fast, as the Capricorn man will find a way to rip the ropes and run away as far as he can.

Aries Woman

Aries woman is cheerful and impulsive. She likes action and does things without much thinking. This woman doesn’t care about what the tomorrow brings if she is enjoying her time now. You will either love or hate the Aries woman, as she brings up emotions from people. She definitely won’t remind you of any other woman – she is unique.

This woman is the first lady among the zodiac signs. That is why she wants to be the first in everything. Her friends admire, as the Aries woman is someone who is strong and fierce, capable of everything. She puts power and might in the first place.

Aries woman is not the type of a housewife that will cook for you and wait for you to come home. Oppositely, you will probably be the one that waits for her. She wants to build a carrier, go for her dreams, go out and have fun. Aries woman rarely complains over things. She is the Mars’s daughter, which means she is not a coward. Luckily, you can really trust her and rely on the Aries woman.

On the other side, don’t try to make the Aries woman jealous, as she doesn’t like games in love. She expects you to trust her blindly and do everything she does. She appears as hard to get, but once you get her – she will stay yours until the end. You have to fight for her with all your strengths and show that you are a man worth such a woman. Aries woman is powerful, impulsive, passionate, stubborn, and loving – definitely worth a try.

Love and Marriage

Capricorn man loves his independence and to run his own show. Aries woman has unpredicted reactions and likes to take a risk, while sometimes she is too serious.

Both partners are stubborn, which might produce tensions, but sometimes they will laugh over it. Capricorn man likes to take some time and test something, while the Aries woman doesn’t choose a special way to prove her point – she tries whatever method. Capricorn man knows how to calm down when it comes to serious situations, while his partner is simply too hot-blooded and doesn’t care about the consequences. She should learn how to ease up her temper a bit, while he can see that even some imprudent or spontaneous reactions might produce something good.

Aries woman is really impulsive, while the Capricorn man is stable and consistent. He is willing to take some time and weigh the situation, while the Aries woman will think about the consequences after making a move.

Capricorn man might be too serious sometimes. Aries woman brings in positivism in his life, as she has a bubbly personality. Her impulsiveness is not good, but the fact that she sometimes doesn’t think too much and goes with the flow intrigues her partner. Capricorn man is more conventional, while the Aries man is a modern lady. Yet, she will not find the Capricorn man boring. His strong and steady behavior somehow excites her. He has that ability to change her, as the Capricorn man has persistent and controlling nature.


Aries woman, however, might appear as too romantic. Capricorn man doesn’t share the sense for romance, so he might find her as too hard to handle. This type of man rarely expresses his feelings, even though he has one, so his partner might think that he is cold and emotionless. Yet, the Aries woman should realize that he has different ways to express his emotions. Capricorn man would rather buy her presents or take her to a luxury place than write her love poems.

When it comes to the bedroom, these two initiate new things almost every day. Capricorn man and the Aries woman will be active and passionate, making a fiery and pleasuring combination. It is sure that they will satisfy each other’s needs and live through a lusty relationship. Both of them are into physical pleasures, and this is the part when they function the best.

Capricorn man and the Aries woman’s match might be hurting for both sides, as they are stubborn and unwilling to change. However, if they agree upon the most important matters of the relationship and try to tolerate and understand each other truly, there is a chance that they will have a happy ending.


Capricorn man prefers slow pace, continuity, tradition, and security. He walks towards his goals and nothing can stop him in his way. Aries woman is the risky type – she likes to do anything that is prohibited and moves fast from one thing to another. It seems like she doesn’t have a clear goal in life, but she is somehow still managing everything well.

So, both the Capricorn man and the Aries woman get whatever they want, but in different ways. It is a bit hard to achieve a friendly approach towards each other, but it is still possible.

Capricorn man is quiet, while the Aries woman likes to flaunter. This might get on each other’s nerves. These two have different life philosophies. This will produce the initial tensions in their friendship until they once start to appreciate one another and the way both of them are successful. Capricorn man and the Aries woman might accomplish great things together if they unite their forces.

Capricorn man’s ruler is Saturn, while Mars rules the Aries woman. Mars is a god of war but gives the Aries woman an energy burst. Saturn keeps the Capricorn man moving forward no matter of the serious or tough situations. Their ruling planets don’t get along well, so both of them should dedicate an extra attention to maintain this friendship and turn it to a positive side. Otherwise, the Cancer man and the Aries woman might experience hard emotions or sometimes cruelty.

Interesting Facts

Chris Robertson and Kate Hudson are one of the celebrity Capricorn-Aries couples. These two split ten years ago, but it seems like their story isn’t over yet. Their marriage was really dramatic. They are on court now over custody of one of their sons. Seems like the Capricorn man and the Aries woman simply can’t stay calm.


A relationship between the Capricorn man and the Aries woman is a real challenge. These two function great in the bedroom, but this is not enough for them to last. Actually, it is pretty hard to see them as a romantic couple, but more as a practical one.

If they focus on building mutual carriers or to raising children if they are already married, then there is a chance for them to last, but this doesn’t have to be the rule. Capricorn man and the Aries woman would have to adopt a lot in order to understand each other and work on the issues.