Biblical Meaning of Rabbits in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams can sometimes be so terrifyingly realistic that even we don’t know whether we had a dream or everything was real. Dreams hide many symbols and stories we have yet to discuss with ourselves in our own mind, but they can also remind us about good in our life and what we have to focus our attention to.

When we look into the Dictionary of Biblical Theology, we find: Dream is something necessary and mysterious in human life and has two sides: it is a rest that rejuvenates a man, and is immersed in the darkness of the night. It is the source of life and the image of death, which is why it is characterized by various transmitted meanings.

In this introductory excerpt we can begin to see that this is something mysterious and underrepresented as the question says. The holy scripture tells us about it as a sign of confidence and resignation. The righteous trusts in God’s protection … but God, the watcher of Israel, does not sleep (Ps 121: 4). We are also found in the Gospel Book about the time of God’s admonition: about Adam who falls into a tough dream, and then, since he was alone, God gave him a companion (man). God is walking in the dreams of Jacob revealing his mysterious presence, and both of Joseph’s mysterious ways.

What is often confusing to the Christians and others sometimes opened up to some occult phenomena of dreams is that night is the biblical thinking of God’s daughter, but also the time of the influence of the evil forces. The mind can observe nightmares or, for example, dream can reveal the heart of the culprit.

Thus, various theories and practices have emerged from Freud to this day. We see what happened to Samson in his sleep, but his awakening from evil and sin is a sign of victory over sleep – death (evil). This is beautifully manifested in the New Testament when Jesus awakens Jairo’s daughter, Lazarus and the apostles of the dream (death), giving them hope for resurrection.

This should be the answer for every Christian to be left out of God’s influence and confidence, not in any way of occultness, magic, and reading dreams in any way. It seems to me that man today is more concerned with the sensations that surround such manifestations of the clarification of dreams and subconscious than by the confidence in God’s influence and hope in what is ultimately the case of salvation history. We, as Christians, should give more attention to the eternal truths found in our faith, and the less superficial and sensationalist behavior that the present and the surrounding environment offers. How Goodly He says in the Gospel of Mark (13: 36): He watches, not sleeping waiting for the Lord’s return.

Biblical Meaning of Rabbits in Dreams – Meaning

Many of you will agree with us if we say that it would be more logical if Easter eggs are going along with Easter chickens. However, this feast of eggs is “carried” by a rabbit. Although this animal has nothing to do with the church, and even with the resurrected Jesus, in the last decades it has become a commercial symbol of Easter, even in our region. Where the rabbit is in the whole story?

Rabbit may not be in the Bible, but pagan beliefs are full of stories about him. The original Easter rabbit is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. His mating with Eggs and Easter probably took place at the beginning of the 16th century in Germany, where there were records of how many children eagerly awaited the arrival of “Oschter Haws” – a rabbit who puts colored eggs into the nest on Easter morning.

The rabbit, or hare, was still a symbol of fertility in the time before Christianity, and in the Anglo-Saxon peoples it represented the epithelial embodiment of the fertility goddess Eastre. Hence the name for Easter in most countries.

Rabbits and rabbits were then known as the animals with the fastest breeding capability and were the symbol of the new birth of life in the spring, when the pagan feast of spring arrival was celebrated. During these celebrations, it was believed that the hare brought eggs as a symbol of a new life.

Similarly, Easter eggs have pagan origins. The use of eggs as a symbol goes back to the distant past. Eggs in Mesopotamia were symbolically linked to the fertility god of Astarte. In the centuries before the emergence of Christianity, people exchanged eggs in the spring, again as a symbol of new life, abundance and birth. Rich people donated eggs covered with golden leaves, while ordinary people painted eggs with herbs and leaves.

The Egyptians still put eggs in the graves of their deceased. Later, the old Greeks are doing it. The Roman proverb says “All life comes from eggs”.

Especially the customs of giving eggs were widespread among the Germanic and Slovenian peoples. The gift of a colorful egg on Easter, according to folk belief, brings happiness, and this custom began to spread around 1000 years.

Biblical Maning of Rabbits in Dreams – Interpretation

Seeing a rabbit – If you had a dream about a rabbit, this means you are about to gain something very valuable. Rabbits are overall positive symbols in dreams and are very positive symbols to dream about. This dream in particular is going to bring you a lot of good energy and optimism, so be prepared for something good to happen to you.

Rabbit in your home – Seeing a rabbi in your home is a symbol of children. You are thinking about starting a family or you are thinking about your own children. Maybe you are regretting for not giving them enough attention and love when you can.

Killing a rabbit – If you killed or shot a rabbit in your dream, then you are about to stumble upon some issues in your life. the problems you are about to face are not going to be major, but they still need some taking care of and quick action.


Being a rabbit – When you had a dream where you were a rabbit, this means you are going to be asked for help by someone you know. This person is going to ask for your help and assistance, so you should be kind and open up your arms for this person. You never know how this person can help you in the future.

Feeding a rabbit – If you were feeding a rabbit in your dream, then you are going to help someone overcome a difficult moment in life. This person could be a close friend or relative, so make sure you give this person a good advice.

Hungry rabbit – When rabbit in your dream was hungry, this means you are feeling regretful about something in life. The sooner you let go of this guilt, the sooner you are going to move on with your life so stop thinking about bad things.

Bloody rabbit – If there was blood on your rabbit in the dream, this means you are going to be gossiped by someone. You need to look out for people who are pretending to be your friends when actually they are only there to get information from you.

Tamed rabbit – This dream represents fertility and it tells you that you can soon expect newborns to visit your family. Perhaps you or someone close to you is going to get a baby, and you will be more than happier to welcome new additions to the family.

Rabbit attacking you – If you had a dream in which the rabbit attacked you, this means you are going to get in conflict with someone you love. This person is going to provoke you with their behavior and you will be forced to get in further discussion about something. Just make sure you don’t insult this person because it will be hard to get back on track when it comes to your relationship.

White rabbit – Dreams about white rabbits are symbols of your desire for love or affection you are already showing to your partner. This dream indicates that you are ready to give love to your partner and make him the happiest person alive. If you are still single, then this dream is letting you know that you are a person full of love who will certainly make someone very happy.