Biblical Meaning of Snakes in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Our dreams are there to remind us about the hidden secrets of our minds. They combine the things we think about with the things we are not even aware of. When dreams appear often or certain things in our dreams appear on several occasions, there must be a deeper meaning behind it. We are being warned about things that are important to us but we might not be aware of them.

Dreams had even bigger significance in the past and people relied on their meaning to lead them through life. Events that happened in dreams had a big influence on reality. People relied on dreams to guide them and give them signs that are going to salvage them from difficult moments.

Biblical meaning of snakes is especially strong, and the best proof of that is the story of Eve and the snake in the Garden of Eden.

Since ancient times, snakes and reptiles had a very ominous meaning and symbolism, which is the reason why their presence in our dreams had the same symbolic meaning. Snakes can appear in many different situations in our dreams and the way we react to them ads a lot to the dream interpretation.

In today’s text we will interpret the secret meaning behind snakes and what their presence in our dreams actually means.

Biblical interpretation of snakes

Snakes are often called serpents and their presence can be noticed in the Bible as well as in the New Testament. Besides being an important symbol in the Bible, snakes were also important symbols in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece. In the story about the Garden of Eden, snakes are represented as negative or as symbols of cunningness and pure evil.

According to this story, snake lured Eve to pick and eat the apple of the Tree of Life. Snake in this story represents the Devil itself and its deceitful ways.

Since this original story, snakes were seen as something malicious and evil and their presence means nothing good is about to happen. Snakes in other stories in the Bible often appear as symbols of the Devil and everything that is wrong with the world.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus compared placing a mosaic with serpents on the pole to the crucifixion of the Son of God. The first link of a serpent to the Devil came from the Wisdom of Salomon. In the Genesis 3:14-15, the God curses the snake for its behavior by taking away its legs and forcing it to move on its stomach for eternity. Snake shall be under all other animals and lower than other living being on the planet.

Most snake interpretations in the Bible are negative, so the dream interpretation is very much influenced by this interpretation. In the next part of the text we are going to explain some examples of Biblical dream interpretations and what they mean for us.

Biblical Meaning of snakes in dreams

Seeing a snake – If you had a dream about a snake, then you need to be careful about the people in your life. Someone might have an intention to hurt you or do something that can harm you in any way. This person is someone from your close surroundings and you will definitely be surprised by this person’s action. Snakes in our dreams can also represent something negative in general that might happen to us in the upcoming period, so be extra careful and watch out for any signs of potential danger.

Big snake – If snake in your dream was big, this means you need to be careful in your workplace and look out for potential threats. Someone might try to sabotage you or something you have been working hard on. This dream indicates you are in great danger when it comes to your work and everything else money related. Your finances need to be in check as well, because you won’t have a very good flow of money in the upcoming period.

Small snake – If snake in your dream was small, this means you will have some unplanned expenses. You have been too generous to others and this has caused a lot of financial issues. Dreams about small snakes can also be a sign of your reckless behavior, but this is not something you can’t change. You just have to be more careful about your actions and less careless about the things you are doing. Telling your secrets to your friends might also be dangerous because some of them could tell on you and reveal your secrets to others. It is always best to stay quiet about your secrets if you don’t want them to be discovered.

Being bitten by a snake – When snake bit you in your dream, this means your secret is going to be revealed by someone you know. This person is going to tell others something you have been keeping as a secret and you will be extremely hurt by this person’s action. Be very careful to whom you tell your secrets because your secret is not as valuable to others as it is to you. The only way you can keep something a secret is to be quiet about it and not tell it to someone who might pass it on to others.

Killing a snake – If you managed to kill a snake in your dream, this means you will be able to defeat your enemies. Period that is coming your way will be extremely suitable for almost everything, so you can expect triumphs at many different areas in your life.

This dream also represents Karma and someone getting what they deserve. Their actions and words are going to be punished, and you might not even have to raise your finger or do something.


Dead snake – When snake in your dream was already dead, this means you still have a lot to celebrate in the upcoming period. You are going to celebrate something you have done in the past that ended up being very successful. You are going to be happy that this hard period is behind you and that you now having a chance to move forward.

More than one snake – If there was more than one snake in your dream, you can expect a minor discomfort to happen to you. This minor accident or discomfort is going to be caused by either your mistake or by someone else’s mistake. You need to be extra careful in the upcoming period so that you don’t make a mistake. This discomfort is something that can be avoided if only you open up your eyes and be extra careful about your actions.

Attacking a snake – If you attacked a snake in your dream, you can expect someone you know well to become sick or his condition could get worse if he or she is already sick. This dream can also be a warning sign about your health and you will have to take better care of your health in the upcoming period. Perhaps you are going to expose yourself to something potentially dangerous that might hurt your health. Sometimes this dream can also represent death of someone close to you.

Snake attacking you – If you were attacked by a snake or more of them, this means you have many enemies that are out to get you. These people want to see you down and not successful in any way. You are going to be in harm. These people envy you and they want to see you fail in your attempts which can be really dangerous if you let them get too close to you. Keep your secrets to yourself and don’t let others get too close to you. Especially if you are not aware of their true intentions.

Colorful snake – This dream indicates that you have a bad perception of the people around you. Someone you see as an enemy is actually not your enemy and someone you see as a friend is not your friend. People you have around you are shifty and their intentions are not true. Perhaps you have a bad evaluation of people and their character. You always see the situation in a different way and no one can persuade you that this is not true.

Snakes falling on you – If you had a dream about snakes falling on you, then you are facing some inner struggles. These struggles are not allowing you to move forward and make changes in life, which is something that is stressing you out enormously. It is time to let go of your past and look forward into the future, because focusing on what can’ be changed is not the way to move forward.

Being bitten from a dead snake – If a dead snake bit you in your dream, this means you will become a victim of a person you trusted. Feeling betrayed is something you are about to experience, and this is something you will have to deal with. It is best not to confide too much in others and you should keep your secrets to yourself. This way, there is no potential danger and you can be sure no one is going to find out about your weak points.

Walking through snakes – If you had a dream about walking on snakes, then you are afraid of death and illness. Perhaps you are even concerned about someone else’s health, and this is something that preoccupies your mind. This dream has an alternative meaning, and that is you have very competitive friends whose only goal is to beat you at everything. Positive competition is always good, but when it grows into jealousy it can be a very dangerous thing.

Snake in the grass – Dreams about snakes in the grass are symbols of feeling disrespected. Perhaps you feel as though people are not taking you seriously and their intentions are not pure. You constantly feel degraded by others and you can’t seem to figure out the reason for hat. It is best to stay away from negative people and their energy, because there is no way they can be a positive motivation for the future.

Snake coiled around you – When you had a dream about a snake around you, this means you feel weak. You feel like your enemies are stronger than you and that they are able to harm you at any given moment. This dream can also represent feelings of being restricted in a relationship, especially if your partner is too jealous or possessive.

Holding a snake in your hand – Holding a snake in your dream is a symbol of experiencing situations that are unimportant, at first glance, but that are going to be very important later on. These events are going to influence your future, so make sure you don’t disregard them instantly and open up your eyes to notice these details around you.