Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman make one of the best partnerships among the zodiac signs. Many people actually don’t realize that these two make such a good combination.

They get along well, as their relationship is fun and games in one aspect, while they can be serious and mature when it comes to other things. Capricorn man and the Aquarius woman will have enough strength and willingness to make their relationship work in the long run.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is famous for living by traditional routines and patterns. He has everything planned ahead, as this man doesn’t like surprises or sudden changes. Yet, they are inevitable, but the Capricorn man accepts them a bit hard. Capricorn is a fixed sign, which explains this side of his personality.

This guy has one main goal in life and that is stability. Out of stability, he gets power and confidence, and success. Capricorn man surely has some things that he doesn’t like about himself, but he will never show it. Instead, this man will work as hard as he can just to achieve some kind of fame and respect among the people. This is how he copes with the weak side of his personality.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that the Capricorn man is not a strong and reliable man. Oppositely, he is one of the most reliable men among the zodiac signs. You can count on him 100%. However, getting in his circle is not as easy as it seems. Capricorn man expects you to live up to the highest moral standards. You will have to prove your worth and honesty to him in order to be his friend.

Sometimes things with the Capricorn man don’t flow smoothly, but you should be aware that no one is perfect. This man is one of the zodiac men that want happy marriage and family.

Capricorn man’s dream is to be married and have many kids. Still, the choice of his beloved one is a tough one. He expects his lady to be pretty much the same as him. This man is not an adventurous type, as he doesn’t have time to lose. If you want to keep the Capricorn man by your side, give him some degree of freedom and prove to him your loyalty.

He will respond in the same way, as this man never cheats. Capricorn man is one of the most passionate men you will ever meet. He has a strong desire for his partner and tends to do everything to please her. This man is playful and experimental, so you better be open when it comes to the bedroom.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is the type that always looks somewhere ahead her time. She is physically present in this world, but she is actually a hundred years in the future. This lady is interested in modern technology and artificial intelligence. If you are talking to the Aquarius woman for the first time, she might look like a weirdo, but the more time you are spending with her – the more you will like this woman.

This lady lives freely. She doesn’t have patterns nor schemes but does things nonchalantly. This woman makes new friends easily because she is positive, talkative, and open. We don’t say here that you will become the best of friends with her, but you will surely have a good time together. Her visions are usually funny and when you listen to her, it might look like watching a science fiction movie. One thing is definite – everybody has a good time in the Aquarius woman’s company.

Aquarius woman lives by unconventional rules. When it comes to relationships, she likes to experiment and changes many partners in her life. She may find something intriguing, magnetic, out-of-this-world within a man that will spark the interest within her. However, once she gets the full image of a man, she loses interest.

She likes to travel and meet new cultures and discover new places. This is how she meets her lovers. If you want the Aquarius woman to be your lady, make sure to prove to her that you are not the jealous type or a man who tries to fit her in a box. However, sooner or later, this lady will have to settle down, so it would be great to meet someone who values family and teaches her how to be more homebound.

Love and Marriage

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, people don’t see the Capricorn man and the Aquarius woman as a good match. Still, we will show you the proof of how compatible these two zodiac signs are. The key is in their ruling planets. Saturn rules the Capricorn man. This means that the Capricorn man is a man of action, success, creative, authoritative, and disciplined.

On the other side, Uranus is the Aquarius woman’s leader. This planet makes her behave unconventionally, somehow random, upset at the time, troublesome in some way. Aquarius woman is adventurous, open, and fun to be around.

Are you ready for a surprise? This zodiac sign is co-ruled, and the second ruler of the Aquarius woman is Saturn. This actually explains why the Aquarius woman seeks for stability at the end. She needs an outgoing and intriguing life, but at one moment this lady will want a stable relationship, home, and family. Even though the Capricorn man will have to wait a bit until the Aquarius woman finishes her life journey, once they finally meet – that will be it!

Still, the inevitable differences between these signs will show that they should have much respect for each other’s personality. Capricorn man will have to accept that the Aquarius woman changes her plans quickly, always improves something, or investigate. This lady is sociable and likes to be with her friends. Aquarius woman should respect that the Capricorn man likes to plan everything and focuses on his job even on weekends.


In order to overcome eventual issues, the Capricorn man and the Aquarius woman will have to enter a discussion. As two mature persons, they will see the benefit of every conversation. They should try to improve every day, as only flexibility will bring them to the goal. Even though they have different approaches to life, this is not a reason to separate. It is much better to talk about everything in time than to let the things get more serious and unfixable.

When we talk about the intimacy aspect, both partners will be satisfied in the bedroom. Capricorn man is passionate, while the Aquarius woman is sensible. This match is promising, which means that the partners will never lack a good time in the bedroom. None of the partners is truly romantic, so their attempts to look so will seem funny even to them. However, none of them will see this as a big flaw in their relationship.


Capricorn man and the Aquarius woman might benefit from this friendship. He is goal driven, so he knows how to get whatever he wants. Aquarius woman needs some motivation in life. She has great, innovative plans and thinks out of a box. Capricorn man’s persistence and the Aquarius woman’s creativity and brilliance might result in great inventions.

Aquarius woman is definitely much more sociable than the Capricorn man. She will approach him first, as the Capricorn man is too shy to make the first step. Additionally, he is trustless when we talk about new people in his life, so he holds his walls high. This woman will try to get him outside his shield, showing him that life is much more than planning and going to work.

Capricorn man likes to arrange everything ahead. He will text the Aquarius woman they are meeting on Wednesday at 8, while she will refuse to do so. This lady likes to do things spontaneously. If she calls you in the middle of the night to go somewhere with her, do that. You just never know what to expect of the Aquarius woman, but she is fun. The question is whether the Capricorn man will accept this type of friendship.

Their ruling planets actually get along well, but it will take some time to adapt to each other’s different lifestyles. Aquarius woman lives like there are no boundaries in life, which might annoy the Capricorn man, while he will bore her with his too serious approach to things.

Despite the differences, they can be great friends once they learn to respect the flaws and accept the numerous good sides of each other. Still, this friendship will surely be a constant and lifetime one.

Interesting Facts

George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth are one of the most famous Capricorn man-Aquarius woman couples. These two have been happily married for about 17 years now. Seems like their love is only getting stronger in time.

This Capricorn man and the Aquarius woman have a balanced and stable marriage. This is the example of how great this zodiac combination can turn out.


Capricorn man and the Aquarius woman are a strange combination at the first sight. He is conventional, stubborn, serious, and introverted. On the other side, the Aquarius woman is unconventional, funny, outgoing, social, adventurous, and unpredictable.

Thanks to their ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, and the co-ruling planet of the Aquarius woman – Saturn, this love match has a future together. Capricorn man should give the Aquarius woman the chance to see that family and stability is something she truly and deeply wants, while she should teach him how to relax, enjoy life, and give in to spontaneous reactions.