Blue Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

We already spoke about the real potential that “ordinary” objects hide and in this sense, there are many rituals that we could use candles so that we can summon the energy that is connected to that candle (usually they are based on the color of that candle).

Candles are considered one of the most powerful energetic “cures”. Candle lighting will boost energy in any space, and this is the smallest thing that you could do.

If your life is a little dull and routine, with no pleasure, one of the elements to help you instantly is candles.

Light the candles and the heat and positive energy will come from itself. For safety, always use candlesticks, take care of the flames, remove candles from the curtains.

Try to use as natural as possible paraffin-free candles with natural colors and scents. And the colors and their usages are endless, so you have a variety of candles to choose – all of them will bring good energy.

In today’s case, we are talking about the blue candle and its purposes and meaning. By knowing these traits, we could use them to enhance our lives in many ways than one.

Meaning of Blue Candle

In some general system, candles that have blue color are usually connected to things that are calm, peaceful and relaxed.

The fact is that blue color in any way is related to things that give us such energy – like the sea or the sky. They are big, they provide us with something to look at, and it is said that by looking in one of them makes us feel better, comforted, etc.

In this sense, blue candles are suitable to apply in charms that are directed to things like holy well being, though, the healing process, rest, tranquility, calmness and compassion, personal silence, the harmony that comes from the deep places inside of us.

Also, blue candles also share the energy of openness, inspiring loyalty and commitment, for understanding and enlightenment. By using blue candles and having their power around us, we can start getting trustworthiness and knowledge – since this color is connected to the skies, and seas and in this sense, it can give us the communication with the Universe.

Also, such candles serve spiritual views into a bright and wholesome environment that is necessary for personal growth and overall wellbeing.

It is highly recommended that blue colored candles are part of your home, where they attract the energy of balance. They are utilized for building peace in the homestead, but with blue candles, you could provide enormous protection to you and your family.

Blue candles are used for the process of developing hidden knowledge and strength, spiritual security. In some cases, people have used blue candles for stimulating predictive thoughts, and for invoking some dark forces.

When to use Blue Candle

It is highly recommended to use such candles in the moments in life when you have feelings that you cannot deal with in your life – these are the moments when you feel doubtful, apprehensive, or inadequate to conceive distinctly -and this stops you from being in one place where you are not happy.

Also, such a blue candle can help you in times when you are on the bottom, but it does not have the real bottom, in financial or some other way, but the worst-case possible – when you do not have any hope that things are going to be good ever again.

Such feeling is the worst of all since people who do not have any hope, are lost in every way.


So, use rituals (of any kind, even the simplest, where you light a blue color candle and think about things that you feel hopeless).

This candle will support if you require bringing back the belief, faith, or determination, impulsiveness, or distress.

In concrete situations, it is said that numerous fears could be cured with the usage of a blue candle-like, for example, the enormous fear of flying or public appearance.

Such candle encourages a quiet place, home invocations, and healing, re-uniting bonds with other people; or for the people who have some bad habits, overwhelming compulsion, freeing environment where there are reasons that are traumatizing or shock.

In the end, it is highly recommended to meditate with a blue candle to better centre your spirit and use in charms to influence dream or real life.

The symbolism of Blue Candle

Since the blue candles are connected to spiritual motives such as calmness, peace, harmony, love, inner wealth, etc., it is ok to believe that you could use them to fight off all things that are opposite.

So they can be used in the process of transformation of destruction, violence, and hatred into their opposites such as calm, peaceful, equanimity, happiness, pleasure, indivisibility, and the highest goal of all the knowledge of the spiritual spheres that could not be reached in any other way.

Another symbol that is connected to blue color, and in this case with the blue candle is the aspect of Water – as we have said in the previous section, Water has the ability to regenerate, to transform, to make you feel better in an instant, this element relaxes and chills like nothing else in this world.

And the blue candle has such energy so it can be a symbol of motivation and cleared presentation of the things that are not easy to understand in some way.

Some say that all of this applies when the candle you are having has somewhat lighter shades of blue, but what also must be said is that candles that have somewhat deeper tones have different symbolical value.

In the case of deeper tones, blue candles are symbols of knowledge, authority, and protection (here we mean protection that is complete, from everyday problems to the much bigger interpersonal issues that you cannot resolve in any other way).

The darker tones of blue mirror symbols such as service, character, and integrity, so the blue candles are used abundantly in the world of business since in the world they are needed the most.

This is also true since this color is said (and in the case of blue candle ritual you will learn how to release such energy) levels reasoning with inspiration – and to succeed in any endeavor you need both of them, this is more than clear to all of us.

In the symbolical world, blue candles are connected to the planet Jupiter, and it is not hard to know why, since it has such interesting color, beyond compare, or it is the symbol of the Moon that also could represent some of its variations.

The difference in colors or shades to be concrete depicts different energies and knowing what all of them represent they could be used for summoning or releasing different energies.

It is said that the deeper tones are used in concrete objectives, like in business, for example, and that those that are lighter are used for resolving any spiritual issues

This comes from the fact that these pale blue candles are the representation for the spiritual intensity; they are more in harmony with Moons spirit, inspiration, ideas, contemplation, and inner understanding, so they are abundantly used in the yoga or meditations.

So, to conclude this section – you should lit the blue candle with the pale tone if you are wanting (desiring, maintaining, etc.) the perfection, balance, unity, brings peaceful place, and direction while expanding their creative nature and insight. These could be mediations that should be seen as divine.

Shades that are somewhere in between dark and light could be used for both practices, for business expansion, and summoning the wealth into your life, and also for the purposes of bringing equanimity, calmness, belief, submission, reconciliation, and wellbeing in your life.


As you were able to see, blue candles are such a useful tool in our lives, only if you know what their usage can be – they are the candles that have such a variety of purposes, and among them, the spiritual purpose is the most important.

Besides all of this, such candles increase happiness and merriment and inspire thoughts and sentiments, and assists toward moodiness, sadness, impoverished conditions, etc.

Light up a blue candle to have all of these things in your life, besides the ability to evoke your inner, spiritual self – you can become the finder of many blessings in your life.

Do not worry, and you could use blue candles for the purposes of protection – from anything that is causing you problems; it could be performances of black spells, worry, depression, and despair, lack of understanding – any feeling that is causing you to feel bad and unhappy.

In the end, such candles that come in a variety of colors and all of them are equally powerful, just like its symbols, the Water and the Sky.

If you use their energy, blue candles are used for the purposes of protecting and improving your sleep routine, in which you will be able to level up your spiritual self, where you could experience predictive illusions (dreams).

In the end, we must say that such candles are helping us (such a powerful word that sums up all that this candle represents) in all ways that we find necessary.

Such candles increase the limits of opportunity and found faith and energy combined with humanity and conscience. Burn such candle to determine the trustworthiness and appropriate supervision.

The possibilities are endless – protection and truth are among them, possibly the most important in the times of disaster and disturbance.