Black Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

The fascination with butterflies is not uncommon among the people since all of us are fascinated with them, their beauty, appearance, and their meaning for our lives, their symbolical value is amazing.

They are everything that human life is – they are symbolical signs for beauty, joy, and above transformation.

In the majority of countries, this is the most loved symbol that is considered to be the protector of the home and people in it and the bringer of joy in our lives.

Because of its resemblance to the shape of, the Butterfly is one of the symbols of the Great Goddess, which contains all previous incarnations and hopes of future generations – she is the life itself that could reach highest possible wisdom and knowledge.

Generally, it is believed that the soul leaves the butterfly-shaped body. The Butterfly emerging from the bush is a symbol of the soul, which is released from the body at the moment of death.

But death is not the end, and it is just a reminder of our life that is going in the next phase, that is different and much more meaningful than the previous one.

So, the Butterfly is one of the beloved symbolical beings that show us in the example of its short life what is life and how to live in the best way possible, joy and happiness.

But we must say this also say that among all butterflies the most fascinated kind is the one that is black – and by its appearance, it resembles something much darker, but as some say, this just shows that the black Butterfly is the most beautiful and deep symbols of life that we could have.

But what does it mean when this beautiful creature shows up around us when we are not even sure what it means for us, but such events are not as common as we think they are, but they are something to remember and analyses.

We are here to help you understand that the blackness on his wings is not associated with the darkness, but with the Universe itself, that finds its way to tell us what we need to know at this moment in time.

Meaning of the Black Butterfly

Before we speak more about the specific black Butterfly – such creature is often connected to the Gods, and in ancient Greece says that this Butterfly is black since it was freed from death by the power of God.

As a personification of the soul, breathing, the Psyche is often experienced as a butterfly flying from a funeral pyre – all of these meanings are connected to the old times, and there are many interesting symbols that depict them (in books, recordings, or drawings, for example).

As far as the black butterflies go, they are seen as the symbol of the secret wisdom hidden in the dark (here we talking about the aspect of ignorance). Its primary meaning is this – people are often in the dark, where we could not see what are we doing, or better what should we do in life.

The Black Butterfly teaches us of the grades of butterfly development correlate with the initiation steps in life – when the Butterfly transforms to the larva. This is the phase where the subject is ignorant and helpless.

Then the larva becomes the doll, and when we look at the meaning in correlation with human life, this is the phase where people are seeking for their purpose in life, and they are trying to reflect from the darkness that they are in that moment.

This aspect is very significant in the world of black butterflies – finding their way from the darkness, but at the same time, these creatures remained dark during their entire lives.


In the end, there is a third and final stage (it is really important for all us to know that it is no wonder why there are three stages in their lives, since, in the life of every human being there are three phases, birth, life and death).

This is the phase where the transformation is final – the doll becomes something magnificent an adult individual – a developed, perfect and enlightened soul of the initiated, leaving the grave of its original nature. Its grave remains still on the ground, and the black Butterfly goes on his own way, where he can fulfill his purpose.

He would be able to show its beauty to the world, but only to those who see him in their true shape and form. But it should remind us of his interesting way and the wisdom that comes from the blackness of the Universe.

Now, we come to its meaning – such beautiful dark creature, can indicate hidden changes that are happening in your life or growth that is about to happen, or maybe it comes from different places in your life that are often dark.

We must say that the dark Butterfly in some nations symbolizes longevity and beauty, and the image of a butterfly sitting on a plant – worth and survival that is necessary for being of such importance and beauty.

Even if he so black, this kind of flying creature brings interesting meanings in different countries in the world – somewhere it embodies immortality and regeneration, speed and activity.

But the main thing is that butterflies everywhere are symbols of joy and happy events that are about to come, but in this case, not just that – in the case of the black Butterfly it is the representation of the flight that is short but meaningful.

It brings us critical vibrational changes, working hard to nurture and embrace their locked forms. With patience and perseverance, this tiny insect has become a symbol of a carefree life that carries incredible lessons in life, along with the wisdom that comes from the Universal source.

The Symbolism of the Black Butterfly

If we all could agree that the Butterfly is, wherever you look, whoever you ask, a symbol of happiness and joy in life. This is the insect that lives its short but remarkable life, but with many interesting messages for humans.

These beautiful creatures have taken their well-deserved places in Christianity, Buddhism, Eastern, Asian, and Scandinavian mythology, and are revered, revered, and beautifully folded legends.

In Christianity, the Butterfly is sometimes represented on the hand of the child Christ and symbolizes the rebirth of the soul.

And, when we are talking about the darkest of all butterflies, is besides its a little bit “sinister” look, a symbol of love and well-being. It is believed that your most cherished desire will be fulfilled if you hold the Butterfly in your hand and release it to the will, into heaven.

Now, in the case of a black butterfly, you can do it, and the message will come to you along with the deep knowledge that you want to have in your life.

Someone once described black butterflies as a wonderful gift of heaven, and such a gift is deserving of the empress – it is believed that is was the Napoleon III.

In ancient culture, the life of a butterfly has philosophically linked to human life: a caterpillar – a secular life in the care of the material, doll – a departure from vanity, a butterfly – enlightenment, the resurrection of the soul.

There is no doubt that these wonderful and dark beings are different the personification of beauty, freedom and reminds us that life is transient and that you have to live it beautifully, easily, enthusiastically and happily, even if we are somewhat different from the rest.

It reminds us of its beauty that not all things that are colorful and that catch your eye, but that there is something in their shiny wings and deep color that reflects the Moonshine.

In some parts of the world, the Black Butterfly is connected to the Night, Moon and it comes as the annunciation that the summer is over and that the new phase is coming, that is different by all means, it could be hard but is never ugly.

Since ancient times, people of different countries have tied butterflies with higher secrets, with love, soul, rebirth – and you could imagine the strength of those secrets when the butterflies have a black color. Its secrets are deeper and much more unachievable for the majority, its soul is old, and its love has much more intensity.

One story goes like this – it is said that when a dark butterfly lands on you, you will have happiness for the next 90 years and that you will live that life with intense happiness. Such an event also means that you will learn some great secrets during life.

Seeing two or more black butterflies symbolizes – luck and pure souls who fly to them and announce joy, bring happiness.

In the end, when we roll into one, we could say that these dark-winged creatures signify immortality, abundance in abundance, joy and harvest.

Good or Bad sign?

Be happy and jump from joy if you ever during your life meet a butterfly that has such color, even if you see it from a distance, this is such a special event in the life of every human being on this planet.

And great happiness is even bigger if you see two or more of them, or if by some chance they land on you – it usually indicates periods of change and opportunities for growth in the spiritual direction.

The Black Butterfly also symbolizes spread, confidence, perseverance and beauty, but not any beauty, and this is something that is exotic and beyond any compare.

If you are blessed and see many of these beautiful creatures, good things await you. There is a possibility that you will “reap” the good results of recent hardships and temptations.

They could be a representation of hard times that you are, luckily leave behind you, and the time of prosperity is coming into your life, and the last phase (that you should be the most excites you) is the one where you learn of many messages of wisdom that come directly from beyond.


If we want to conclude this amazing “flight” of the one special kind of Butterfly with the black wings, we will say that this type of an insect also symbolizes spread, confidence, persistence and beauty.

If you are blessed to see many of these beautiful creatures, good things await you (usually after a long and difficult time in your life). There is a high possibility that you will “reap” the good results of recent difficulties and temptations.

In the end, let us conclude this story by saying that the beauty of a Black butterfly teaches us that beauty comes from the inside and the parts us that we do not let anyone see so easily, only if they show us

The ultimate expression of its kindness during their short life.

It develops in stages, and when this caterpillar eventually becomes a butterfly, his life is a series of stages and shapes – all of them are equally meaningful and connected to the human life, regardless of how much it lasts.

It is a natural example of metaphorical evolution and change, but the one transformation that comes from the inside, since everything that is from the outside is connected to the darkness and shadows.

Each time this animal changes, it grows and becomes more beautiful – and the same case, or in the case of the Black Butterfly. This is so true, and its journey teaches us that darkness sometimes hides most interesting virtues within.

When you see it in any of its forms, it can indicate the hidden changes that are happening in your life or the growth that is about to happen. Way, continue your course and have faith in your abilities – is the main message that is sending into your world, if you have seen him.