Black Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

When we are talking about Moths, in some general sense, we usually think about the one kind, the Black Moth. In this sense, it does not have so many good associations to it.

This is the kind that lives in our closets and destroys our clothes, but they also can be beneficial, and it is recommended to throw them away, and never to eliminate them.

Here is one interesting trivia for you – did you know that this butterfly-like creature that operates by night is one of the most numbered insects in the system, and there are some species that are not identified yet.

But, even such unloved bug is connected to butterflies – they even look the same, but the Black Moth has a somewhat bigger body and distinctively black wings, and unlike butterflies, they are night-loving creatures.

Just like all animals, including insects, these buggies have their own meaning and symbolical values, and not as expected, and they are not negative.

Meaning of a Black Moth

In the old days, people, more than ever believed that all animals and insects particularly are important for their lives, they show them things that they could not learn in some other way. Humans have always been attempting to determine what directions those bugs can convey to us.

In this sense, they have thought that this dark creature connects us with the departed spirits.

As all Moths, these types also work in dark places where presumably there is some moist, but the dark element is the most important.

When compared to the butterflies they are their dark shadow, and in this sense, it is clear, that in the spiritual sense, they are not the negative aspect, but they represent the darkness that is useful. It is useful because without the darkness there would not be able to see the light.

This is the life itself – every aspect of our Universe has its polar opposite, there cannot be good without evil, but we can choose to live in the light.

So, the Black Moth is the image of the equivalent opposites -the main thing is to never think of them like insects that bring bad luck, they are representatives of the darkness that is the main ingredient of life.

Because these dark beings live in the darkness, they are born in it, and they live in it, it is their natural habitat. It is the representation of something complex and profoundly instinctive – they need to find their way in the darkness and in it, they are working by leaning on their inner senses.

And the fact that they belong to the darkness, they could incorporate the meaning of arbitrators connecting the systems and those linking our conscious and unconscious thought.

So, to conclude the meaning that we related to the Black Moth is inner direction, acumen, contemplation, and inspiration above all things, to make things different and better.

Additionally, we must say that Moths, in general, regardless of their color, are well-known emblem being.

The Symbolism of a Black Moth

When we speak of the most important aspect of this piece, it is certainly the symbolism that is connected to the Black Moth.


Primarily, they are, regardless of their natural habitat is dark, and they can be seen as pests that destroy our clothes, for example, sensitive beings. They, without any doubt, have mild characteristics and are very delicate and defenseless – you can easily catch them and terminated them, even if such action is not recommended.

If we follow this lead, we easily come to the symbolism that is connected to the Black Moth – it signifies spiritual harmony and deep and something dark emotions.  Here we come to the distinctive difference between this type of Moth and other types.

Another symbolical value that is connected to this night creature is its connection with emotion and temptation. All moths, and also the Black kind are fascinated by fire and beam. This is the aspect that shows our inner needs, hidden passions.

Maybe it is hard to understand, but the Black Moth is, in the same way as the Brown Moth the symbol of versatility. It is a known fact that these insects are great in hiding, they have such look and color that you are never sure is that part of the leaf or something in your house, or it’s a bug.

Looking at this trait, you could learn to become a human being flexible, who can endure all darkness that life will give you one day.

In the end, the only negative part of their symbolical value is in the attempt that you kill this being – it is not recommended to harm them, or they will be the carriers of darkness.

It can be a symbol that dark times are in your near future, and the most likely you will be the biggest problem in your own life. It shows the obscure front of your character.

In some cases, it is said that the Black Moth (in cases when they constantly appear in your home, or you eliminate them by killing, they are certainly a grave indication, and it can indeed express loss.

But we will finish this part by speaking of the most important symbolical value that is connected to this creature of the night – it is conversion – all moths are living their short lives by changing several steps through its maturity and improvement.

So, the Black Moth as the darkest of all moths is the sign that all of us are connected on this level, the level in which all of us are going through the same life, because we are connected in the Universe.

But more importantly, in that life, we all have the chance to become the best versions of ourselves even if the path is very hard and has many difficulties.

Good or Bad sign?

It does not be perceived as a good or a bad sign, as you were able to see, it can be both of them, but we believe that the symbolism of the Black Moth shows us clearly that it brings many meaningful things in our lives.

Now, we will say that the Black Moth is, just like all other insects, are highly spiritual beings, on their level.

It is necessary to understand that it has a unique association including the pure creation of the Universe, and many say that the Black Moth is their own indomitable soul being (for example people name their band the Black Moth or put a tattoo of it on their skin, they believe that such emblem will bring them closer to the desired spirituality).

In this sense, if you feel like this, this nocturnal being determines that the creation is transferring to our accomplishment, affluence and various other stuff that we could use for our well-being.


Moths, insects that are, regardless of their kind, as nighttime bugs are especially impressive – all that we know of them may be put to the rest when we know that they are the symbols of the holy union within the realm of spiritual powers and our own matter experience.

It is considered that before-mentioned night beings can transmit powers that are exceeding our understanding, and this is the knowledge that we could use to benefit our lives.

Since they are connected to darkness, Black Moths express concealed ideas, emotions and mysteries, and for some, they are signals that are connecting us with hearts of people who are gone out of our lives, regardless of if they are deceased or just left your life.

So, the Black Moths could be benefactors that come from the other dimension.

Their blackness and their operational force that is connected to the night and hidden places, for some people create a characteristic of discomfort.

But, the next time you see this nocturnal creature do not think negatively of him but be open to all that this, above spiritual being, has to give you; and the closest to death that these creatures go is that, as some like to believe, to connect us to the world of the dead.

Maybe the best thing that you could do is to think about your life, and your personal choices, are you the person who is hiding its passions and desires or are you a person who hides from others so that you do not see your beauty.

Remember of the fresh story of your life – the Black Moth reminds you that we all go through phases in life and that we all have the chance to transform our lives –  the opportunities are infinite, we just need to know where to look and what part of us we should change.

In the end, you must desist managing the contact as something bad, but it could be the lesson that you must remember for the rest of your life – its Black color of the Black Moth wings is not so black when it comes to light.