Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Cancer man and a Capricorn woman complement each other. These two stand on the different sides of the zodiac’s circle. Yet, this produces some kind of magnetic attraction between the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman.

Capricorn woman has a strong energy, so a man with a lower and calmer energy would be her best fit. With a few ups and downs now and then, the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman can form a stable and balanced relationship. Just keep the communications going.

Cancer Man

Some people find it hard to understand the Cancer man. This zodiac sign is somehow changeable, but don’t blame him. Blame the Moon, his ruler, which puts his mood on a carousel. Yet, despite his mood switches, the Cancer man is an awesome personality, a great friend and husband.

Cancer man loves to be around his house. This is the most pleasant surrounding for this man – he is feeling secure and comfortable. If he invites his friends over, all of them will go. Do you know why? Because the Cancer man makes the atmosphere pleasant and he is a great host. He will even make some nice dishes for his guests. This man is a romantic soul, so don’t be surprised if he starts playing his guitar while the others sing.

Believe the Cancer man’s intuition. If he tells you that something is not okay, it probably isn’t. Maybe he won’t know the exact reason but doesn’t even matter. Listen to him carefully. Cancer man will never mislead you. Sooner or later, you will see that your friend had right.

Just like for the others, the Cancer man’s intuition helps him to recognize true friends. He knows exactly who is a good person and who is not. You will see the Cancer man sitting in the corner, all alone. He is actually looking around and estimating the situation. He is not the type that will approach to someone and talk right away, but once he does – that person will be enchanted.

Cancer man knows how to be cheeky and flirty. He is actually a lot of fun when he is in a good mood. Cancer man will make you laugh and smile all the time you are together. There is a lot of charm within the Cancer man. Don’t be surprised when you see falling down for him. You won’t even notice – the Cancer man will enchant you.

This man is not the type who opens up easy, which you can conclude from the representation of this sign in the zodiac. Give him some time, but show him in many ways that he can trust you. Cancer man knows how tenuous his emotions are, while you still don’t. That is why he tries to avoid getting hurt by keeping himself in a shell. Once he finally opens up, you will more than pleased by his tenderness and loving, as the Cancer man treats his partner like a princess.

Capricorn Woman

Respect the Capricorn woman, but never take her as someone who is too serious. This ambitious business lady is everything but serious. You just have to find a way to get into her busy schedule and take her out. Capricorn woman is different privately, but it is a bit hard to make her notice you.

Capricorn woman is caring and wants to help everybody, but she is aware that this takes a lot of her energy away. If you have the Capricorn woman for a friend, then you know how compassionate this woman actually is. She is even ready to make a sacrifice for their closest friends.

People know they can trust this woman. She does everything in time and is well organized. Maybe you would think that the Capricorn woman lives like she is programmed, but it is much easier to have a plan for the week. This doesn’t mean she is rigid and stern. Capricorn woman is aware that you can’t plan life, so she is open for some adjustments.

Her life principle is “eye for an eye”. The way you act towards the Capricorn woman, she will act the same towards you. There is no deep philosophy with this woman – it is black or white. She doesn’t have the reason to lie to you, or to pretend to be someone else, she will always be direct. Yet, when she is angry she can take the justice in her own hands.

Unfortunately, the Capricorn woman settles for less than she deserves. She doesn’t ask for exotic trips or romantic holidays, as she believes she doesn’t deserve this. This woman is the type who would be happy if you take her to dinner and buy her a flower.

However, even though she doesn’t ask for much, this doesn’t mean you should take her for granted. If she doesn’t feel your true affection and devotion to her, she will leave you. Capricorn woman is not afraid to be alone, even though this doesn’t make her happy.

Capricorn woman appreciates tradition and has a typical image of the marriage and family. Once she gets married and has kids, her business goal will lower a bit, but she will still hustle.
Love and Marriage

Cancer man and the Capricorn woman stare at each other. They are simply turned towards each other. It might seem that the calm and mild nature of the Cancer man would bore the Capricorn woman.


However, the situation is the opposite. She will enjoy his energy which calms her down. On the other side, this man will be fascinated with the Capricorn woman’s straightforwardness and her hustle. They will find many things in common, but the differences are more important in this relationship. What is more, these differences will keep the relationship going.

None of them will be effusive when they meet. Cancer man and the Capricorn woman take things slowly. They are aware that the initial infatuation might take them both to a disaster. It is true that they have some deep boundaries, but they respect this side of each other’s character.

Both the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman are extroverts. They like to be in contact with some new people, but these contacts are never too deep. Cancer man has a few real friends through life, as he has trust issues and doesn’t open up that much. Capricorn woman is a bit more open, as her energetic nature attracts people.

Cancer man is shy and leaves an impression of someone who doesn’t even want to talk to you. He is not repulsive at all but seems like it would be hard to make him approachable. This is totally not true, and the Capricorn woman sees that there is much more underneath the façade.

Capricorn woman is famous as a big careerist, while the Cancer man is somebody who puts his family in the first place. This, however, doesn’t mean that he is not hardworking. What is more, the Cancer man would be a perfect boss. He is full of understanding and tries to do things the right way. Capricorn woman would motivate him even more, while he would offer her a warm home and pleasant atmosphere when she gets back home from work.

Cancer man is tender and sensible, which suits the Capricorn woman. She is not into cuddling as he is, but the Cancer man will spoil her. Yet, he is too sensitive sometimes. Capricorn woman is firm and sometimes even cold. His behavior would irritate her, as she believes a man should be stable. Cancer man would have to cope with his mood switches and depression.

This couple makes an awesome sexual pairing. They put emotions first, but there will be a lot of erotic moments in the bedroom. These partners care about each other’s needs, too.


Capricorn woman will be the one to make the first move. Cancer man will be delighted to see someone with such a strong energy approach him. He would be much interested in what she has to offer, but she would be interested too.

Cancer man and the Capricorn woman will get to know each other slowly. They are attentive and even secretive, but none of them would mind this. These two will skip the deep part, but the friendship won’t ever be superficial.

Communication here flows great. Capricorn woman sometimes doesn’t pay attention to what she says and might hurt the sensitive Cancer man. She would try to make him a bit stronger and resistant.

Probably that she is the only woman who can wake up this within the Cancer man. He would appreciate her efforts. Cancer man will be her best friend, always up for a chat party.

Interesting Facts

Tom Cruise dated Mimi Rogers back in the 80s. This couple married in 1987 but divorced three years later. The reason for divorce was age disparity. Surprisingly, but it was Tom, the Cancer man who broke this off. He became more popular and found himself in some new life opportunities. The others say that Tom was thinking about becoming a monk in that period, so Mimi couldn’t stand the pressure.


Cancer man and the Capricorn woman have some interesting and promising aspects for a long-term romance. They can offer each other what the other partner lacks the most.

In her case, she needs someone who would wait for her in their sweet home, while he needs a woman who would support him.

The differences come out when it comes to the energies, as the Capricorn woman would want to run away when she sees the too emotional side of the Cancer man.

However, this situation is a parable. These two can talk it over and continue with their balanced relationship.