Cancer Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

If you are a Cancer man who has affection towards a Pisces woman, here is the good news. These two zodiac signs get on really well! They get along in many aspects, but even when it comes to those when they have different opinions they don’t make a big deal out of it.

It would be a pity if this two pass on each other, as the Cancer man and the Pisces woman balance each other well, which can lead toward a long-term relationship. A lot of understanding plus affection usually results in marriage between the Cancer man and the Pisces woman.

Cancer Man

Cancer man has a dose of strength and a dose of vulnerability, which makes him somehow attractive. Even though he seems shy, the Cancer man hides his cheeky side for someone who would be worth his time. It means he lives in a shell, all until there comes up a loyal person. This man asks for loyalty only, and if you show it to him – count on his support for life.

This man knows how to keep people close to him nurtured and comfortable. Being close to the Cancer man means that he would feel your soul completely. A strong instinct of the Cancer man gives him the privilege to sense the emotions of the others. You don’t even need to tell him much, he will already know.

Just like with everything in life, the Cancer man is devoted to his job also. He puts his family in the first place, and there is no doubt that nothing can take over the first place. Yet, he cares about the carrier also. This means he will work hard in order to succeed. It might look like he is too sensitive and closed up, but don’t be surprised if the Cancer man becomes your boss. He doesn’t make a noise. Cancer man works in silence, securely walking towards his goal.

Everybody feels the warmth of the Cancer man. A woman who would know to approach the Cancer man would reveal the true treasure within this guy. He will love you like no one and treat you as his queen. Cancer man is romantic also. This man will write you poems and love letters. If you are in for love in a bit old-fashioned way, the Cancer man is your perfect man. He doesn’t rush into things or intimacy. It is the most important to feel each other mentally and emotionally. Then you two are up for some other things.

Yet, no one is perfect, right? Cancer man truly has many good sides. However, even he has some flaws. In the first place, his moodiness is sometimes irritating, but nothing that you can’t stand.

Secondly, this man has his possessive side. As he fears to stay alone, he would want you to be with him 24/7. We already mentioned that loyalty is very important to him. As his emotions are so tenuous, it would be better to try not to hurt him by cheating. He might forgive you this, but one thing is sure – the betrayal will stay in his heart forever.

Pisces Woman

This lady has the ability to see through anybody who tries to get close her. Her intuition is so strong that she will know your intentions even before you completely make up your mind. Pisces woman wants to help everybody but this exhausts her. That is why she needs some time to be alone. You will see her in a dark room, looking at the wall. She needs to clear her thoughts from all those information. This lady is spiritual. She has many ways to canalize the energy. That is why the Pisces woman practices yoga or is very religious.

Pisces woman represents the 12th house of the zodiac. This house represents deep secrets and subconscious levels. If you only look at her eyes, you would find something that might enchant you, or even frighten you. In each case, you won’t stay indifferent about the Pisces woman. This woman is ruled by the Neptune, which is a planet of illusion, secrets, fears, and dreams. Pisces woman is really special in many ways.

She is a daydreamer, as she doesn’t want to see the reality sometimes. However, she can compensate it if she sings or plays an instrument. Music can take us to many places in our minds, calms our souls, and provides fulfillment. Pisces woman generally likes the creative ways to express herself. If she does sing, she is a painter or does acting.

Pisces woman truly believes that she is a princess from a fairy tale who waits for her prince charming. Her romantic side cries for a man who will take care of her, protect her, and make her dreams come true. As she wears those pinky glasses, she might be unable to see that she is making a mistake when choosing a partner. Somehow her intuition betrays her when it comes to love. Pisces woman knows how to be alone, but craves for a man who would guide her through life.

Her emotions are deep and she loves from the bottom of her heart. Pisces woman is a devoted wife and mother. She is a loyal mate, but make sure you give her some space when she asks for it.

Love and Marriage

Cancer man’s whole life is governed by his feelings and emotions. He is a hopeless romantic when it comes to love. On the other side, the Pisces woman is known as a queen of dreams. Her level of romance is the only one who can compete with the Cancer man’s level. Yet, these two won’t compete. They will unite their loving energies.

Pisces woman is compassionate and is one of the rare persons who can understand the Cancer man’s moodiness. He will appreciate this a lot. These two will solve each other’s problems, which will lead them to harmony in a relationship. None of them is selfish, which is also another great aspect of this relationship.

If we say that the Cancer man and the Pisces woman are both in for family, is there anything that needs to be said here? Their goals in life are very similar. Both the Cancer man and the Pisces woman are persons of a carrier, but family is always in the first place. Even before these two get married, they would dream of their kids and their eye color and names. Such a cute image of this couple!


Now we come to differences. Cancer man has a fear of being alone, while the Pisces woman sometimes enjoys it. She might need some time and space to think everything over or to process some important things in life. Pisces woman is usually an artistic soul, and we all know these are sometimes solitary. However, the Cancer man won’t let her alone even for an hour. This might cause some negative emotions within this woman, but she will cope with it.

Any possible argument these two will have will be settled in about half an hour. Peace and harmony are important for the relationship, so the Cancer man and the Pisces woman try to work the things out. Their desire to stay together will provide them exactly what they wish for.

Intimacy aspect between the Cancer man and the Pisces woman is full of romantic moments. These two don’t approach intimacy as an emotional, not only physical activity. Cancer man and the

Pisces woman will spend many touching intimacy moments.


Cancer man’s and the Pisces woman’s friendship is genuine and supportive. Pisces woman is introvert, as she likes to daydream by faraway lands on her own. Yet, people like her mild and sensible energy and approach her. Pisces woman is caring and love to help the others. Cancer man has this side also. Yet, in comparison to the Pisces woman, he is extrovert. He has many superficial friends, as this man is afraid to be alone. Among these superficial ones, he picks a few truthful and loyal friends. Pisces woman would be one of these.

Pisces woman might need someone who will protect her. Cancer man is generally not someone who is prone to conflicts, but when it comes to the Pisces woman, he would protect her as a real lion.

She would see him as her hero and will try to respond in many affectionate ways. She will be his shoulder to cry on when something from the outer world hurt him. Pisces woman can understand the Cancer man deeply, as her soul is similar to his.

Cancer man and the Pisces woman wouldn’t fight almost at all. Even if there is an issue, they will know how to overcome it. They are smart enough not to lose a good friend because of a trifle.

Interesting Facts

Michael Todd and Elizabeth Taylor were one of the most famous couples of that age. This Cancer man was one of the couple Elizabeth’s spouses, but they had a great love story. Elizabeth gave birth to their two kids. The romance between this Cancer man and the Pisces woman would probably last, but the famous producer had a plane accident.

Still, until this marriage lasted, these two lived through a true love story.


Cancer man and the Pisces woman are a couple that has many potentials. Their natures caress each other, providing understanding and affection between the partners. These two won’t even have some serious issues in the relationship, no turbulence. It is almost 100% sure that the Cancer man and the Pisces woman marry.

This combination is one of the most compliant matches among the zodiac signs.