Cancer Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Cancer man and Taurus woman can build a long and stable relationship. It is almost impossible to find the perfect partner, but these two will try the hardest to become perfect for each other.

Changes are necessary if they want to make it, but luckily that this is not a problem. The couple is aware of the many positive things between them so every effort is worth a try.

Cancer man

A perfect date for a Cancer man is a dinner at your or his home. If you invite him over, this will give him the impression of a woman who with she can be relaxed and secure. It is okay to go to a restaurant, but this kind of atmosphere would keep him shy. The Cancer man needs time to open up, but you can give him some signals that you want him to.

Further, give him the impression of a person who is up for a serious relationship, not for a one night stand.

Maybe he would look like a girl in your eyes, but the emotions of the Cancer man are really sensitive. Being romantic, honest, truthful and gentle is not so fashionable today, as women are more into macho men.

Still, if you would want love in a traditional way, pick the Cancer man. Many signs refer that he is not a player. It is more likely that women will play with his heart and emotions. There is no need for this. In case you are into superficial love connections, there won’t be much space for your and the Cancer man’s romance.

This guy likes to know about his partner’s life, family, childhood, and past relationships. This can help him see you in some other light. It is great to see a good looking woman, but he wants to see what is underneath.

It is important that the Cancer man sees that he can be friends with his potential partner. If she talks to him, gives him all of her time and cares about what everything that happened to him, it will make him wanted. This friendly relation can easily become something more serious.

Once he sees that you’ve been hurt before, this will hurt him also. This man is the one who will heal the wounds and make you believe in love again. The happiness of his partner is in the first place. The Cancer man will always be there for his woman. Nothing else matters, love is definitely a priority in his life.

Cancer man is passionate and likes intimacy. His touch is pleasant and warm, his kisses are magical. He will prepare a whole intro for a sexual act. The accent here is not into being intimate, but to express love in one more way. Cancer man is like a volcano eruption. Love is the thing that turns this man into a good philanderer.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is strong and tender at the same time. She is stable but needs even more stable and independent man. He would have to adapt to her stubbornness. Still, she doesn’t do it by intention, it is in her nature. So, it is better not to try to convince the Taurus woman in anything that is opposite to her thinking. This battle is lost in advance. What is funny, even though she sees that you are right, she will keep on defending her attitude. Admitting that someone else is right is a defeat for the Taurus woman.

Carrier is a priority for her. She is very devoted to being successful and having a lot of money. Very often the Taurus woman has her own business. She will work for someone else only until she gathers the needed funds. We can say that running a business is the thing that the Taurus woman enjoys the most. This is because it runs smoothly. Whatever this woman puts as a goal, she will achieve. You can see in this context how her stubbornness can turn into a virtue.

Taurus woman appreciates truth the most. Stable and calm façade hides a volcano underneath. It is better to tell her the truth because she will find out everything sooner or later. Don’t play with the fire. Her partner has to be honest. Taurus woman will test him many times to see if he is worth a try.

That is the thing with this woman. She doesn’t let herself in a relationship with someone who hadn’t gain her trust. The man will have to prove himself many times before she makes up her mind. If you are not patient enough and rush things this will be a sign that you are not the one. Taurus woman wants a life partner, someone who will be there at any time, not a passable adventure.

Taurus woman is passionate. Knowing this, she will even wait that the initial passion for that special someone lessens. At this phase, she won’t require much excitement, but more a relationship that is constant. She thinks that a relationship will be more stable if one of the partners calms down the other. Enthusiasm is nice, but it dazzles the real facts. You can see how realistic the Taurus woman tends to be.

One of the Taurus woman’s attributes is her serenity. She is positive, never desperate or needy, stable – that is what will attract a man. He will see how easy is to trust the Taurus woman. She brings balance in a world full of stress and chaos. Being in her company will relax you to bits.


Everybody likes to be spoiled. Taurus woman will really spoil her partner by giving him the love and the attention he needs. She will do her best to make him happy and pleased. This woman is passionate and experimental in the bedroom. Men are usually surprised by the intensity of the Taurus woman when it comes to sex. She is not the type to initiate new things but is open and willing to make some changes if her partner wants that.

Love and Marriage

When we have the Cancer man and Taurus woman combination, we know this is something that has great potential. They share many mutual values. Definitely that family is in the first place and carrier is in the second. They don’t have the need to be exceptionally friendly and sociable, they are just enough for each other.

Because of these shared values, the couple tends to be very productive. Not only that they can be partners, but also business partners. Common interest and hobbies are the things that bond them even more.

Cancer man will mature gradually in this relationship. He is not immature, but is, in some way, too sensitive. Once he feels the power of love and her partner’s dedication, he will have more courage. This can lead to turning up to his job, in order to make money for the family. Taurus woman, as someone who values carrier a lot will only help him on his way. Having that special someone who supports us and helps us grow mentally is definitely a sign that we found the right person. This kind of feeling this couple will have about each other.

Cancer man can be a little too sensitive sometimes. This is contrary to the Taurus woman. Even if she finds this as something strange, she will have to find a way to accept this side of her partner. Yes, a man can cry once in a while.

Taurus woman and Cancer man enjoy cuddling and spending all day in the bedroom. They are more into gentle loving and dedicating their true being to the partner. The idea of 5-minute sex is not their style. If they want to be intimate, they will spend hours in the bedroom.


This combination has a good base for the friendship. As they have common interests and are dedicated to their jobs, they will have many topics to discuss. Traditional and conservative view of life is also something that will make them closer. Probably that they won’t even fight, as their temper is pretty similar. The only difference is that the woman will be slightly dominant in comparison to the Cancer man. Still, none of them would mind it.

But, it is hard for this relation to stay on the friendly terms. Who will be the one to initiate a kiss, we don’t know, but it is almost impossible to avoid that after some time spent together. As they both want to get to know their partner well, it is somehow logical that they would be friends at first.

Interesting Facts

The best example of how the harmonized relationship of the Cancer man and Taurus woman can be is a marriage of Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. One of the most famous Hollywood couples has been married for more than 20 years.


The need for loving and a warm home and family is in the core of the Cancer man and Taurus woman. They are the types who want a serious relationship. Changing partners would only make them depressed. It would look like there is no one on this world for them. But, their meeting will change everything. The couple will recognize everything they have been looking for in the other person. Marriage is inevitable between the Cancer man and the Taurus woman.

Call this a destiny or karma, but chances are 99% that they will start a family together. Even that there are some differences, they are completely bearable. Those trifles are not worth losing someone who is so nice to them. This combination is supposed to be one of the longest lasting and most stable among the zodiac signs.