Black Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dogs haven’t just been our loyal companions. Their love for humans dates back centuries and it is considered to be the closest bond there is between a man and an animal.

In Greek mythology we meet with dog Kerberos, the guardian of the underground world, while ancient Rome also has its own holy dogs, the so-called guardians of the Vulcan cave.

So, historically, the dog is all around us – in many songs, works of art, frescoes, and sculptures.

The dog is often said to be an animal that we can at any time rely on. A reliable partner, not only in hunting, but also in everyday life. It is precisely these qualities that are attributed to him by Celtic mythology, where he is designated as a true companion of gods and heroes.

He is dressed for the fight, he can be very aggressive, but he attributes the Celts to his healing power, and brings him into the relationship with the foreigners.

When we talk about Christianity, a dog (along with a cat) is considered an impure animal, but it is nevertheless granted the status of an animal that symbolizes faith and the future.

Chinese dogs are traditionally taken as a symbol of joy and happiness. The most famous in Chinese culture is the so-called Fu-pas, which not only protects the home from bad people, but at the same time sniffs protection from negative energy.

Also, one should not forget the Chinese zodiac, where the dog is marked as the eleventh sign to which kindness, loyalty; generosity, generosity and sincerity are attributed. When it occurs in dreams, a dog is often associated with friendships that, depending on the details of the dream itself, can be placed on some type of exam. It also signifies our animal nature.

Speaking of the zodiac, we also mean that in modern astrology, the dog connects with the Mars and Jupiter planets, as well as the Device sign. Significant place is also occupied in Tarot, where in psychological terms it represents our need for trust, and it is also connected with all those people who can help the pit on the way. You can find it on the following maps: Crazy, Moon, and Ten Pentagram.

Dreams of dogs in other cultures

Especially in the Arab world, where dogs are worth nothing more than a bag of garbage, they stand in the dream representative of something negative, namely their own enemies. Depending on the activity of the dog in the dream, barking, biting or attacking, this can be interpreted as threatening behavior of the enemy.

If you dream of a dog barking at you, it may indicate a coming argument with unwelcome people. A howling dog can even stand as a bad omen for illness or severe misfortunes.

The situation is similar with the dream interpretation of the dream symbol dog in India. Listening to a dog barking in a dream can be taken as a warning of imminent slander. Dreaming of a situation where you play with a four-legged friend means that enemies will finally turn away from you.

A heaping pile of dogs is being sent by the subconscious to alert the dreaming to pay more attention to his family.

Psychological / Social meaning of Dog Dreams

Just as in real life, a dog always has two faces. On the one hand there is the friendly, unconditionally loving and loyal family dog ​​as a pet, with which one combines many beautiful memories.

On the other hand, however, the dog stands as a predator, but he comes eventually from the wolf, an animal that has worried at the time for fear and terror in rural areas. In this context, the phrase “came to the dog” to understand.

In the latter case, the dog has a clear meaning of aggression. In this sense, the animal can embody male aggressive sexuality and be understood as a symbol of human instinctual life. Snappy dogs in a man’s dream point to jealousy.


However, if a woman experiences the dream, then the dreamer is quite unrestrained.

Dogs are often found in dreams, not least because they have lived close to humans for thousands of years and are kept as pets by them. As can be seen from the previous line, the meaning aspects of this dream symbol are extremely diverse and can only be deduced from the entire dream context.

Important meanings are loyalty, attachment to the human being as well as his affection. The latter, in particular, made the dog a symbolic soul guide of man long ago. If this attachment becomes dependency, it may be due to underdeveloped individuality and the aforementioned inferiority complexes.

The dog is one of the most frequently appearing dream symbols. In their dreams, many people have ever met a dog. The situations can be very different. Sometimes you play with the animal; maybe it leads you to a certain place.

Often, however, dogs are also threatening in the dream, one is afraid, one may also hear the animal growling or it attacks one.

Black Dog – Symbolism

As a particularly scary is considered the black dog (English “black dog”) as a ghost, whose history is known in the UK: If the spirit of the dog in appearance, he usually is, according to popular belief, the announcement of a death. The animal is larger than a normal dog and has red-hot eyes.

The interpretation of the dog as a dream symbol always depends on the concrete situation and what is experienced in the dream. But not only are these aspects decisive for the interpretation.

Also the shape of the dog, as well as the color of its fur should be considered. Especially meaningful is a dog dream when it comes to a black animal. But what does it mean when we see a black dog in a dream?

Interesting are the characteristics of the black dog as well as what the animal does in the dream scene.

The most popular dreams with such a dog are the following:

Dream symbol “black dog” – The most common dreams about this symbol

Pet dog or mastiff? The size of the black dog in the dream

A little black dog appears in sleep

If a dog in the dream is not only black, but also small, then an intrigue will turn out to be half as bad soon.

For a dark dog symbolizes enmities and hostilities from the environment of the dreamer.

However, it will show due to the small size of the dream animal that this is a misunderstanding or the like. The dreaming can so breathe!

A black big dog in the dream

If you have dreamed of a black and a big dog that you might even have been afraid of, the emotional world plays a big role for the dreaming.

The negative emotions in relation to a particular person or plan currently not only occupy the consciousness in the watch world, but also the subconscious mind in the dream experience.

Are you worried? These feelings have an inhibiting effect on your everyday life – try to process them.

A black barking dog beats alarm in the dream

Who in the dream in front of a suddenly barking dog scares and realizes that the animal is also black, which probably wonders the meaning of this dream symbol: It indicates bad company.

Maybe there is someone in your circle of friends or acquaintances who talks badly about you.

Even in a professional environment, there may be intrigues among colleagues. See the barking dog as a warning symbol for a person who brings you a loss.

Dream symbol “black dog” – The general interpretation

Basically, the dog as a dream symbol often refers to their own friendships, relationships and living together in the family. He indicates the close connection of the dreaming to his fellow man. However, a black dog is generally a rather negative dream symbol.

Against this background, he can warn in the dream above all of enemies and hostile machinations. So, if you dream of seeing a black dog, you may feel safe and secure in your social environment – but below the surface, not every friend and colleague has good intentions.

Someone is planning an intrigue, will betray the person in the near future. One should therefore be careful. Who can you really trust?

In addition, the symbol “black dog” in the general opinion also always indicates imminent dangers and failures. In this context too, care is needed in the life of the dreaming.

He should always pay attention to the consequences of his behavior and decisions do not rush and avoid unsafe situations.

Dream symbol “black dog” – The psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation, a black dog is a sexual symbol. The animal refers in a dream to its own drives. Psychoanalysts assume that a black dog appears above all when the affected person cannot fulfill his erotic fantasies and desires in real life.

This may also be due to the fact that he has not yet recognized or accepted certain aspects of his sexuality.

The Consciousness calls him, through the symbol of the black dog, to investigate the oppressed needs more closely and to give them in the real life.

Sometimes a black dog announces an approaching crisis in the partnership. This could be due to too much jealousy.

Dream symbol “black dog” – The spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual conception, a black dog is considered in the dream as a leader in the underworld.

This dog, as a symbol, is considered to be the carrier of bad luck and misfortune for everyone.