Black Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

When you know how to use candles, you can benefit from them in many ways, but since some of them are so strong, and can attract interesting energies, you should be careful and know how to use them.

For example, it is highly recommended to use candles in such a way that you light a candle and pay special attention to every accessible corner of the space.

Let the candle light and scent fill every part of your home. Fill every room with your desire. In each room, say a prepared sentence that shows your intention to bring light into the room.

This is the way that you could use for every candle, of every color, but of course, you should be cautious, especially in the cases of candles that are black, and today we will speak more of them and their powers.

Meaning of Black Candle

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of black candles is the one that speaks of black magic, and in this sense, it makes you question should you use them. And the answer is yes you should, you just need to know how to do it properly.

In the majority of cases, such candles are utilized to combat destructive powers and above to grant strength and security. Their energy is connected to the ability to consume or discharge anything that should not be a part of your life in any way and evil or destructive energy.

Those who know how to use black candles use them for converting “jinxes” (this term may sound funny to you, but by it, we are talking about negativity that was sent to you with the purpose of harming you. That could be a human thought that is directed toward you.) into something that is opposite, or positive.

So, Black Candles have the ability to assimilating or dispelling bad forces, opposing black ideas, and it can give security from sickness or injury; they are also good for eliminating interference, shedding of poor habits, restorative dispute, and meditation routines.

All of these are highly beneficial qualities of black candles, and in this sense, you could see how powerful they truly are – their meaning is hidden in the powerful energy to change our lives, and to protect us.

But, caution is necessary here, since black candles are so powerful that it is beyond compare, and in the wrong hands, they could be used for negative things.

So, they could be used for negative rituals, but when you think about it, all candles could be used for negative purposes? In the hands of the wrong people, all things could become deadly.

So, we are going to deal with the positive aspects of this story – certain routines such as these to consume collapse or stop harmful practices that people are prone to nowadays.

One thing that is really important to know is this – black as the color itself is capable of opening you up near the levels of the unconscious brain, is practiced in charms and routines to obtain a more profound thoughtful environment or to halt harmful or contradictory things from happening.

This is really important for you to understand – that by using black candles; you could reach some higher state of mind that could not be approached in any other way. It opens up the path toward things that are hiding in the blackness but are relevant for us to expand our minds.

It is a known fact that the black color is able to receive all colors, and is usually practiced to absorb or transport negativity to its source.

This is important you know so that when you feel weak, you can improve internal energy, flexibility and balance, and the best way is to use black candles in the process of contemplation to probe more penetrating into the mind.


One interesting meaning that is connected to the black candle is the one that when it is used in a ritual it can be used as a powerful tool for healing and assistance throughout death and misery that you will certainly feel in the times when you are dealing with problematic issues in life.

The best effect it’s gained when you use black candles for the process of neutralization of negative energy, to clear up space, and this is plausible since these candles are seen as the protectors of you and your life energy.

When we say it gives you the protection from negativity, we mean illness, harmful and the negative energy shot upon you from external drives.

It is really important to know that such candles are burned in the time when you are craving healing powers in your life, and you need to protect yourself to the Universe.

When we are talking about the Universe, and the color black (some say that this is not the color, but the absence of color) the fact is that it does not reflect light, or it does just a little bit, but it is a great absorber of energies, and it can help you catch the negative one and fill that place with the positive energy or whatever kind of energy you might need (sexual, spiritual).

The Symbolism of the Black Candle

Now, as you were able to see by now, black is one amazing color that is powerful that it can be used in both directions, good and bad, depending on the “hands” that are handling it (in this case with candles).

Like the symbol, maybe it is usually connected to the things that negative, but we assure that such symbolical values are not true, besides the part that it could be used for negative purposes.

The fact is that black colored candles can the part that Use black candles to assimilate or transfer things, objects, etc. – so uses them as the symbol of eliminating bad energies from your life in general.

Their planetary symbol is the planet Saturn, the symbol of the things that should be left in the past, as bad people and relationships with them, because they necessarily take the bad energy with them.

So it is understandable when you use black candles when you want to leave back old pains and unnecessary connections, for recognizing pain and eliminating it.

We must say that black is the symbol of accepting the things that we may do not understand properly, as we should, but it is also the color that when we incorporate it in a ritual with the black colored candles, is the symbol of acceptance, and above forgiveness.

When to use them?

Use them whenever you feel that the flow of your energy is under the blockages – it has such a protective power changing things that are around you, that are negative and do not do you any good, or in the times when you need to break a lousy habit or when you feel that you do not have any power in you to make some serious change, but you must.

They burn such candles and see that things are changing around you in the ways you want.

If you feel that you are strong enough to handle such power, you could use them slow the energy that comes from your opponents.

This is all possible since you black as the color and also like the color of the candle (its energy) banishes malevolent apparitions, preserves you from having some critical conditions, consumes and dispels negative force, and above all, it reduces barriers that are in front of you.

In the end, use them when you want to meditate because the black color opens you up spiritually and mentally.


To conclude this story, we must speak of the interesting and a little bit scary aspect of the black candles – it is really important to know how to handle regarding properly – do not be tempted to use them to hurt people, or to make them feel in such way.

These candles when used properly, as their blackness suggests impacts self-discipline, persistence, and perseverance; so the rituals in which you are using such magic are mostly recommended to use during a full Moon, often in combination with some other candle, not white preferably.

It could be used in all matters in life that you need protection and care – since this is the color that is amazing for the process of transporting disharmony and disturbing shakes to rivals.

This should be done just by the hand of someone careful because such energy could bring you to a place from where there is no return.

In the end, black color, regardless of what you think of it, does it bring something “negative”, is the color of our Universe, and in that sense, we should never fear it, but we should act in such way that we show it respect.

The same scenario is recommended when you are lighting the black candles – use them for reassurance, limiting adverse energies, and cutting up barriers and obstacles that are present in your life and all around you.

To conclude – black candles are the only one that could with the incredible ease since they are very strong be applied defeat and split up denying tendencies, since the black color is the one that can consume, covers, produces complexity and disorder, but after that good time comes, and you will be able to enjoy new beginnings, and concerning information of concealed items with the ability to change our lives in the ways we could never imagine that is possible Just be careful when you use them.