Brown Bear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams are an indispensable part of our lives, of our night mostly, and its known fact that all people have dreams every night, it is just that we do not remember them every time we wake up.

It is funny how we think that we know a lot about a dream, but in fact, there is still a lot of research that is conducted about this area, and there is no certainty of what are they really here for.

What the majority of scientist agree is that dream can predict some events; sometimes, they include hidden desires, desires, problems, trauma, dilemmas, and sometimes justify our personal moves that at times we have doubts about.

If we are able to penetrate deep into our dream world and to have a more in-depth insight into our personality and, we would be able to enter our subconscious, which is often responsible for our actions.

Many of us had dreams in which we saw a particular animal, and it could be a dog, a cat, a snake, maybe some kind of insect, or even a bear.

All of these dreams have a specific value, and in today’s case, we are looking for what does it mean and what kind of symbolism carry a Brown Bear in a Dream.

Meaning of a Brown Bear in a Dream

Dreams of Bears, in general, are somewhat common, but here we want to examine one specific case – Brown Bear in a dream.

There is no doubt that in the wild, a Brown Bear represents danger that is to deal with dangerous situations and with emotions like anger or irritation.

Many people claim that they had very unpleasant and intimidating dreams about this type of Bear.  And in some way, such a dream can be the carrier of bad news or the alarm for the danger that is near you.

But this dream can have a positive meaning, where the Bear is the representation of a caring friend that is here to protect you from great danger.

It and signifies the struggle for one’s own existence, as well as for someone who is able to survive due to its size, strength, cruelty and instinct for the destruction of enemies, or who are weaker or unprotected and less skilled and brave.

Depending on the other aspects of a dream, it can give us an important message.

The dream in which you see a Brown Bear means that you are a person who aspires to a high position in a society and that you want to have power.

But the primary meaning here is this – this dream shows that you are ready to fight for control and influence over others.

The Symbolism of a Brown Bear in a Dream

It is a common fact that Bear in dream symbolism is the symbol of strength, resourcefulness, but also of the threat and the need for self-preservation.

Also, this is the animal that shows immense tenderness and cares for his babies, and it can be a symbol of desired “trophy” in a negative context – bad people who want victory, power and success, and are willing to take chances to do so.


Bear in a dream is a symbol of strength and independence, and it can also refer to restoration and moving through different life circles.

If in a dream you see a Brown Bear, and you are not scared of him, it is the symbol that you are the person, who has a deep need to be adored and respected, but you do not have the necessary virtues, and you did not deserve such a position. It is time for a change.

If in a dream you see a Brown Bear and you are mortified and scared to the core, it can be a symbol that you are very and frightened by a person who is more powerful and stronger than you in every sense.

If in a dream, you see a Brown Bear that is ready to attack you; such a dream implies that someone is envious and jealous of you and that you expect dishonesty approach from that person.

If in a dream you are hunting a Brown Bear and maybe in some version you succeed in your intention of killing it, it is the symbol of time.

This dream is telling you that it is a good moment to face yourself and your enemies or people who are competitive toward you.

If in a dream you see a dead Brown Bear and you do not feel happiness, but sorrow, it is the symbol of a loss – you could be left without someone who gives you support and you will be left to yourself in your struggle with all the troubles that are causing you.

That person does not have to die, but it will walk out of your life in some way.

If in a dream, you see a Brown Bear roars at you, it is the symbol of help – you will have to turn to help a person with whom you are not in good relations.

Do I have to be worried?

You certainly should be worried – there is a period in front of you in which you would have to struggle with the opponent who is ten times stronger than you.

Often times, this dream has somewhat negative implications, and it does not show that some great danger is going to fall on you, but that you are the danger.

Seeing a Brown Bear in a dream means that you have the potential to do whatever it takes to gain some power.

Because of these characteristics, you are not a favorite among associates or friends, because you are not someone who loves and wants to “divide and give”, but you are unscrupulous when you want something, and you will have it by all costs.

Sometimes a dream about Brown Bear shows your inner fear and it usually a fear of a person who is so many ways stronger than you are.

This dream reveals that you are receptive to authority and that you do not know how to deal with someone who you are afraid of, and who is your superior.

In some other versions of this dream, in which a Brown Bear attacks you, it means that you must be ready for unequal struggle with a person who is superior to you.

What to do if I had this dream?

The Dream about Brown Bear has many meanings, but as far as your actions and what they should be in the next period, we could say this – you need to find your lost ability to overcome all fears, and boldly “enter the ring” and with someone who is stronger and more powerful than you, but that you are aware that if you choose the “right path” and if you rely on all your qualities.

Try to give your own maximum, since your opponents are people who are dishonest, or who managed to “rise” in a corrupt and insidious way, easily win, if you do not show that you are scared or that you are weak and inferior.


To sum up this story, it is relevant to say that a Brown Bear is a synonym for strength, resourcefulness, capacity and skill, it is sometimes because of its carelessness and slowness becomes an “easy prey” for hunters and those who want a trophy.

In the majority of the versions of a Brown Bear dream, it is a clear thing that you are about to fight with an opponent that is stronger than you (or you fear of him in some way, because he is superior).

But when this dream comes in a positive context, it is the synonym for superiority and victory – it is the confirmation that you can be the strongest.