Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Cancer man is a type who likes being devoted. He will try to do his best in order to keep his true love by himself. However, his romantic nature makes him clingy, as some women want a certain degree of freedom in a relationship. Sagittarius woman is one of those. She likes to be loved and to have someone by her side, but you have to live her alone a bit.

Cancer man would find this difficult, and that is the main issue of their relationship. He would want the Sagittarius woman to be 100% with him, while she would want to keep a small part for herself. Her adventurous nature runs away from the chains. These two will have a chance to last only if they lessen up on their stubbornness, but that comes with the time.

Cancer Man

There is no man among the zodiac signs who has a tender soul as the Cancer man has. This guy is so emotional, romantic, and kind, that you would want somebody like this by your side forever. It doesn’t matter if the Cancer man is your friend, boyfriend, a family member – you will adore him.

This man is someone definitely worth your trust. He has the need to protect himself from the outer world, as he doesn’t want to get hurt. That is why the Cancer man is careful when it comes to new contacts. It is not like he wouldn’t want to meet new people every day, but he is aware that a quality person takes some time to be found. Yet, once you get close to the Cancer man, you would realize that his shield is just a man underneath which hides a beautiful soul.

Cancer man doesn’t talk too much, but he is a great listener. He will carefully listen to you, making a puzzle in his head. Nobody will buy you a better birthday present than the Cancer man, as he would already know what do you need the most.

This man will take you to romantic places. For example, his best choice would be a nice beach restaurant with a slow music. He wants to devote himself completely but expects the same from your side also. His attention will flatter you. Cancer man is a real gentleman. His biggest flaw is the controlling side, as he wants to keep you all for himself.

Sagittarius Woman

Everybody loves the Sagittarius woman’s bohemian energy. She is a free spirit of the zodiac, enjoying endless adventures and trips. This woman has a lot of friends, as people approach her often, but she is also up for making the first step. If you want to be her friend, you must get used to the fact that she is everybody’s best friend, so you can’t keep her only for yourself.

This fierce woman always does what she wants. She is spontaneous and doesn’t think much about the consequences. Faraway lands call for her, but she accepts this call willingly. If you want to be close to this woman, make sure you have a great condition and rechargeable energy. It is a bit impossible to compete with her on this field, but you can give it a try.

Once the Sagittarius woman smiles at you, you would be enchanted. Her charm lays in her smile and nobody can deny that. Confidence shines out of this woman, so it is easy to fall for her. She is fun to talk to and to spend time with. Just like the real archer, the Sagittarius woman is all about the hunt.

However, if you want to make her yours, you better prepare yourself for the chase. She won’t give in easy, just to make things more interesting. Yet, she won’t be all yours even when you grasp for her, but she will never be unfaithful.

Love and Marriage

Cancer man loves to be attached and devoted. He feels secure when he is in love and when he feels the affection from the other side. This makes him more confident and even attractive. Cancer man develops his nature while being in a relationship, making his woman fall for him even more. The only issue here is his possessiveness. Cancer man dreams of having a family and a dreamy nest.

This man doesn’t have the need to go out and seek for the thrills. He has everything in his home already. Cancer man is truly loyal and gives in to his partner completely.

Sagittarius woman is the Fire sign. Have you ever hear someone tamed the fire? Of course not. This woman is wild and energetic, always up for some new, exciting challenges. Her spirit craves for fun and spontaneous moments. She doesn’t like planning, as things never turn out the right way. Sagittarius woman is so attractive because of her wanderlust nature. Men somehow go crazy for women who are hard to get.

As you can see, these two signs are completely opposite. While he would want to stay home and sit by a fireplace, the Sagittarius woman would climb the mountain. Would these two spend time together at all? They would, as those differences make them drawn towards each other. He would admire her adventurous side, while she would like to be, at least in some part, someone who is homebound. They both are optimistic, with the occasional Cancer man’s mood switches.

Sagittarius woman is direct and open. She always says what is on her mind, no matter what the consequences are. That can make a tension in this relationship. Her straightforward nature doesn’t understand that the Cancer man is sometimes too sensitive. You have to be careful with what you say to him, as he might bleed inside for months. This man is more closed up and is silent when it comes to issues. He would rather stay silent about some of his thoughts than to hurt his partner. This emotional suppressing results in his mood changes, too.

Cancer man is additionally somehow conservative. He likes to lull himself into a steady, well-known situation, while the Sagittarius woman is always up for some changes. Changes are good, from the perspective of the Sagittarius woman, as they make life more interesting. Her optimistic nature is pleased with the constant changes.


Cancer man has a great sense of humor. When this guy is in a good mood, he can occupy the Sagittarius woman’s thoughts and her heart, so she wouldn’t have the need to go and wander around. On the other side, she is completely the same – humorous and cheeky. Their conversation flows lightly, making the relationship flourish.

Sagittarius woman is open for some new friendships, even though she is in a relationship. This woman is not a type who would cheat, but the Cancer man would take this behavior as a call for a flirt.

He is very attentive with the new friendships, as he is afraid that he might get hurt when he opens up. This leads to the Cancer man’s jealousy, as he would think that somebody will recapture his beloved. Cancer man has some insecurities, which has nothing to do with the Sagittarius woman, as this is a part of his nature. This woman would have to be as kind and patient as possible with the emotions of the Cancer man. She would have to control her need for new friends, in order to keep the Cancer man peaceful.

Cancer man is romantic when it comes to intimacy, while the Sagittarius woman is sometimes too fiery. She would burn the Cancer man unintentionally, but he would actually like it. These two will explore the art of loving together, which will make them compatible when it comes to the bedroom.


Shy nature of the Cancer man won’t let him initiate the contact first. However, the Sagittarius woman doesn’t have a problem with this. If she likes someone’s nature, she would make the first step. In this situation, she will approach the Cancer man first.

He would be instantly fascinated with her gesture, but at the same time, he would be careful. It is sometimes hard to believe that there are people in this world who doesn’t have barriers, who are so positive and open. It seems unreal to the Cancer man, but once he realizes that the Sagittarius woman has good intentions, he will be more than happy.

Cancer man is a wonderful friend. He is not friend with everybody, as the Sagittarius woman, but those who have him by their side know how loyal and trustful as a friend this man is. He will have the patience to listen to your problems and he is very compassionate.

Sagittarius woman would appreciate this side of the Cancer man, as he is not superficial at all. She would maybe want a friend who is adventurous like she is, but the Cancer man has a lot to offer in each case.

Interesting facts

We all remember a romance between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman made a great, loving couple. However, Tom couldn’t resist his controlling nature, which made Katie question their marriage. The couple divorced six years ago, but Tom still tries to have control over her life.


Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman’s relationship will have many challenges. This would suit the Sagittarius woman, as she would have the strength to fight for their love. These two will have many nice moments together and will laugh a lot.

Yet, the outgoing nature of the Sagittarius woman will mind the Cancer man. He is clingy and controlling, which is something the Sagittarius woman can’t stand. If he maintains to keep his clingy side under the control, and the Sagittarius woman reduces her friendly encounters, they have a chance to last.