Cancer Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The encounter between a Cancer man and Aries woman makes them attracted towards each other. Their relationship would be full of challenges and constant ups and downs. It is more likely that they would be friends, but we don’t exclude developing of romantic feelings.

This combination is very interesting, as the Aries woman would be dominant here. We are usually accustomed to a model where the man is in charge. Cancer man will have to find out how to cope with his fears about the relationship. Still, this relationship doesn’t have much chance to survive.

Cancer Man

Playing macho man is definitely the case with a Cancer man. This one is extremely sensitive and emotional. He is not interested in being with a couple of women. The goal is to find the right one, whom with he will spend his whole life.

You already see that this is a man for long-term relationships. Still, it is not easy to find a person who fits him. This guy falls in love easily, but this doesn’t mean he will start a relationship right away. He will wait for some time so he can see the intentions of the other side. Doing this is just an attempt to prevent getting hurt.

Cancer man is probably the most complicated zodiac sign when we talk about love. When we say “complicated” this has a positive meaning in the case of the Cancer man. This man will give you attention, tenderness, love, whatever you need, but you have to respond in the same way.

Here lies the difficulty. It is hard to meet a guy who is dedicated to his woman like the Cancer man is. That dedication goes over the limits. And not all the women like this kind of relationship. Women who are independent and strong enough for themselves might consider him as a weakling. And he is maybe too emotional, but definitely not weak.

The Cancer man is a perfect choice if you want a marriage. His life goal is to have a family – a wife and kids. A job is important, but not as near as the family. He won’t ever cheat, so better be careful not to act the same way. If you do cheat on him, this would hurt him for life. In this case, the Cancer man will break up an instant, no matter how much he loves you.

Sometimes this man is prone to depression. He is self-inflicted and might cry for days grieving over his hurt emotions. It is best to stay friends with the Cancer man if you don’t have serious intentions with him.

His romantic side will show off all the time. He will buy you chocolate and take you out for dinners. He would ask you to be his chaperone at a family wedding. Don’t expect him to party or drink alcohol from the Cancer man – it is not in his nature. Expect long walks by the beach while he recites some of the most beautiful poems you have ever heard.

Aries Woman

This woman is willing to do everything for love. Yes, that is true. And we bet you would never say it for an Aries woman. She is not the typical behavior of the Aries woman, but once she finds what she is looking for, she turns into a hopeless romantic. Her love knows no limits.

The ruler of this zodiac sign is Mars. As you know this is the god of war, it gives some manly attributes to the Aries woman. She can be pugnacious, tenacious and in some situations even aggressive.

Guess her favorite color. The Aries woman is fire! Her color is red. Imagine her in a red maxi dress with a flower in her lush hair. The face of this woman is very characteristic. High cheekbones and that hair we mentioned are her sign of recognition. And you will be amazed by her personality besides her look. Aries woman is temperament. She doesn’t take breaks. Her energy drives her all day and very often all night.

The zodiac sign of Aries has the horns. The Aries woman doesn’t have them, but the attribute of stubbornness is something she is famous for. She will go head through the wall, no matter what will happen. Depending on how the Aries woman uses this energy given to her, it can lead to something very good or very bad. But she almost always knows which way is the best for her.
Unlike most women, the Aries type will always face the problems. What’s more, she will go towards them even before they come at her. You must admit this is hell courageous!

Further, the Aries woman makes many plans. What is important here, this doesn’t end with making them. She actually turns every thought into a reality. There is no space for empty dreaming, this is not her style. As a businesswoman, she will compete everybody. She plays fair, but the other that will be left far behind her steps will think that it is not.

You can get the impression of an almost untouchable woman if you look at the Aries woman from the perspective of a job. She is different privately – fun, outgoing, interesting, and approachable. Because she gives her maximum at her job, it is important to have something that takes the energy back. That will be spending time with her family in most cases, or with her friends.

Aries woman simply needs an emotional partner. It will be much easier to cope with situations and problems if she has that special someone by her side. Aries woman needs someone who she can escape with from the everyday lifestyle for a while. Here we see her adventurous side. With her man, the Aries woman will even look childish. She can make some unthinking moves just for fun. And you thought she is mature, right?


You could already see how stubborn she can be. Add that she is a control freak sometimes, especially on the job. However, her partner would have to obey her decisions or to bear with the constant intrusions. Aries woman is someone who always reconsiders other’s actions and decisions, thinking she could do it better.

That is why the Aries woman gets often into quarrels. She wants to prove everybody wrong and is capable of arguing for hours. Add some jealousy to the collection of her bad sides.

Love and Marriage

Cancer man is a shy guy, and the Aries woman is too busy. If she gets to like him, chances are that she will be the initiator of the contacts. This should please the Cancer man, but he will be more scared than amazed. This happens rarely to him and for some time the Cancer man would be lost in the story.

Until he comes on the terms with the new relationship, the Aries woman will already put a magic spell on him. The physical attraction between them is strong, and this will function great for a while. But, the Aries woman has a little bit aggressive appearance. This is not in the Cancer man’s style and he will ask for some tenderness from his partner. She won’t have the understanding, so here is where the problem starts.

Cancer man will be impressed by the energy the Aries woman shows to the world. A woman with a strong personality is appealing to men, but only a few will get into the real story with her. Cancer man is one of those who will back up because the differences between them are so obvious.

Also, the Cancer man can get easily hurt by the Aries woman’s words and actions. This is not her intention, but the Cancer man takes everything too personal. He will probably lock himself in armor and be distant. Aries woman has to dedicate a lot of time to prove to him that he is wrong.

If these two marry, they will argue constantly over the money. Aries woman is someone who likes to spend a lot, and the Cancer man saves money for the better days. Imagine two grown, married people who argue about buying a can of dog food. This is how it would look like if they live together. But, if they come on terms of the household keeping, this is a good start to resolve the other problems.

Cancer man wants a big family. Aries woman wants a family, but there is no need for five kids or so. Cancer man wants to be intimate with her partner only if they are planning a kid. This will make the Aries woman furious, and a fast divorce will follow.


Aries woman has a strong energy, which can’t be told about the Cancer man too. His negative thoughts and mood switches will irritate the Aries woman.

However, if the Aries woman has some patience, the Cancer man can show his caring and gentle side. He will be that friend who she can call at any time to talk with her about her love problems. She will be the one that would be there if he is down and needs emotional support.

Interesting Facts

Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley were one of the cutest couples in the Hollywood. But, there is a reason why we say “were”.


A nice change in the Cancer man and the Aries woman would happen if the two get together. They are diametrically different, so that is why this match is so interesting.

One of the hard to reach man in the zodiac is the Cancer man. And the Aries woman, a dominant woman, will be the one who stands on the line with him. A new experience for him, not so new for her, will last until they see that different characters just aren’t supposed to be together, but being friends is just okay.