Cancer Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Cancer is the Water sign. If the partners come from the same group of zodiac signs, they can make a good combination. Female and male representatives of the zodiac groups have similar, but not the same characteristics. That is why a Cancer man and woman can get along really well.

They strive for the same values and goals in life. No one can understand a fragile nature of the Cancer than the other Cancer.

Cancer man

They say you should go slowly when meeting a new person. Cancer man sticks to this rule. This guy takes some time to open up. Going step by step, he will notice all the details, good and bad sides of the person he is in a contact with. He is not into love triangles or superficial relationships, but into a real thing.

An ideal woman for the Cancer man is a female version of himself. She is loyal, truthful, gentle, polite, and sensible, loves kids, and wants to have a family. The Cancer man is an emotional guy and his partner should be the same way. Cold or indifferent woman won’t ever attract him, no matter how pretty she is. Cancer man, of course, wants a pretty woman, but the physics is definitely not in the first place.

Watching romantic movies, drinking wine and cuddling is a scenario of a perfect night for the Cancer man. If you ask him to go to a club, great chances are that he will refuse it. The club is too crowdy, the music is too loud and there is no privacy. He likes to be with his woman only, with no audience. Changing kisses and hugs is their private thing. This shows off his traditional side.

Cancer man is also religious and appreciates spiritual matters. He wants to have a lot of money as it can assure good life, but even if they don’t achieve this goal, the world won’t stop. Being a good person and making good deeds is something that creates a happy life. Cancer man loves animals and kids.

Even though the carrier is not that important, the Cancer man will always do his best to be successful in his business. He will do this to enable an easy life for his family. There is no time for hanging out with friends or going out. All his time is shared between his family and his job.

Life without love is an empty life. Love fulfills this man as no other sign. Living also is like a nightmare for this man. A big house without a woman’s and kids’ laugh is more like a prison. Cancer man will marry even at the younger age.

Cancer woman usually has a good relation with his mother. Her figure will keep a high place through his whole life. Sometimes he can be too much devoted to her that it can produce issues in his relationship. The other times, his mother will come between him and his partner.

Cancer Woman

Now that you’ve met the Cancer man closer, you probably think that the Cancer woman is the same. There are some similarities, but she is special in her own way.

This woman is fragile at first look. Her external appearance clashes in some way with her personality. She may look shy and closed, but this is only a mask. She has many goals and is highly motivated to achieve them. This lady will be her partner’s motivation when he is down.

If you try to hurt the Cancer woman, you will be surprised. She has strong and high moral standards and values. Cancer woman will beat every mean act with ease with her wise words, without a need to do anything further. You will be left speechless, thinking about the words she said. You wouldn’t guess when she is hurt, because she hides it well. Still, even a trifle can affect her badly, not to talk about bigger things. Cancer woman knows how to learn the lessons the right way and turn it into strength.

A family is the most valuable thing in this world. Cancer woman doesn’t know how to exactly control her mother instinct. She will try to be a mother to her kids but also to her partner. Her need to protect people she loves will really make everyone look at her as a mother figure.

This woman is so selfless that she will give all she has to someone, risking to make a mistake. And she will still do it, knowing that the price of a mistake is high. Once she gets hurt, she will close up for years. It will take much time to recover and gain trust again.

Compassion is one more on this list of positive sides of the Cancer woman. She will cry with you if you cry and laugh with you if you laugh. You can tell her everything without the fear she will tell it to someone else. Cancer woman will give you a good advice or try to help in some way if you have a problem.

If you are looking for a partner who is always active and brings excitement, this is not the Cancer woman. She doesn’t like constant changes. Fear of the unknown will keep her from many good things. Yet, she has a different perspective and there is no need for new things when the old ones are great.


Cancer woman gets really quiet from time to time. This is a phase in which she needs to reconcile everything that happened to her in the last couple months. As a sensitive person, the Cancer woman takes things personally. The occasions in life hit her harder than the rest of the signs. That is why you should let her be for a few days.

Buy her presents with the emotional value. A custom piece of jewelry would be nice, maybe even an engraved necklace. She likes to have a memory of a person. Cancer woman keeps her childhood toys and presents so she can remind of her early days. Try guessing something more creative than buying her flowers or chocolate.

Love and Marriage

Everybody would think that the relationship between two zodiac signs from the same group would be easy to achieve. Even if it is the case, things don’t always go so smoothly.
It can be tricky to know that someone who are you with has the same good and the bad sides as you. Good sides are a plus, but the bad sides can be a problem.

The thing is, the Cancer man knows that he is shrewd and will do things only if they make him some benefit. Concluding, he would know that the Cancer woman is guided by the same principle. She would know that too, of course. This couple has to calculate the advantages of the relationship less and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Hence, is the couple finds a common interest on a long-term basis, they will stay together.

They both are well grounded. There is no need for flirting with other people or having any deeper contact. The best thing is that they will stay loyal to each other no matter what. They will move on to a next relationship only when they are sure the last one is completely over.

The communication between two Cancers is pretty calm. Moments of quietness are a common situation in their home. They don’t mind it. It is necessary to be reticent from time to time. It is even better not to say a thing than say nonsense. This couple is more into actions. She will make a coffee for two and they will enjoy a sunny Sunday morning together without the need to say a word.

Cancers have periodical mood changes. It would be fine if those switches happen individually, but what when they have the switch at the same time? Even though this couple is aware of the emotional side of the other person, it is somehow difficult to handle this situation. In these days, it is better to go to see a friend for a couple of hours or to visit a family. Being together will bring up the tension.

No zodiac sign wants a family as bad as the Cancer does. Cancer man will be a great father, but the Cancer woman is the best mother in the world. They care for their kids the most and would sacrifice everything for them. Still, this love can be excessive and lead to obsessivity.


Two Cancers can be good friends or business partners. As we mentioned above, they always have some weird type of calculations in their minds. If the contact brings them joy, positivity, or possibility to achieve good results at a job they will have a long-term cooperation.

Still, they would lack communication and initiative. This can’t be overseen as in the situation when they are in a relationship. It is the best to meet each other once or twice a month.

Interesting Facts

Sylvester Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen made a famous Cancer-Cancer couple.


It is somehow predictable that two people who are almost the same decide to get married. Therefore, the Cancer man and the Cancer woman will get married for sure. Their calculations will always bring out the positive side of the other person. The Cancer knows how much it means to have someone who is faithful and honest and who knows to care about his/her feelings.

Finding all this in each other, there won’t be any doubt that they’ve found that special someone. Still, if they don’t work on the activity and passiveness in their relation, they can split up.