Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Cancer man and a Scorpio woman can achieve an intense relationship. One thing is sure – they would never get bored of each other. They are the Water signs, which mean they have a lot in common.

On the other side, the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman are diametrically different. Yet, this combination of the similarities and differences is exactly what keeps them going, making the things interesting. The waves can crash or dance together. It is up to the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman to decide which way they want to go.

Cancer Man

Cancer man is one of the most emotional and sensitive guys among the zodiac signs. He simply shines out with the warmth and love. It is true that he is shy, but if you have some patience to wait for him to open his shield, he would show you that is was worth waiting. Cancer man is compassionate, and would never do or say something that might hurt you. He thinks twice before he says something.

Besides the patience, the Cancer man expects you to be a reliable and loyal person. He is aware that people might misuse his good side and take advantage of his emotions. That is the exact reason for his closeness. His intuition will tell him if you are trustworthy or not, but still, he would give it some time to be confirmed.

Having the Cancer man as a friend is a real happiness. This zodiac sign is a great friend. You can tell him anything and he would keep your secret, just as the sea hides the secret of the Neptune. If you need some help, he would do whatever it takes to be by your side. Don’t expect the Cancer man to go and fight with another guy over you, but expect endless support and understanding. If you hurt him, the Cancer man would forgive you, as he has a big heart, but he would never forget what you did.

Cancer man will encourage you whenever you need some motivation. Surprisingly, he is not that active and passionate about things, but he knows how to make the others get into action. Once the Cancer man gives you a promise, take this as definite. He is a man who stands behind his words.

A tricky side of the Cancer man is his moodiness. He changes his mood in minutes. As the Moon is his ruler, this is nothing strange, but it is a bit hard to get used to his constant shifts. He would get upset easily, sometimes even about a trifle. Cancer man cries sometimes when he can’t stand the pressure anymore, but this is just a humanly side of his personality.

This, however, doesn’t make him a coward. Cancer man is just too emotional, but he is definitely a strong person.

This man is romantic and will do whatever it takes to make his woman happy. All he asks if for loyalty. A perfect date for the Cancer man is a situation when you come to his house, then you two cook together, chat, flirt, and talk about the future. He is not into going out to the clubs or too crowded places. Cancer man likes intimacy.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is a subtle lady, a bit complex, temperament, adventurous, and passionate. Is it a lot to handle? Not at all, if you know how to play the games right. Be aware that the Scorpio woman has a venomous needle in case you betray her. Besides that, you can expect incredible things from this woman.

This lady is courageous and daring. He puts high goals in front of her, just to see if she is able to complete any challenge. And, guess what? She achieves whatever she wants. Whether we talk about a job or a man, once the Scorpio woman decides that she wants something, it is already hers.

Scorpio woman is never superficial. She is as deep as the sea. This lady asks for value in everything, especially when it comes to friendships and relationships. She wants to get to know quality people and make her own trustworthy circle. It is hard to get into this circle, but once you do – we recommend you not to take risks and make intrigues.

In order to seduce the Scorpio woman, you have to be strong both physically and emotionally. She asks for all or nothing. Show her that you are worth her time and her emotions. Take the Scorpio woman to exciting trips or adventures, as she adores trying out new things. However, don’t play a man who is distant and cold, while you are burning inside, as the Scorpio woman doesn’t like this.

She appreciates a grown-up man who knows how to handle his emotions well. Scorpio woman is aware of the effect she triggers within a man, so you better let her know that. In return, she would open you the secret gates to endless pleasure.

Love and Marriage

Cancer man craves stability, reliability, loyalty, and comfort. His chivalry side can only come up when he is feeling comfortable in a relationship. Cancer man’s strong emotions shine out with the Scorpio woman. Scorpio woman is truly loyal. Once she set her eyes on the Cancer man, he would already be all her.

She has that hypnotic power, and the Cancer man will surrender right away. She surely has some power over him. However, don’t get the Cancer man mistaken. He has a strong intuition, such as his partner. Water signs are gifted with a natural instinct. Cancer man would initially feel that he can trust the Scorpio woman.


Both of them should know that their relationship might be their biggest success and achievement in life, or the worst nightmare and a trauma. As you can see, the things are risky when it comes to the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman. If they fight against the depths they both carry within, there is a great chance for their love for a lifetime.

Cancer man has a romantic approach. Scorpio woman is not used to men sensitive as the Cancer man, but his kind side would suit her. He will spoil her with the attention and love, making her feel like a queen.

Yet, the Scorpio woman likes to be active and she is always on the go. On the other side, the Cancer man is homebound and would like to stay home with his partner almost every night. This would bore the Scorpio woman, as she strives for excitement. Cancer man should open up to the other world more, as being obsessed with the Scorpio woman might frighten her.

Scorpio woman is a jealous type. She wants to keep a man for herself also. In the relationship with the Cancer man, she would feel that he is completely hers. That is why she wouldn’t feel the need to be jealous. Unfortunately, the Cancer woman is not that confident with his partner, not because she is not loyal, but because he finds it difficult to be with a woman as strong as the Scorpio woman.

He would afraid that a better man would come up for the Scorpio woman.

Cancer man is sensible and passionate but never goes wild. His partner, the Scorpio woman is exactly that type. She likes to make a show out of the intimate relationship. Cancer man will relax bit by bit, as his woman would teach him how to let into the unexplored pleasures.


Cancer man is a shy type, while the Scorpio woman is open and confident. He would be driven to him as she would feel there is something more underneath his mask. Water combines great with the Water, so does the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman.

Scorpio woman might criticize the Cancer man sometimes, which might hurt him a bit. However, he would realize that every word the Scorpio woman says has a deep value and that it is constructive. In that way, as she is the stronger one in this friendship, the Scorpio woman would take the lead, while the Cancer man will follow.

They would go to many places together, but the Scorpio woman has to pull the Cancer man out of his house. He is somehow unwilling to go and meet new people, even though they usually react positively to his appearance. Scorpio woman likes when something is happening around her, so she will do a performance and make a spectacle.

Cancer man will have a secondary role, but his importance is great. He would point out some possible mistakes to the Scorpio woman, which makes him a great support and a great friend.

Interesting Facts

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson started dating in the 1980s. Imagine that! That was almost 40 years ago. And guess what, they are still together. This long-lasting marriage of the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman is a true love story. They are lovers, friends, and colleagues. This couple is proof that a true love still exists.


The stormy relationship of the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman has many highlights, but also many downfalls. What is the most important – they are not passive. In order to keep the Scorpio woman by yourself, you have to be a cheeky, outgoing, and adventurous. Cancer man is everything but adventurous. That is when the Scorpio woman takes the lead, making him move and shake. He would accept her game.

However, his constant jealousy can disrupt the relationship. Scorpio woman adores the way he takes care of her but doesn’t want to be tied down. They both should make some compromises, but it is sure that the love such as Tom and Rita’s can happen again.