Biblical Meaning of Vegetables in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

God talks to people in dreams, in the “Night time” he “frightens and warns them” (Job 33: 15-18). Several stories of the Bible confirm this. Dreamers like Joseph and Daniel help to interpret dreams correctly. In Jacob’s dream (Genesis 28: 10-22), angels ascend and descend on a ladder of heaven. At the top of the ladder is God, who promises Jacob and his descendant blessing.

Jacob’s ladder to Heaven

After that night, Jacob will have wondered rubbed his eyes. What he had seen? A ladder rises from the earth into the sky, angels climb up and down, and God is at the top and promises not only innumerable offspring, but also absolute loyalty: “I do not want to leave you until I do everything that I promised you “The dream did not deceive: Jacob became one of the biblical patriarchs.

Pharaoh’s fat cows

From the Nile rise first seven fat, then seven skinny cows; then seven ears of corn grow on a stalk and next to it stand seven scorched ears of corn: the Pharaoh cannot do anything with these dreams. Even his fortune tellers cannot interpret his dreams.

Only the imprisoned Hebrew Joseph can help, and his interpretation sounds quite obvious: first Egypt will experience seven good years, then seven years of hunger. The Pharaoh is enthusiastic about Joseph’s interpretation of dreams and appoints him as Royal Minister of Agriculture.

Solomon’s request for wisdom

“Please, what shall I give you”: This sounds like a fairy tale of a fairy fulfilling a wish. Similarly, young King Solomon may have felt when God asked him this question in a dream. And because he did not want a foul mammon, but an “obedient heart,” God gave him wisdom, a “long life,” “wealth, and honor.” No wonder that Solomon is considered the wisest and richest king of Israel.

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image

A Babylonian arbitrariness quiz was arranged by Nebuchadnezzar: his soothsayers should tell him what he dreamed – and what that meant. Understandably, they fail, but the Israelite prophets Daniel can (with God’s help) answer and help the pharaoh.

His dream of a huge, terrible image destroying a metal figure of stones can only mean that after the earthly realms, God will build an eternal celestial kingdom. Then Nebuchadnezzar recognizes God and elevates Daniel to prince of Babylon.

Josef’s angel’s dream

This is to understand one: There is the own fiancé pregnant and claims to have been with no man together. Strong Tobak for Josef, the carpenter from Nazareth; secretly he thinks about leaving Maria. An angel convinces him not to do so by explaining the unbelievable: Mary is made pregnant by the Holy Spirit; the child, Jesus, will save the people. Thankfully, Joseph believed the angel and took his wife to himself.

If Joseph had not believed his dream this time, Jesus might have been murdered as a baby. An angel had warned Joseph in his sleep before the shepherds of Herod, who want to kill Jesus. Joseph takes Mary and the child and flees to Egypt. In Bethlehem countless innocent children fall victim to the delusion of Herod.

Biblical meaning of Vegetable in a Dream – Interpretation

The Bible is the Word of God addressed to man. God through the Bible reveals our origins, history in which we find the reasons for the state we are in, and the way out of that state. The Bible contains true historical information about people who are without embellishment or attempts to make a positive or negative person out of someone. The Bible deals with ethics, teaches a person what is good, right, just, honest, moral. But in addition, the Bible teaches a man and how to live healthy.

Our health is largely a consequence of our diet. Health has never been a matter of luck, but with fewer exceptions, health is determined by ourselves. It is in our power to keep health. Of course, it is only necessary to put it on top of the list of priorities above appetite, vice and instant satisfaction.


We read in the first chapters of the Bible how God has yet touched grain, fruit and nuts for human consumption. After falling into sin, God additionally adds some vegetables, while meat as a food is mentioned only after the flood. The nutritional scale of today’s modern scientists and nutritionists is identical to the Bible, which shows that the Bible has authority and inspiration beyond humanity. At the time it was written there was no way to scientifically demonstrate the value and influence of food.

In the first chapter of the book of Daniel’s prophet, we read that he refused to eat kingdoms and asked for vegetables. The report says that for this reason he was far ahead of his competitors. God has given the man a sense of hunger to remind him that it is time to bring in his body what he needs to grow, develop and produce the necessary cells to defend from illness and external influences. If we provide our body with all this through quality nutrition, we will enjoy health for a long time.

On the other hand, entering our body with junk, greasy, sweet, and food full of chemical additives, we have silenced the feeling of hunger, but we did not give the organism what it needs, but it is even more burdened with the harmful substances it is struggling with. The consequence is a loss of health.

Biblical meaning of Vegetable in a Dream – Meaning

Vegetables are part of a varied diet. Thanks to global trade and modern techniques that allow us to grow vegetables far from their climatic home, we can choose from a plethora of varieties virtually all year round. Local vegetables are still very popular, especially cabbage, potatoes, onions, artichokes, celery, tomatoes and carrots.

Some vegetables are still eaten today at a certain time of the year. What would a spring be without the noble asparagus, a winter without hearty green cabbage stew? If vegetables used to be cooked for a very long time to kill off any germs, you can eat them only lightly steamed or as raw food.

If someone dreams of vegetables, they may actually have a need for certain vitamins. The appetite for the corresponding vegetables sets in the dream.

Possibly it is also about herbal food, which the dreamer does not like at all, maybe he even disgusts. Important for the interpretation of dreams is the action with which the vegetables are related, but also the variety.

Dream symbol “vegetables” – The general interpretation

Just like fruits, the dream symbol “vegetables” stands for sexual needs, but also for success and positive developments. In the dream interpretation, however, it depends on which vegetables are in detail.

If, for example, you eat garlic, onions or other varieties that have a strong influence on the breath in your dream, the dream symbol announces a quarrel. Perhaps a friend or acquaintance of the dreaming unintentionally learns something that hurts him. While cucumber, asparagus and carrot are regarded as phallic symbols due to their shape, cabbage represents simplicity, spinach health and salad stands for the beginning. Beans and peas announce in the dream revenue and profits.

In the folk dream interpretation, what the dreaming does with the vegetables is also important. Seeing the dream symbol, especially green vegetables, is a sign of hard work. To plant it promises the dreaming a joy of the heart. Anyone who sees fresh greens in the garden in the dream must expect to discover a sad secret.

Buying vegetables can mean grief and annoyance in the dream interpretation, in the trade it announces dispute. After all, eating vegetables is an expression of strange fate, illness and deception.

Dream symbol “vegetables” – The psychological interpretation

On the one hand, vegetables symbolize vitality, nutrition and health; on the other hand it also stands for eventfulness and boredom. Damned to motionlessness it vegetates like all plants in front of him. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol often reflects elemental feelings. A sexual reference is also obvious: The shape of some vegetables can be assigned to the female or the male sex organ. If such vegetables are grown in a dream, the unconscious desire for sexual fulfillment is revealed.

The consumption or cultivation of vegetables, which puffs, reflects in the dream sometimes a physical or mental upset. If the dream symbol “vegetables” is cooked too long by the dreaming, so that in the end it is only mush, it indicates a disturbed behavior in the problem solving. One is focused too long and too hard on a difficulty or on the partner, which seems overwhelming for this. The dreaming should be aware of these circumstances and try to change something about it.

Dream symbol “vegetables” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “vegetables” is in the interpretation of dreams in connection with natural food and the question, according to which the dreaming is starving. In spiritual terms, it is a symbol of the spiritual creative power of the dreaming.