Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Cancer man and an Aquarius woman are swimming towards each other, but there are many obstacles in their way. These Water signs attract each other, but also repulse each other in some ways.

None of these two has boundaries, and it might produce some disagreements from time to time. Great thing is that the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman are signs that don’t rush into things.

They are bonding gradually, which shows off that there is still a chance for the love between the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman.

Cancer Man

Cancer man’s soul is as big as the ocean, which already tells you which kind of a person he is. It is almost impossible not to feel some affection towards this guy. He represents an image of a friend whom you would tell all your secrets or a man who would be a perfect date for your cousin’s wedding.

This guy is tender and compassionate. He takes care of other people emotions. Cancer man would never say or do something that might hurt you, as he always puts himself in your position. He is attentive with words and will always say things in a kind way.

However, to get the best of the Cancer man you have to prove to him that you are a person worth his love. Be close to him, be his support, his shoulder to cry on. After a while, the Cancer man will take you for serious. It is true that he has strong intuition, but he tries to ignore it a bit. Even if he would feel like someone is trustful, he still wouldn’t rush into things. Cancer man usually has some bad experiences when he is in the younger age and still doesn’t know how to recognize things and people. This is the cost of his behavior when he gets older.

Cancer man is a workaholic. This man eagerly goes to work and tries to be as good as possible. His colleagues like him and ask him for help. Kind Cancer man would be a perfect boss. He doesn’t have a stern attitude, which usually makes a negative impression among the employees. As someone who is righteous and understanding, the Cancer man knows how to hold ends in his hands.

This man’s sensitive nature can be taken as his biggest virtue, or as his biggest flaw. It is great to meet a man who is emotional and caring. His soul is pure and full of eternal love. However, the tiny threads of his heart might get ripped with just one word.

Be careful what you say and in which manner to the Cancer man. Harsh words produce a whole avalanche in his soul, which can become unstoppable if someone he truly loves does something unfair. Yet, he will try to forget what you did to him. As always, love will prevail, but the Cancer man will never forget the bitter taste of treason.

A woman who shows her loyalty and honesty to the Cancer man will get endless love and affection from this man. He is a type who dreams of home and family, which makes him an almost perfect husband. Cancer man doesn’t have the need to cheat. You will often find him at his home and family, as he would go out to work only. If you would want a man who is 100% to his partner and his family, the Cancer man is the one.

Aquarius Woman

From the day she was born, the Aquarius woman was different. She represents a rare kind of a woman, and the better you get used to it – the better. Aquarius woman has a constant need for transformation. She is great when it comes to improving things, which shows off her creative side. Aquarius woman is always up to something, as she likes to keep herself busy.

Aquarius woman always fights against the system. She refuses to live by the stereotypes or schedules. Whatever she does, she does spontaneously. Yet, this doesn’t mean she is imprudent. What is more, the Aquarius woman is a rationalist.

This woman is a mix of urban style and tradition. Yet, the modern approach to life is prevailing. She usually has many partners, as this woman is willing to experiment. Intimacy is just a form of physical pleasure and almost has nothing to do with emotions.

It is hard to keep a woman who craves for freedom by your side. Aquarius woman doesn’t rush into relationships, as she sees it as the way to a loss of her freedom. If you want to make this woman yours, make sure you understand her needs truly. You must be okay with her surprising reactions sometimes. Even if she is married, she would expect to sleep by herself in another room, or she would want to go on a trip alone. Let her be, as there is no other way to keep the Aquarius woman by your side.

Love and Marriage

Basic incompatibility lays between the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman. They know how to express emotions, but the mutual expressions seem to be difficult. Aquarius woman is a rebel. She stands up against every single limitation. This woman wants to be emotionally and physically free. Aquarius woman will try to avoid serious commitments as long as she can prologue it.

On the other side, the Cancer man lays on emotions. He can’t wait for the sail into calm waters with a love of his life. He dreams of a happy home and a stable marriage. He lets his emotions to take control over him. This makes him moody from time to time, as his illusions seem to shatter to pieces often. Cancer man craves to closeness, which is completely opposite from the Aquarius woman.


He wants a partner who is close to him all the time, while the Aquarius woman is not capable of giving him such privilege. Cancer man wants more than a simple I love you. Sure that he loves spoken love confessions, but he wants to see that his woman is truly devoted to him and feel her affection.

Cancer man usually keeps an emotional distance. Yet, when he falls in love this distance disappears. He would reveal his core to the Aquarius woman. His sensitivity is huge, which is somehow misunderstood by the Aquarius woman. Her energy is much snappish sometimes, so she will hurt the Cancer man with her gestures and words, without even noticing that. Cancer man would feel betrayed and sad, but would never say out loud what is the problem. This will stress the Cancer man for a long period, but he will keep it all inside. Aquarius woman would notice some change, but as he wouldn’t be willing to talk about that, she will leave him alone.

As you can see, the Cancer man’s and the Aquarius woman’s needs are completely different. She wants a love that provides freedom, while he wants an all-inclusive package. This will intensify tensions between these two. Lack of understanding might threaten the survival of them as a couple.

When it comes to intimacy, Water signs are compatible. However, the Cancer man has one approach to intimacy, while the Aquarius woman has another. He believes that intimacy is another form of loving and affection, while she sees it as a physical act. Yet, these two will have many pleasuring moments together in this aspect.


Cancer man is kind of introvert. He likes to hang out and make new friends, but his mind barriers stop him from doing so. His desire to help the others makes him a great friend. That is something people like the most about the Cancer man. Yet, this man will keep you on a safe distance.

Cancer man believes that he should have a few friends and realize a strong bond with them.

Aquarius woman is extrovert, on the other side, and likes to be around people. She is not afraid of new contacts and makes them often. However, surprisingly, neither the Aquarius woman lets someone too close. She is reserved in some way. This is one of the similarities with the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman.

These two Water signs would make good friends in this sense, as they would understand mutual attentiveness. With time, their friendship would strengthen.

Cancer man gets easily offended. Aquarius woman would criticize him, while he would distance bit by bit. However, if the Aquarius woman lessens the drama and approaches him kindly, these two will make a calm and peaceful friendship.

These two are often in a clash. Cancer man is ruled by his emotions, while the Aquarius woman is lead by rationality. If they mix up a bit of each one, it would make a great combo.

Interesting Facts

Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow made an old-fashioned couple. This aviator couple lived in a happy time when people used to learn more about each other and make compromises. They were a couple of that age. This Cancer man and the Aquarius woman maintained to keep their love burning for the whole life.


It is hard to reconcile emotions and the mind, as one of them always rules over. Cancer man needs a woman who is caring and affectionate and shows that in many ways. Aquarius woman is somehow stern in this aspect, as she wouldn’t be that into loving such as her partner.

Many differences between the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman will make the relationship turbulent. Only if they get to a phase when they understand each other and are ready for compromises, they will have a future together. This is a tough task, but not impossible.