Camel – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Camel is believed to be one of the toughest species in animal kingdom!

No joke at all, this marvelous ‘desert ship’, a nickname camels certainly do deserve, is able to endure incredibly long periods without drinking water, roaming across vast desert sun-burnt dunes and valleys.

Camel is one of the most powerful symbols of endurance, strength and persistence. It is also considered symbol of sacrifices we all need to make at certain points of our life, in order to advance.

Camel also represents incredible patience and steadiness. This amazing animal is truly impressive creature.

We all know about two subspecies of camel, dromedary or Arabian camel and Bactrian or Asian camel. The later inhabits steppes of central Asia and dromedary lives in African deserts.

When we talk about symbolical meanings off camel, we usually think of Arabian camel, native to desert habitat.

This incredible creature has a single hump on its back, long legs, long and curved neck and short, brownish fur. It is of a lighter body structure compared to massive Bactrian camels.

Arabian camels are impressive animals, naturally specialized to survive cruel desert land.

Camels in folklore and tradition

Camels are often featured in Arabian folklore and tradition. This animal had been domesticated ages ago, in Somalia and on Arabian Peninsula. It has been living with humans since ancient times.

Camels are very important and precious to people who spend most of their lives traveling across the desert.

Not only camels are their most reliant ‘vehicle’, but they also possess great symbolical power.

In Arabic culture, camel symbolizes wealth and money, in both abstract and material way. The person who has a large number of those valuable animals in their possession is considered a rich person and a one worth of respect and admiration;

In Qatar, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, camel races are regularly organized. This event is a presentation of Qatar’s wealth and prosperity, it is a traditional event and a sort of national sport.

In Iranian and Chinese culture, camels are associated with a magical and mystical being, a Dragon, which suggests those people admire and respect camels for their impressive characteristics and great spiritual or magical power.

In Christian tradition, camels represent honor, dignity and modesty.

According to Christian tradition, John the Baptist wore a cloak made of camel hair;


Camel symbolism and spiritual meaning

In addition to those cultural depictions of camels, these animals are symbolically associated with exploration, distant travels, unknown vastness we are about to discover.

It represents not only the idea of real travel and discovery one could step into, but the deeper and more intimate journey within our spiritual self.

Camels represent insight and spiritual journey, which helps us learn about ourselves, develop our personality and become individuals of greater knowledge and wisdom.

Spiritual journey – Camels represent probably some of the most important concepts for all human beings; personal life path, learning and developing along the way, seeking goals and purpose in life. We all ‘travel’ within our minds and souls, in order to discover our qualities and nurture our talents, to be better persons.

Patience and persistence – Camels remind us nothing is impossible if we are determined, but patient and persistent in our cause. In most of societies featuring camels in their folklore and tradition, this amazing animals stand for steadiness and patience.

These are qualities highly valued by human beings that often lack patience or persistence to keep to their goals. Camels teach us to embrace the pace of life and adapt to its rhythm.

Only then we could be content and in peace with ourselves. No success is born for a night.

Hope – Camels represent hope. They roam through desert valleys for day and days with no food or water, but they never give up. Eventually, they come across an oasis or a river or so.

Symbolically, camels suggest there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so we must be tenacious, face challenges on our life path with positivity, and believe in ourselves and our own skills and capabilities.

Modesty – Camels also stand for modesty, reminding us we do not need much in order to be happy and successful. Those are relative concepts, but the fact is, we all must start with something small in order to achieve greatness.

Camel as totem and spirit animal

Camel totem passes on all of these qualities to its pupils. Camel people are individuals of great strength, both physical, mental and emotional.

They are usually focused and very self-reliant. These people put their loved ones in front of everything else in their life. They are planners, patient and persistent.

Camel people traits are generally positive, but they can turn wrong way.

  • Patient and committed
  • Friendly and loyal
  • Independent
  • Focused and good planners

Camel people are of an extremely patient nature. They love to think things through carefully and plan in details.

These characteristics can make them either success or failure, depending on how far would they go.

They sometimes miss opportunities because of too much planning. However, their persistence and patience make them prove well at their job or projects they are engaged with.

These people are great friends and partners. They value the gift of friendship very much and would do anything for people they love.

Camel totem individuals are friendly, honest and loyal. They have strong will and give an impression of those you could rely on. On the other hand, they rarely ask for other’s help.

They are self-sufficient and usually do everything on their own.

  • Stubborn
  • Too self-reliant

Sometimes, their self-reliance could turn bad for Camel people. There are times you should ask for help. It is not something you should be ashamed of.

Camel people are incredibly stubborn and unlikely to admit they are not capable of doing something on their own.

This unfortunate trait could bring them harm and misfortune.

Camel people tend to be stubborn to the point they will not give up even if they realize they are at loss! If you are born under Camel totem, just remind yourself of great qualities it tries to teach you.

Make balance between your (stubborn) persistence and reason and you will certainly do great things in life.