Brown Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

There is one belief that butterflies (whatever kind, color, size, or from where ever they may come, what part of the world) live for just one day and that in that day they fulfill whatever is their mission in this world, so say that it is to share joy and happiness, above all other things.

Experts only agree in two things – that their beautiful and amazing transformative life is short and that it goes through cycles that represent the cycle of life.

One research showed that the length of butterfly’s life depends on many things.

First of all, the size and type of butterflies, where they live and at what time of year they become adult individuals.

Smaller butterflies will live shorter than more abundant butterflies, but this is not the only life-determining factor.

Butterflies are cold-blooded animals, which are why the climate has a great impact on them – this is the aspect that changes them, giving them their interesting colors that have many purposes.

There are butterfly species that live for one or two days, while the monarch butterfly, for example, can live for six to 12 months.

Still, the average lifespan of most butterflies is two weeks – they go from caterpillar to the most beautiful insect in the world.

Having said all of this, we conclude that they truly have some magic to them, since in all parts of the world they are very valuable and cherished.

Today we are talking about one interesting kind that lives, in different variations, in many parts of the world, and in all of them, have interesting meaning for people, not just as an insect, but the meaning that is much deeper.

Meaning of Brown Butterfly

Not surprisingly, people attribute to these insects’ real magical properties, since they are, in general, representations of love and joy.

For individuals, this talisman becomes especially significant, and often times, people see life itself in butterflies and wear them as amulets, or they put some tattoo of them to follow them in life.

Since Brown Butterfly has this not so “attractive” color (but we must say that they can have another color on their wings so that they look more attractive) and this makes them so interesting in the sense that they blend in the surroundings.

Since these butterflies are connected to terms such as ground, Earth, they are seen as the energetic ways that help to establish personal relationships and are very important for married couples.

They will bring fresh energy, romance and passion on their wings, and then the routine will simply disappear – or in the case of the Brown Butterfly that blends in the environment.

One more thing must be said here – brown Butterfly often comes in the group, and this also implies that their message and energy is connected to the aspects of life that is connected to the personal relations and family above all others.


In this way, their influence is increased. However, even one Brown Butterfly does not stop to bring joy to your home and the good news – unlike some other kinds, these types are completely harmless, and they prove it by the fact that the protective mechanism is to blend in the surroundings.

Some people put them on their walls, so when they wake up, the first thing you see is the Brown butterflies and their gentle wings that bring joy, good news and the calmness in family relations.

Like all butterflies, these with the Brown Color remind us that life does matters, regardless of their length, and regardless of our look; they show us that love for the child or a parent must depict the immortality of the soul and rebirth.

This is really interesting to know since it is believed that all people are connected with one another by souls and that in this life we could be a mother and daughter and in the next lovers.

Such butterflies remind us that soul is eternal and that the people we love in this life, with the incredible intensity and strength, meant something similar to us in the previous life.

Also, it is believed that the Brown Butterfly shows the Wise Word that comes from the Universe, where the supernatural and the divine rule. It is always a good idea to remind ourselves to these things, to know that the Butterfly always reminds us of that and that we are really lucky if we ever feel the touch of one of them.

At the end of this section, we must say one more thing that is important for you to know when you get in touch with the Butterfly that is brownish – you should never, ever kill them – dead butterflies, like dried flowers, spread death energy around them.

In this case, the Brown Butterfly shows ruining of the personal and family relations, bad news and the absence of joy and happiness.

Never kill them, and if you find the one that is already dead, get him back to nature where it belongs.

The Symbolism of Brown Butterfly

The interpretation of the butterfly image is very similar in many nations. For example, in Egypt and China, butterflies symbolize immortality, the rebirth of the soul after the body dies. The formation of such poetic meaning is facilitated by the unusual life cycle of this insect.

At first, a seemingly unattractive caterpillar that devours the leaves appears in the light, then places a bush around it and settles down for a while. And only after that, the walls of the bush were destroyed, and the Butterfly was born – carefree and beautiful.

Also, in some nations, the Butterfly personifies the liberated soul.

In the case of the Butterfly that has Brown wings, the symbolism is connected to the family happiness – this is the aspect that we have spoken in the previous sections. This Butterfly is not uncommon to see in the field and is much easier to catch than some other kinds, so he is the symbol of something that should be grounded, just as its brown color direct us to know.

This is the color that is “warm” connected to the Mother Earth, and to the feminine energy, to birth (or rebirth”) in this case. The Earth (or the symbolism of the brown Butterfly in this case) directs us on the production of ideas, so this could be one of the symbolical values of this insect with dark wings.

Other symbolical values that we connected to the Butterfly with Brown wings are leaning on the previous ones is this – it directs you toward knowing that you must commit yourself to the self-improvement and tell you that you must overcome negligence.

In some lighter symbolism, they are associated with lightness, romance, flirtatiousness and femininity.

The Brown Butterfly could announce that the good times will come, but you will have to be ready for changes, and such metamorphoses in life are necessary if we want to be happy.

Without them we would be lost (this is usually connected to the process of letting go, where parents must learn to leave their children and to let them go; and vice versa, children need to let their partners become old and die- it is all part of the life, and the Butterfly always teach us of the cycles of life) so changes are necessary for life, and we should accept them as a blessing.

Good or Bad Sign

First of all, you were able to see that the symbolism of Brown Color is the one symbol connected to the firmness and stability, as well as black, but in some milder way, and the Brown is considered to be more pleasant.

When we look at the Brown Butterfly, we could see a hint of seriousness, warmth, support, weight, and it is always connected to the family, and the importance of the relationships in them.

When a Brown Butterfly comes into your life – as all butterflies he gives you the message that he is your soul and the fact that it has immortality – we have spoken about the fact that our soul never disappears but is just change its forms, from one life to anthers, but some connections remains the same.

Just as the Brown Butterfly has different stages in his life – he, just like all other Butterflies, passes through the state of separation from the earthly caterpillar, it transforms into a celestial winged creature, and it is a symbol of birth and resurrection. Deaths and rebirths are connected to him, and the most important aspect is to learn how to accept this fact and to live our lives accordingly.

Look at this as a positive sign that has come into your life, the reminder that things are going to work out for you, but you need to find the balance and calmness in the interpersonal relations that you may have neglect so far.

They also could teach you to be more patience to wait for the good things that are certainly come into your life, and change it forever.

In the end, they bring you the wisdom – to wait, accept and let go, when it is necessary for life. Letting go is also part of the cycle of life, and as soon as we accept it, our life will be better.


Now, when you know all there is to know about Brown Butterflies, we believe that you have learned some valuable lessons about life itself and that you will look them with a different point of view, the next time you see this creature somewhere near you.

They will activate a positive flow of energy and direct it to personal relationships and useful communication with people in general, and this so important in relations inside of your home that should be a desirable place to be, where you feel safe and loved in every way that one person should be.

It should direct us on the fact that our lives are valuable, and that our home is our sanctuary.

They are the symbols of incredible beauty and purity of thought that should always remain to be a positive one and directed to the well-being of the entire family.