Blackbird – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Blackbird is a lovely fellow, a natural performer of wonderful songs and melodies. When we talk about blackbirds, we usually think of male ones.

Male blackbird is a medium sized bird dressed in shiny black feathers’ coat, with a distinctive orange beak. Female bird is not so noticeable; she has brownish feathers and a dark beak.

Blackbirds belong to a large family of songbirds; they live all across Europe, but could also be found in Africa, Asia and Australia.

Those charming animal artists love to sing from a prominent and easily noticed spots, usually at dusk and dawn. Their songs are very melodic and very pleasant to every listener.

Blackbirds have an important place in different traditions and they are often associated with spiritual significance. They are known and loved for their calming, inspiring voices; therefore, blackbirds’ song is a common motif in many great literary works.

Besides of being a true literature jewels, blackbirds are extremely interesting to anyone involved with the realm of mysticism, symbolism and magic.

Blackbirds’ symbolism

This raven-like little guy appears quite elegant and mysterious, don’t you think? Blackbirds are often associated with concepts of mystery, night and wisdom.

They are very appreciated for their singing skills and not only because of enchanting beauty of their songs’ melodies.

The background of their melodies hides an impressive pattern of behavior; they perform special sorts of melodies for special occasions and purposes. Therefore, blackbirds are considered intelligent and wise animals.

Birds in general symbolize concepts of ‘high’ and ‘higher’ (e.g. higher purpose, higher ideal). They are masters of flying, a skill unknown to humans as physical beings. These symbolic meanings are given even stronger or deeper value, when talking about birds of black feathers.

Blackbirds are a magnificent example. They are magical and mysterious.

Blackbird as a symbol of mystery and magic

Black color is often associated with occultism, darkness, mystery and magic. It is also a common symbol for things hidden, secret and unknown.

Thus, our feathery black friends got identified with some of these concepts. While blackbirds are not considered dark and negative as some other black colored birds (e.g. ravens), they are certainly associated with magic and mystery.

Blackbirds sing their enchanting melodies at dusk and dawn, periods of day often associated with things mystical and magical, borderline hours that divide daytime and night;

Apart from their singing, blackbirds appear quite mystical, because of their black feathers. However, they are never identified with darkness as something negative or associated with bad luck and bad things. Their dark appearance is more of a positively inspiring nature for many people, especially artists and people involved with spiritualism and mysticism.

Blackbirds are nocturnal creatures, which gives them even more significance as mystical and magical beings;


Blackbird as a symbol of hidden wisdom

Blackbirds fascinate people with many of their characteristics. One of the most impressive facts about those birds are their complex patterns of behaving in their natural environment.

They express different needs and natural instincts through their songs. Blackbirds practice different calls for specific actions.

For example, a male, beautiful black blackbird, would sing a song to mark his territory, then another to chase away other birds or creatures and they have a different call for a variety of predators and other beings.

Blackbirds have particularly diverse repertoire of songs for different natural processes, thus, we appreciate them for their brains, as well;

Therefore, blackbirds are highly praised for their intelligence. However, since bird behavior is partly inconceivable to humans, we find blackbirds’ behavior and songs interesting, smart, but somewhat mysterious, as well.

Adding male blackbirds’ distinctive appearance to that picture, we perceive those fellows symbolic guardians of wisdom and secret knowledge beyond our imagining.

Blackbird as a symbol of intuition and clairvoyance

Since blackbirds are considered wise, but mysterious, they also symbolize human intuition. If you choose a blackbird to be your spirit animal, it would bring your intuition to perfection.

Being able to perceive things around you from a deeper perspective could be an useful skill. It would help you better understand your current life circumstances and tread up your life path with fewer difficulties.

Blackbirds also symbolize clairvoyance, since they are clever, mystical, intelligent and associated with the concept of ‘higher things’, just as other birds;

Blackbird as your spiritual guide

If you often see blackbirds in your waking life and/or in dreams or you have developed particular affection for those birds, perhaps a blackbird is your spirit animal.

Blackbirds are highly valued as totem animals and spiritual guides and guardians. Their elegance and enchanting melodies, fascinating intelligence and the veil of mystery that surround those birds make them perfect spirit animals.

Let us enlist all the main characteristics important to know if you discover a blackbird is your totem animal.

-Intelligence and wisdom
-Seriousness and authority
-Intuition and clairvoyance
-Art and expression
-Mystery and secrets
-Darkness and magic

Having a blackbird as your spirit animal would help you nurture your inner self and better understand people and the world around.

You are probably very sensible and smart person with many interests in every aspect of life. However, it is possible you are attracted to exploration of the Unknown; you are probably interested in discovering deeper sense and purpose of things in your life.

You may wonder why are you here and what is your task in the World.

Creativity and expression – Blackbirds are amazing singers. These onyx beauties produce enchanting sounds, carefully inwrought into a complex but breathtaking melody.

As your spirit animal and guide, blackbird helps you follow your ways of expressing your thoughts and emotions in a creative manner. It is quite possible you are fond of art, if not being artist yourself.

Self-understanding and clairvoyance – Blackbirds as spirit animals teach us to embrace our ‘dark’ side. However, that does not mean our negative side, but the part of our personality that is mystical and unrevealed to others.

This charming fellow will be your guide in matters of deep, intimate thoughts and emotional development. It will help you better understand your own self, as well as others.

Identified with night, darkness and secrets, blackbirds as spirit animals are strongly associated with an inner and deeper understanding of one’s own personality.

You do not have to be an introvert, but a person able to reach the most remote fragments of your own thoughts. Sometimes, it could be manifested as a gift of clairvoyance, an amazing and rare ability given to very few people.

Tranquility and inner peace – Blackbirds’ songs are pleasant, somewhat mystical and calming. Therefore, having such an animal as your totem is a great gift in moments you feel down, unhappy or insecure. Blackbird spirit would calm you with its wonderful melodies and distract you from sad thoughts.

It is important to step out the circle of negativity and embrace tranquility a blackbird totem offers you.

Seriousness and authority – Blackbirds are also associated with the idea of a great and strong personality. Their genteel and trimmed appearance, carefully obligated ‘codex’ of behavior and amazing performance make them symbols of seriousness, politeness and confidence.

People born under totem of blackbird tend to be influential and persuasive, in a very positive way. If your spirit animal is beautiful onyx-feathered blackbird, there are great chances you will achieve great success, inspire and lead other people.

This self-confidence and authority would most likely develop over time, with blackbird totem directing you best ways to nurture and feed your irresistible charisma.