Cancer Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The contrast between the personalities of a Cancer man and Leo woman will bring dynamics to the relationship. Cancer man is mysterious at the beginning, while the Leo woman pretends to be a little kitty.

With time, he will open up and she will show her claws. Yet, their differences don’t make tension or negativity in their relationship. It is totally opposite – they actually complement each other flaws. There will be much passion, making the story more interesting. Yet, the survival of they as a couple will depend on a joint effort.

Cancer Man

Cancer men are usually considered as weak, because of their tenuous emotions. This is definitely not true. In a world where guys play hot and cold games, the Cancer man is someone who stands out. Women these days are not accustomed to a guy being gentle and sensitive. The thing is, real values lost the meaning. Cancer man still cherishes the tradition and good old times.

He is the type of a guy who will want to meet your family and go to Sunday lunches with you. Cancer man will respect you and everyone who is close to you. Cancer man always has a good relation with his mother. She is the persons who will define in a great mere how will he treat his wife.

It is important to choose a right partner. Of course, he can make a mistake and estimate the situation wrongly, but this will make him question himself. Cancer man has a tactic. He will wait for some time before opening up to a woman. She needs to assure him of her serious intentions. A woman who is in contact with this type of guy will easily realize how to make him trust her. It is obvious that he is a good and truthful man, so why wouldn’t you let him see the best side of you?

Which type of woman will best function with the Cancer man? Well, the thing is a little complicated. A woman with strong energy and personality might see him as a mommy’s boy who doesn’t know to take care of himself. On the other hand, a woman who is similar to him needs a man who will be dominant. As you can see, he is in a difficult position.

Still, if the Cancer man works a little bit on his flaws, it can turn out great. It is necessary to build himself as a successful man. This is exactly what he will do. Cancer man will be devoted to his carrier and his job in order to strengthen himself. The money will give him power and enhance his confidence. This combination of a successful, but emotionally sensible man isn’t that bad. Not all women, but some of them will find this type of guy as a perfect one.

There is a jealous side of the Cancer man’s personality. His insecurities are the main reason, but it depends on his partner also. You can really trust this one. He is loyal and honest, and you should be the same way if you want your relationship to last.

Leo Woman

When we say Leo Woman, of course, that you have the image of a lioness in your head. This is the exact description of a woman born in this zodiac sign. Fearless, beautiful woman with a sculptured body, a ruler – this is the Leo woman.

You know how the lioness sneaks up to catch her pray? Gracefully, patiently, waiting for the right moment. She is aware of her strength but sometimes likes to play a bit and beat around the bush. Still, she is aware that at the end of her show she will get what she wants. This is rough from her side, but we can’t find fault with this. She is just in the position to act that way.

Leo woman is pretty independent and always goes towards success. Yet, her partner must be equal or even in a lower position. She has the need to feel superior. A man who would be her boss would never attract the Leo woman. It is more likely that she will be the boss and her partner will be her employee. Still, she won’t make big amplitudes when picking a guy.

Yes, we say “picking” because she is just too busy with the job and will be direct when she finds someone appealing. Some people will consider this as a behavior of a man, not a woman, but the Leo woman doesn’t care a lot about what other people say.

The Sun is the ruler of the Leo sign. Leo woman will have some golden shades – her skin, hair, even her eyes. When you look at her, you will see a flame. This cat likes attention and gets is easy. That is because her appearance is very characteristic. She is seductive and has an alluring body. In a mass of the average woman, her shine of the Sun will make everybody notice her.

When the Leo woman is in a committed relationship, there is no way she will cheat. Lioness is truthful to her lion. She has big expectations for her partner, but loyalty is in the first place. If the man gives her everything besides faithfulness, she won’t appreciate a thing. On the other hand, if he is loyal, she might close her eyes in front of his flaws.

Being in love with the Leo woman is almost like playing with fire. She can burn you or can make you feel the warmest love. The Leo woman is always in the search for new excitements and adrenaline rushes. She will take you to the most incredible places. Definitely not a boring, housewife type of a woman, the lioness leaves a deep mark in every man’s heart and life.

Physical contact is proof of commitment. Leo woman enjoys intimate relations and isn’t afraid to take the initiative. She will surprise her partner with sexy underwear, to warm up the situation even more.


Love and Marriage

You remember that we said that the Leo woman needs a man who is a little bit subordinated to her. Cancer man can easily be this type of a guy. What is best here, he doesn’t have the need to pretend. Being in a slightly lower position is something that corresponds to a personality of the Cancer man.

The need of the Leo woman to be dominant is highly appreciated by the Cancer man. He will look at her as his goddess, and this will boost the Leo woman’s confidence. Having a man who will admire her will sparkle the imagination of this woman. She will be the center of his world.

What is more, although the Cancer man is insecure and needy, he is a man for the whole life. He won’t cheat, and as we said, this is extremely important to the Leo woman. She will act blindly for these little issues the Cancer man has with himself. Not only her requirements will be fulfilled in this relationship. Cancer man values loyalty as high as his partner. Seeing that she is loyal as he will create an almost unbreakable bond between this couple.

Leo woman still can be selfish sometimes. Yes, the Cancer man will give her attention and she will be on her throne. But, this doesn’t mean she shouldn’t respond to this. She should show the affection, or the Cancer man would feel neglected. Seeing all he does is in vain, he will become distant and depressed.

An active Leo woman will show the Cancer man some new side in the bedroom. Still, he would expect this in some way. What is funny, he will be the one who brings a surprise! Underneath the shy and emotional personality, there is a lot of passion. The appearance of the Leo woman will only increase it. He finds her very attractive and will burn up in the desire to be with this woman.


Leo woman and the Cancer man are both reliable persons. They will recognize this in each other which is a perfect beginning for a new friendship.

Even though the Leo woman is more sociable than the Cancer man, they can agree upon the question of the friendship. It is better to have one true friend than a thousand fake ones. Especially the Cancer man is capable of being a friend for life.

Whatever they decide to do together will bring them joy. They can go hiking, or shopping or they will make a DIY table. Leo woman will give him the initial spark and the Cancer woman will accept it with both hands.

This combination makes good business partners relation also. No matter if the Leo woman or the Cancer man is the boss, they will have a productive and lasting cooperation. But, it is slightly better for her to be in the upper position.

Interesting Facts

Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme were a famous vocal duet Not only they have been a duet, but they also been married for more than 30 years. Being compatible on many fields made this marriage last for so long. If these two sing the same song, they will have one endless romance.


The Water and the Fire can make a good love couple. It is not only about the elements, but also about the personalities and mutual efforts. The flaws the Leo woman and the Cancer man have are something that they will easily overcome. Being together will bring them both joy and delight. He will give her admiration and loyalty, while she will be faithful and gentle with his emotions.