Cancer Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

It would take some time to a Cancer man and a Libra woman to open up to each other. They both hide a part of their personalities under a mask, but only until the right person comes up. That is what is exactly going to happen. Cancer man and the Libra woman will go slowly.

As the relationship would have a steady progress, this couple would have great chances of achieving big love and real romance. Libra woman will be the one who balances things when an issue comes up, but she wouldn’t mind it, as this is a part of her nature.

Cancer Man

Cancer man is full of love. His friends and family know him as an emotional and caring person. However, this man shows one side to his close circle, while he is protecting his nature from the people that don’t know him. Crab has a tough shell, and that is the thing with the Cancer man also. He tends to protect himself and the ones he loves. If you want to come to the Cancer man’s core, you should be patient and let him open up bit by bit.

This man is a living proof that chivalry still exists among the modern population. Cancer man will enchant you with his manners and his romantic side. He will write you poems and sing love songs under your balcony. You will fall in love with the Cancer man’s sentimental side, only if you break off his armor.

It is true that the Cancer man’s emotions are tenuous, and he feels everything twice a normal person does. If you love him, he would respond with even stronger love.

However, if you hurt him, the Cancer man would never give you a chance to talk to him again. He remembers things well, and if you were a bitter memory, he would try to avoid you. Yet, if he feels that you are truly on his side, expect that he would be loyal to your for the whole life.

Cancer man lives in his comfort zone. He is even afraid to make some changes in his life, as it might only bring unpleasant situations. This man’s intuition is very strong and leads him through life, so the Cancer man ignores everything about what he has a bad feeling. If he moves to another city or another country, the Cancer man would spend his whole life grieving about the good old days. Nostalgia is the feeling that exists within the Cancer man and usually makes him cry.

Among all the zodiac signs, the signs of the Cancer is famous to be extremely homebound. Cancer man likes spending his time at home, watching TV, cooking, or reading a book. He doesn’t have a special need to go outside and hang out. Yet, as a single man, he would have to make himself go out and meet some new people.

He has to overcome his initial shyness, as the Cancer man is actually not shy at all. This is something that will surprise you. Once the Cancer man becomes comfortable with you, he will show off his cheeky and flirty side. Be prepared for many fun and interesting moments. If you start a relationship with the Cancer man, he would only be more caring and loving, but also a bit jealous.

Libra Woman

Libra woman is probably the most lovely lady among the zodiac women. She is usually very kind and has a smile on her face. If she smiled at you, that is a sign that she is in a good mood. Don’t expect that Venus, a queen of planets, would offer herself on a plate. You would have to invest a lot of time and patience, as the Libra woman is on the list of the hottest picks. Everybody wants to get to talk to her and spend some time with her, so you had better stay in the line.

The ruler of the Libra, Venus, makes this woman to constantly search for some new harmonious relationships. As this woman is exceptionally friendly, people would come to her, and she would find some time to talk to everybody. This way her energy increases, as the contacts with people fulfill the Libra woman. She adores when she notices that somebody is looking at her, or admires her clothes or jewelry. This lady likes compliments, so you better give in a few of them if you would want to draw her attention.

Among all those contacts, the Libra woman is hoping to meet a special person. She believes that everybody goes through the hallways in order to come up and see the light once. The light for the Libra woman signifies harmony, balance, a purpose.

Libra woman is a representative of the righteousness and justice. One of her dream profession is to be a lawyer, or a judge, or an arbiter. She will fight for human rights, whether we talk about someone who is close to her or about a complete stranger. Libra woman would be your good friend, as she would try to protect you from injustice, but also be aware that she would point out to your mistakes if you treat someone badly.

You might think that the Libra woman is indecisive, but she actually wants to estimates every situation well. She won’t rush things, letting everything to settle down. Libra woman acts this way when she meets a new significant person.

Even if she likes a man, she would wait for some time and see how things are going to develop. She is the type that waits for a man to make the first step in everything. If you want to seduce the Libra woman, make sure you are a nice mannered gentleman with a good reputation.

Libra woman needs a man who will be her support and motivation in life. She is not complicated at all and avoids arguments. She would never be grumpy, as the Libra woman always say what is on her mind, but when she feels that it is the right moment to do that. As many guys are interested in this lovely woman, make sure you don’t bring up the tension about her attractiveness.


Love and Marriage

Libra woman is balance and harmony driven, but especially when we talk about romance. Her ruler, Venus, makes her lovely, kind, attractive, and seductive. Libra woman is aware of the attributes she has. Cancer man would be a bit shy in the beginning, but he would feel very comfortable in her company.

Both the Cancer man and the Libra woman are somewhat suspicious and careful when it comes to meeting new people. They feel the instant connection, but still, none of them would want to rush into a serious relationship.

Cancer man has strong emotions and simply can’t go against his feelings. His sensitivity won’t mind the Libra woman, as she would understand this side of her partner.

As we already mentioned, the Cancer man might have constant mood changes. This makes him a bit unstable, but his emotions are firm and steady. Even if he switches his mood, things will stay the same when it comes to his feelings for the Libra woman.

Surprisingly, even the Libra woman goes through some periods of emotional instability. The queen of harmony and balance is sometimes incapable of finding those values in herself. This side of her would cause more serious issues in the relationship than the Cancer man’s emotional switches. Yet, as they both have this in common, it won’t be a reason for the separation.

Cancer man and the Libra woman simply love to be together. None of them likes to be alone for some longer period, so they are like a hand of salvation to each other. However, don’t get this mistaken and think that they are together only to avoid being alone. When they enable a connection, the Cancer man and the Libra woman would see clearly that their energies dance together, forming a beautiful aura.

Cancer man can get possessive and jealous of his partner. Libra woman is desirable and men want to approach her. She has a flirty side but will try to control it, as she wouldn’t want to hurt her partner. Yet, the Cancer man is difficult to explain when it comes to jealousy. Libra woman should have patience with this one.

He is insecure about the Libra woman’s sensual side. Cancer man is romantic and likes physical pleasures, but wouldn’t have the courage to experiment a bit with his partner in the bedroom. This might produce disaffection of both partners. Only if they do open up and start feeling confident with each other, they would achieve pleasure.


Cancer man and the Libra woman’s communication is great. These two have mild and peaceful energies. None of them likes tension and their friendship will be filled up with warm and kind emotions.

Libra woman is a fighter for justice. When she sees that someone is doing some harm to her Cancer friend, she would react. In this sense, she is more stable and pert in comparison to the Cancer man. He would appreciate her care for his feelings, which will make a lifetime bond to the Libra woman within the Cancer man.

Whether you are working with them, or one of them is your boss, the Cancer man and the Libra woman are very pleasant to work with. They are compassionate and willing to help the others and, of course, each other. There is no drama in their environment.

Libra woman is more dominant than the Cancer man. He can get flabby sometimes. Libra woman would take some advantage of this. However, this situation is suitable for both of them. Their drama-free friendship will last for a lifetime.

Interesting Facts

Bodhi and Jenna Elfman are a Hollywood acting couple. This Cancer man and his Libra woman partner have been married for 23 years now. Bodhi and Jenna are one of the best examples that these zodiac sign can form a stable and lasting romance.


Cancer man is emotional, but the Libra woman is emotional too. When you put these two together, they would be measured, until they get to know each other better.

However, this go-slow rhythm can actually make them realize each other’s good side, as well each other’s flaws and work on them together.

Cancer man should control his jealousy and be more venturesome.

Libra woman should cope with her sensitive side as her emotional crisis can move the relationship.

Whatsoever, this couple will find their way through the storm and their love will last for a long time.