Brown Horse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

We could not think of another animal that is more loved and adored than the Horse – it is the animal that is worshipped all over the world, and as a motive, in dreams, it is not so common nowadays, but it carries interesting and somewhat positive symbolical value.

A horse is also the embodiment of wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, sophistication, light, quick thinking and speed, in general.

Everything that you could think that is noble, high valued, perfect and distinctive, the horse has; and everything he does, he does it with ease.

When we think about this animal, we are immediately associated to nobility and helpful nature that it has, while on the other hand, in some cultures the Horse is a symbol of speed or fertility, but also the mandatory emblem of war.

This is not hard to understand why, because all warriors want to have such speed, strength and passion while they are in a fight.

But, we are wondering what does it mean when a horse appears in a dream, is the horse then loses all of his qualities, and it points us to a realization that we do not have them?

What does it mean, in particular when the Horse in a dream is brown?

Read in the piece below.

Meaning of a Brown Horse in a Dream

If we want to take a look what, in general sense, the Horse means when it appears in a dream world, it is almost in all cases connected to the well-being, prosperity, visions and goals that we could reach in our real life.

Now, depending on other aspects of a dream, these objectives change their focus.

No doubt seeing a horse, of any color in the dream world means success, not in the terms you will be rich tomorrow, but more on this – whatever you have been doing, it will pay off now eventually. It could be seen as a confirmation of your hard work and the right and righteous path that you are on.

Every job you start, you will end with much success that will be without any compare – you will be recognized and admired for such success.

Also, the horse in a dream can be seen as your commitment to family is reciprocated by the only reward you find worthy, love. Peace and joy reign in your home keep and appreciate everything you have in your life that you have a hard time fighting for.

The Brown Horse enhances such aspects in a dream, and it leads you even closer to these objectives in life, and you will see this in the next couple of rows.

Now, here we want to look at the specific case, what it a horse in your dream is brown? Do these change things to a certain extent?

A horse is a symbol of value, hard work and effort, usefulness and perseverance, but very often it is also interpreted as a kind of stubbornness, exploitation, naivety or even the need to satisfy others and to operate in life at the direction of someone else. Does this fact change the implications of such a dream?


No, this is just one version of good meaning – such dream indicates that you won’t have to work so hard to succeed. You will be rewarded for your previous hard work and the fact that you have been struggling for a long time, and now the Universe will send you something extra to assist you.

We must add one more important aspect of a horse, and this is also applicable when the Brown horse is in question – the horse is always a symbol of life itself, the strength that we have in our blood so that we could live, and not just live, but to create and make out of our lives something special, extraordinary.

The Symbolism of a Brown Horse in a Dream

The Horse is a symbol of strength, power, endurance, domination as well as control over the environment. The White Horse is a solar animal, part of the harness of the sun-barns we find in many legends. A winged horse has almost the same meaning. The Black Horse is a lunar element, at the same time an element of humidity, sea and chaos.

And today we are talking about the brown Horse – the symbol of earth and human values. It is the symbol of hard work that has its gratification in real life – this is a work that regardless of how hard it can be, it is a passion that will find its recognition in real life.

In some symbolism, the Horse is also an animal that displays great fidelity and sacrifice for others, so it is not uncommon in history that this particular animal saved the lives of its owners or was a symbol of freedom, adventure, adventure and speed and skill.

A dream where you see a horse with a brown color, if you see that that brown Horse is very healthy and beautiful and eats from your hand and considers you a friend, means that in reality you will be able to gain some great love or make friends for the whole life, and that you will soon “settle down” or become a parent.

As you can see the brown horse in a dream symbolism can point on the “common”, everyday objectives that make our lives to become great. These objectives are home, family, children – this is the difference that the brown color makes in this dream.

If in a dream you are riding that brown Horse, then in real life, it is the symbol of very significant or big change in your life, but it is not clear whether in your opinion such change is good or bad, but you should be equipped to deal with them, whatever they might be.

It is all about the virtues that you either have, but are scared to show, or it is all about the situation that must come so that you will change for the better.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried at all, because the symbolism of the dream horse is always positive. The reason for this is probably that the Horse has long been a symbol of strength and success.

It could also be a good symbol for your love life and passion in general – it is the symbol of sensual feeling, the softness of the longing and human youth with all its grace, fertility and nobility (libido).

All of these feelings or the lack of them could be a reason for this dream, and there is nothing alarming in it, because your mind is telling you what to do and is ensuring that, just like a horse in your dream, you have everything that you need to make things better and more pleasurable for yourself.

Even better, the brown color of the horse in a dream show you what should be your objectives in the times that will come – home, family, and children. These may be the things that will help you become better.

What to do if I had this Dream?

Just like the brown Horse in your dream, an animal that is widely regarded as a symbol of hard work, sacrifice, effort, endurance and obedience, come in your dream for a reason.

All of these things that we spoke of, you have, it is just that fact that you may not have developed them yet.

So, you should deal with this issue, and start making your amazing qualities to pay off – sometimes the hardest part is a realization of how much we are worth.

If the version of this dream is connected to sex, love and passion, then this dream is telling you that you lack such thing in life, even if the fact is that you are a very passionate creature.

Deal with this issue, and stop suffocating the needs that you have. You are making things worse if you are suppressing the most important impulses that one human being has.

And in the version of this dream, where this is the symbol of confirmation that you are about the get rewarded for your hard work and dedication, the brown Horse in your dream is telling you never to lose that dignity and nobility when you climb high on the stairs of success.


Some say that horses are not such a common motif in the dream world, but there are many recording that speaks otherwise.

But the fact is that such a dream could have different symbolism and interpretations depending on the connotation of sleep and how it is perceived and seen as such in the Dream.

For all of us, the Horse is the representation of the confidence and honor. It also signifies power, mobility, and power and represents a fundamental role in command.

It is said that Horse as a part of the dream symbolism is there to enhance its dynamism and strength, and maybe it will announce the arrival of fortune.

If the Horse in your Dream is brown, it is clear that it has some noble origin and in reality it is the symbol of good events, first of all in the private field of life, and you will make new valuable acquaintances and friendships, and you can expect true love, marriage and near offspring.