Biblical Meaning of Trees in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

When you constantly dream about something, you can’t help it but to think that there must be a deeper meaning to your dreams. Sometimes they truly appear to be random but when they appear more than once, they are definitely trying to tell you something.

Dream interpretation is influenced by the Biblical meanings of certain animals, things and events.

Sometimes our mind is warning us about the things we forgot about or we might think they are not important. Dream interpretation has to be done carefully and every symbol in a dream has its own meaning and significance.

In today’s text we will be talking about the Biblical meaning of trees in dreams and what their presence actually meant for us.

Biblical meaning of trees

Trees in dreams, in general, are symbols of your inability to move forward and progress in life. This dream is telling you that your past is haunting you and you can’t let go of it. You feel bound by the things that happened you you before and their presence is still something you can’t deal with.

If we look at the general symbolism are associated to nature, growing and being one with he world around you.

They are also symbols of wisdom since most of them exist for hundreds of years.

Trees in a Biblical sense are symbols of life, wisdom and there are many references to trees in Bibles. Most of these symbolical meanings are based on stories about trees and certain tree sorts had a more positive meaning while others had a negative meaning.

Probably the most popular story about trees in the Bible is the story about Eve and the Tree of Life. The tree of Life represented a fountain of youth and a pool of endless wisdom. The Tree of Life was the only thing in the Garden of Eden that was off limit to humans. Since they failed at this task to stay away from the Tree, God banned humans from Paradise and sent outside to experience all the hardships of the world.

Specific tree sorts, such as the Palm tree, had a special meaning in the Bible. Palm tree was mentioned in several places inside the Bible, and its branches are usually symbols of victory and overcoming hardship. Olive tree is a symbol of relationship with the God and also the restoration of this relationship. When it comes to trees in our dreams and their Biblical meanings, they are very much influenced by the symbolic meaning of trees in general and the position they had in the Bible.

Biblical Meaning of trees in Dreams

Tree covered in snow – If you had a dream about a tree covered in snow, then you need to be afraid of a potential trap. Someone might be out to get you or harm you in some way, which can be very dangerous and harmful in the long run. Open your eyes and doesn’t anything surprise you, because something is definitely going to happen.

Picking fruit off a tree – If you were picking a fruit off a tree, this means you are about to meet someone very interesting. This person might tempt your boundaries to establish how far you will go, and you need to be careful about it. This person’s energy might lead you into doing something you are not comfortable with, and that is certainly something you wouldn’t want to happen.

Tree in bloom – When you had a dream about a tree in bloom, this means you are receiving a positive sign about something. You are going to be successful in your attempt to do something incredible, which is what you have been waiting for.

Dead tree – Dead trees in our dreams symbolize periods of sadness and troubles in life. This dream is either telling us that these periods are coming, or it is reminding us about the hardship we went through in the recent past.

Climbing up a tree – When you were climbing up on a tree in your dream, this means you are going to make some mistakes. These mistakes don’t have to be big, but they are definitely going to be noticeable. Most of these mistakes are going to be related to your private life, so pay attention to your relationships with other people.

Cutting a tree – Cutting a tree in your dream is a symbol of worthless attempts to achieve something. You keep on failing at something, but your persuasive nature doesn’t let you give up. Perhaps it is time to focus on something different and stop being so obsessed with things that simply aren’t working.


Clearing trees in the forest – If you were clearing trees in the forest, then this is an indication that you are about to embark on something new and existing. This new project or idea is going to bring you a lot of success and fortune in the upcoming period.

Tree with fruits on it – When tree in your dream had fruits on it, this means you are going to achieve something remarkable in the upcoming period. Perhaps you have been working on something exciting already, and now you will get a chance to make this dream a reality.

Planting trees – If you were planting trees in your dream, this means you are about to become wealthy. It might sound impossible, but you are about to receive some kind of reward or bonus, or even a heritage that is going to be substantial. Money you are going to receive won’t be a result of your hard work; instead it will come as a true surprise.

Blossoming tree – If tree in your dream was in blossom, then you are going to be successful in accomplishing something you worked hard on. This is something you have been working on for a very long time, and now the fruits of your labor are finally going to show up.

Tree in flames – When tree in your dream was in flames, this means you are about to stumble upon some troubles in your life. These troubles can appear in almost all areas of your life and solving them could be difficult. If you give it your best, there is a chance you can avoid these problems all together, but this will require your full attention and devotion.

Sitting under a tree – When you had a dream about sitting under a tree, this means you are about to hear some good news. The news is going to come from someone you know, and they could relate to your personal life and to your career. Either way you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Tree floating on water – When you had a dream about a tree floating on the water, this means you are going to experience disappointment. Something you were working on is not going to be successful and you won’t be able to understand why. This disappointment doesn’t have to be related to your career. You might experience disappointments when it comes to relationship expectations and the way you imagined things to play out on your personal plan.

Tree infested with worms – If tree in your dream was infested with worms, then you are about to experience financial losses. You will be faced with some challenges when it comes to financial matters, and money related projects won’t be successful at all.