Cancer Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Cancer man and Virgo woman are simply made for each other. This combination of the zodiac signs has a bright future. Their relationship is very likely to turn into a marriage. Cancer man is the Water sign, while the Virgo represents the Earth. Both of them are reliable.

Cancer man has a flowing nature and is adaptable, while the Virgo woman is best known for her down-to-earth approach to life. He is more emotional, but the Virgo woman has strong emotions also but hides it well in the beginning. Deep emotional and passionate involvement provides a happy and stable relationship of the Cancer man and the Virgo woman.

Cancer Man

It maybe looks like the Cancer man is shy and closes up, but wait only a bit and you will see many other aspects of his personality. Cancers have a specific behavior that might even confuse you.

After some time of knowing the Cancer man, you won’t believe that is the same guy you met at a beach. At first, it would look like he is afraid of everybody and everything, sitting all alone, being distant.

Yet, if you approach him, the Cancer man would show you his unbelievable pleasant friendly side, which will attract you to him at once. Depending on the nature of your contact, this man will stay friendly, or he would get flirty and cheeky. What a transformation!

Cancer man has a strong intuition that leads him through life. He is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, and he is well aware of that. That is the answer to his mood changes. Before getting to talk to someone, the Cancer man would be shy. Yet, if his intuition tells him you are a good and reliable person, he would surprise you.

This man is capable of endless love giving. Cancer man is generous too. As the ruler of the Cancer is the Moon, this guy would take some time to recharge his energy during the Moon phases. This occurs in the periods of the new Moon, so give him some time. His emotions are very dependable on the Moon too, so he can become depressed or sad when the Moon changes its phase.

Cancer man has two sides when he is in love. He is exceptionally romantic, sensible, and caring, while on the other side he can be jealous and possessive. You should ensure him of your loyalty and show him your patience. This is something that you would surely need with the Cancer man’s emotions.

Interesting, but the Cancer man cares a lot about the money. He equals love for the money and love for a woman. Of course, it can’t offer him a warm and sweet home atmosphere the Cancer man needs, but this guy likes to fantasize about all the things he would buy with it.

Cancer man is also famous for his strong relationship with his mother. He searches for a woman who would look like his mother, cook like her, raise her kids in the same way etc. Be aware that these Cancer man’s expectations are a bit complicated, but you can cope with that for sure.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman always has a greater and higher goal in front of herself, or at least she convinces herself that she has. However, she is extremely rational and practical. She often settles down for some rational causes. This woman thinks that she doesn’t deserve much in life. That is why she lets her mind and ratio take her through life.

Very often, the Virgo woman is raised in a manner that she is not good enough, or that she should always be better. The sooner this man realizes that she is perfect the way she is, the better it would be for her and for her closest circle.

This woman is cleaning maniac, as she is obsessed with the tidiness. Everything should be under the thread, or the Virgo woman would have a panic attack. Her home, office, car, everything is in a perfect order. Yet, she won’t be completely happy until she puts the things in the right place in her private life.

It is true that the Virgo woman is a careerist. She has a few good friends, but she doesn’t even pay much attention to meeting new people. This woman wants to succeed as much as possible in her carrier and has big ambitions. That is why she might seem cold and disinterested in hanging out or dating.

However, you would be wrong if you think she is that self-obsessed. Once she meets a man who would shake her up a bit, she would release the tension with work, although it would still be on the list of the top priorities.

Virgo woman will fix your broken heart. She carries that energy that ensures you that everything will be fine. Her lovers usually were her best friends, but they fell in love with her grounded, kind, and stable personality. People usually have some prejudices about the Virgo woman, calling her emotionless. However, they are wrong.


Virgo woman would try to show her best sides as soon as possible when you two start dating. That is because she would be afraid of losing someone who she might like a lot. That is why she would try to show you how good wife and a housewife she can be, while she handles all the work and other duties a woman has.

You should stop here while doing this. A real man would always see the best in a woman. Virgo woman should understand that for the right persons we would be more than enough, but for the wrong ones, we would never be good enough.

This woman needs a man who will take over a large part of the responsibilities on himself, showing her that she doesn’t have to do it all by herself through life. This gesture would move the Virgo woman deeply, as she would finally feel like she is perfect to someone.

Love and Marriage

Emotional attachment between the Cancer man and the Virgo woman is strong. Add flexibilities on both sides, and voila! You will get a perfect couple.

Cancer man is sensitive, and some women would not be able to deal with it. However, the Virgo woman gives him compassion, attention, affection, and cares for his emotions. Cancer woman feels like he is living in a fairytale when he is in love with the Virgo woman.

Additionally, this woman has a conservative approach to life. Cancer man doesn’t like too open and modern types of women. As we mentioned above, he searches for a woman who would be a great fit to be his wife. He would never marry a woman with a notorious past and with low moral standards. Virgo woman is serious and not adventurous when it comes to love. She almost never gets into love affairs as she expects dedication of both partners.

Additionally, she knows how to do things around the house, which is a big plus at the Cancer man. Soon after they meet, the Cancer man would want to marry the Virgo woman. She fulfills many standards he has.

Virgo woman would see how much the Cancer man cares for her. His emotions would be just enough to take over the Virgo woman’s a bit cold side, melting her heart completely. He is not a too strong type of a guy, but he is compassionate and caring, loyal, and listens to her carefully. Cancer man would firstly win the Virgo woman with his charm, but the enchantment would increase while this man opens up more and more.

Both the Cancer man and the Virgo woman have much understanding for each other. Eventual mood switches they both have wouldn’t threaten the relationship, as they know that is a passable phase.

Virgo woman is sometimes insecure about herself, which can affect the relationship negatively. Cancer man is a bit possessive but without a reason. These are probably the only two potential issues in their relationship.


Cancer man and the Virgo woman would be compatible as friends too. Understanding that exists between them is something special and they both know it. Cancer man’s strong intuition will lead him towards the Virgo woman. He is more emotional than her and the Virgo woman would open his eyes about some important things in life. She is sometimes too realistic, while the Cancer man has a dreamy side.

These two would bring the best out of each other, turning every flaw into perfection. This is something the Virgo woman especially needs. Cancer man would positively affect her self-esteem. Virgo woman should be easier to herself, while the Cancer man should learn to be less possessive.

Interesting Facts

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous Cancer men. He is endlessly charming, you must admit. Cameron Diaz is a famous Virgo lady. This woman confidently made her way through Hollywood.

Just imagine these two in a relationship. They would make one exceptional couple.


Cancer man and the Virgo woman make a lovely combination. These two are meant to be. Their relationship would make the Cancer man and the Virgo woman feel like they are the only people on the planet Earth. This couple knows how to understand each other and avoids any conflict. Cancer man and the Virgo woman are perfectly balanced. She is the type of a girl he likes, but his mother would love her also.

On the other side, the Cancer man makes the Virgo woman more confident about herself, tearing down her fears and insecurities.