Blue Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

Think of the summer, or late spring, whatever is your favorite and think of you walking calmly in the meadow among many flowers of different colors, you feel relaxed and above, you can see many beautiful butterflies that flickering in the air.

One of them, or many, land on your head or hand, and you truly blessed person, it is not just an accident, butterflies always have some important message to tell you, and what is even more interesting in this miraculous event is that it does not happen so often – they live such short lives, and if they became part of your life, then you know that soon they are going to die.

While they vary greatly in size and color, butterflies typically have vibrant colors, intricate designs and massive wings (compared to their small bodies).

These are wonderful creatures whose lives are so short, bring so much joy into our lives, but such a symbol of fragility and tenderness can be continued on the skin when they land on our hands for example, and it is no wonder why so many people have jeweler in this form, or they have a tattoo butterflies.

These flying creatures are recognized by their size and above all colors, and their colors are the most versatile in all animal world.

They come in a variety of colors, and all of them, when looked at in a symbolical way, have different meanings as different peoples of the world interpret them differently.

Some people use the interesting ritual where they place your butterflies above the bed so that they are the first thing people see in the morning, and their gentle wings will definitely make your morning and day happier. When, for example, the blue color is present, then the image is even better and calming.

It is really important for you to know that, without a doubt, each Butterfly has both an explicit and hidden meaning that can affect a person’s fate.

Therefore, today we are dedicating our attention to the Butterfly that has Blue color – one of the most interesting insects there is, that symbolizes so many things.

Right here in this intro section, it is really important to say that blue is the color that is seen as positive, and many believe that when they see a blue butterfly (that is mainly blue, maybe with a few sheds of other colors) will bring them an incredible amount of good luck.

Additionally, others say that since the blue color is connected to the negative and depressing feeling, this is the annunciation that you will have some sadness in life, most likely, regarding your love life; but more on this topic in next sections.

Meaning of Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly is the representation since it is a butterfly in the first place of the incredible process full of magic, and because of its magical properties, elegant butterflies come into our interior with beneficial properties.

Butterfly, according to this ancient science, signifies love and happiness, while for all of us, these life motives are of great importance.

This kind is believed (since the color blue is considered to be the color that calms down and relaxes) to help in establishing personal relationships and is an important factor in marital and love relationships.

We have already spoken about the connection between this type of Butterfly and interpersonal relations.

With its colorful wings, the blue Butterfly brings good energy and freshness to every community, inflames passion and romance, thus invalidating the routine of a slowly disappearing everyday life – it is easily noticed, and it brings calmness and peace as well.


The Blue Butterfly is a symbol of soul, immortality, rebirth and resurrection, and as all of them, this kind also has the ability to transform, to convert, as a winged celestial being is born that transforms from a caterpillar to something that is so magnificent. And the color blue just enhanced that emotional transformation that is relevant for any other change that we want to see in our lives.

It is hard to know that Blue Butterfly comes into our lives when we are searching for the meaning that will change our lives, and it reminds us that a change must start with us and the most important part of our soul – emotions.

The miracle starts when we are turning into something else, like butterfly changes from the sluggish caterpillar into a gentle, beautiful butterfly, deeply moved by man, became the resemblance of his own spiritual transformations.

This is its most important meaning, and people all around the world must be aware of this meaning – the Blue Butterfly can give us the hope that one day he would come off the ground and rise into the illuminated spheres of eternity.

Such a strong ad powerful message that the Blue Butterfly brings into our lives that is beyond compare to anything else. And if you remember the first into lines of this article, we have said that it can be a part of something negative, in a sense that it can change your feelings into blue ones, or negative.

But it is really important to know that this does not have to be a bad thing since something our soul has to have time to feel sad and to make our sorrow part of the process of healing. The healing process is, in this sense, also connected to the Blue Butterfly.

The Symbolism of Blue Butterfly

When we are talking about butterflies in some symbolic understanding, you need to know that all of them are positive signs, symbols of happiness and joy, with a lot of messages to tell you, only if you let them.

Without a doubt, they impact us, regardless of their size and short lives, and the energy they bring into space increases.

On the other hand, just one butterfly can also bring the happiness and joy you need into your home – the blue ones are oftentimes the luckiest ones, and they imply the energy of the things that are “endless”.

The best way to understand the symbolism of the Blue Butterfly is to let it activate the positive energy flow and direct it towards personal relationships and communication between people.

They are the windows of your surroundings because in this way they can “prevent your love from going out of the window”.

The importance of butterflies in does not end with all of the above, because this insect symbolizes the immortality of the soul and rebirth, while the ancient Chinese believed that it also brought the message from the Universe.

The image of butterflies in ancient civilizations was often associated with magic, exalted beings, and various deities, and dead or dried specimens should never be used since their effect is completely contrary to everything we have mentioned so far.

It is relevant for all of you who seen Blue Butterfly, to know that its metamorphosis is similar to what happens to a person in his or her body shell when material existence fixes all kinds of obstacles to the energy and activity of his celestial soul. A soul without the opportunity to show its emotions is a lost soul, and the fact that blue Butterfly symbolizes emotional communication is an indication that this part of your life will change soon.

This color, the blue, oftentimes called royal color, implies the fluttering – heavenly soul, tearing the bonds of matter to dissolve in the ether from which it came. Sometimes it symbolizes the insensitivity of an emotionless being that has drowned in sorrow and cannot find its way out of that state.

The transient state of the body and its vital functions and the final liberation of the soul, destined to be realized in the future, when the soul learns that it needs to be relaxed, calmer and ready to receive love again.

Many people and we must agree, having in mind their purpose in life is to change and to call others to do the same is that butterflies are a symbol of rebirth.

Also – a symbol of the soul and the unconscious attraction of light. In the case of the Blue Butterfly, their rebirth associated with the process of mental transformation, liberation from the shackles of your own Self.

Good or Bad sign?

All butterflies, and among them, the beautiful Blue kind can serve as a reminder that life is too short and that you have to spend it very rationally. It is enough to be reminded of the transience of butterfly life.

Consider seeing the Blue Butterfly as the good sign, when you will finally know what you feel, and the interpretation of your sentiment has a deep philosophical meaning and calls for the enjoyment of every moment of elusive life.

It means that you have passed the challenging time, and now you are called to show an intention to implement your plans, despite the limited time frame (they are always remembering human race that the life is short and that you do not have a lot of time to do what you want, or to spend your days suffering) .

It is mandatory to say that besides the good luck that all butterflies bring into the lives of humans, they are connectors to our soul; this specific kind that has Blue wings also brings the freedom that is mandatory if we want to have some success in life, our emotions must be open.

These Blue Butterflies are, of course, carefree and free. They go from flower to flower, feed and spread pollen, giving life, and when you give life, you are giving your emotions. They had to go through severe vibrational changes, working hard to nurture and embrace their locked forms.

With patience and perseverance, this tiny insect has become a symbol of a carefree life, and the Blue color that they have, only makes them even more liberated. And when the person is free, and without fear it can show strong, or sad, weak emotions, when people could reveal themselves so that they could be hurt, but they are still open (like the Butterfly that lands on your hand, even if you could kill him instantly), then you received the real message.


Without a doubt, we could say that the beauty of Blue Butterflies is such that you need to look at them, but they truly have powers, and even in the biological sense, they are not harmless, some species use their colors to defend themselves, scaring predators who will think they are poisonous.

When a Blue Butterfly comes into your life, the first thing that you should do is welcome it, and open your, heart, since the primary aspect that this insect of power is touching is your soul and emotions that are inside. It will either draw them to the surface, or it will make them change (butterflies are connected to the change).

In the best-case scenario, by receiving the energy from this winged energy insect, you can develop beautiful, vibrant qualities within you to better communicate and have better relationships with others.

Expressing your “self” can seem daunting, as others may try to use that information against you. This is really relevant for you to know since the Blue Butterfly has that power to change enhance your emotions, and it is not just a bridge to the good luck into your life.