Biblical Meaning of Horses in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Long before the Israelites, the neighboring cultures had horses and carriages, e.g. the Egyptians (Gen 47,17, Ex 9,3, Ex 14,9,23), the Canaanites (Ri 1,19, Ri 5:22) and the Philistines (1 Sam 13,5).

If horses were captured in the event of a victory, the animals were often killed to prevent further use in the war (Josh. 11,6.9; 2Sam 8,4), which shows that even for a long time the Israelites didn’t care for the well-being of the animals at all.

Only in the time of the kings animals in Israel become important as useful animals for the chariots (2 Kings 10: 2, 1 Kings 22: 4).

The importance of horses grew in Israel (2 Kings 9:18) and only increased in Persian times. Although numerous horse figurines can be found from the 8th Century BC.

However, this does not allow any conclusion on the real meaning of the horses in Israel. People admired the warhorses in the Assyrian and Egyptian army of this time (weapons).

On the other hand, these figures may have played a meaning within family piety and acted as protective symbols.

The sons of David acquired their own chariots and horses, and at the same time their claim to the kingship became possible (2 Samuel 15: 1; 1 Kings 1: 5). But under Solomon, according to the Old Testament, horses and chariots are found in such numbers that the army was strengthened and effective resistance to the enemys was possible (1 Kings 5: 6; 1 Kings 10: 25f).

However, supplying the animals with food was a great expense (1 Kings 5: 8).

The paradise of the earth lies on the back of the horses, it is often said. Even in the dream interpretation, the horse is seen as a positive symbol. What this symbol actually represents?

Dream interpretation – Horse

Even many writers had the opinion that the horse is in itself a lucky charm. In poems, riding a horse is on the same level with physical health and love for a woman. Even in the interpretation of dreams, a horse is usually associated with something positive.

In some situations, however, it can also be a bad sign or sign of impending danger or potency/libido loss. What does it mean when a horse appears in our dreams?

What the dream symbol horse means

Dreams look down to the bottom of our soul. They can tell us a lot about ourselves and what moves us.

Every dream is unique, but some symbols always find their way into our dreams – as does the horse.

What’s up with this dream symbol? If you see a horse in a dream, it stands for the power that is available to you at the moment. Depending on what color and physical constitution the horse has in your dream and how it interacts with you, this dream is related to your health.

Mending interpretation white horse

A white horse says that you are a very experienced, wise person. Others can learn something from you, you look up to them.


Dream interpretation black horse

If you dream of a black horse, it indicates that you are longing for an adventure. It also symbolizes the passion that is inside of you.

Dream interpretation brown horse

Brown horses underline the sensible, down-to-earth side in you. Maybe there is an important decision you have to make? Then you should rely on the hidden part of your personality.

Dream interpretation white horse

White horses stand for death. If such a horse appears in your dreams, it can mean that a person who is close to you might die.

Dream Interpretation Horse ride

Riding a horse expresses a desire to gain control over something . Riding fast on a horse through woods and meadows, symbolizes the animal’s unbridled passion, thirst for adventure and the urge for freedom.

If you move rather leisurely, you want to bring more order into your life, especially in your relationship.

Seeing a free-running horse in a dream

If you see a free-running horse in a dream, it symbolizes the urge for independence. Preserving the independence will be your task.

See a jumping horse in the dream

If a jumping horse appears in your dreams, you may be happy: overcome obstacles with ease, challenges are going to let you blossom.

Dream symbol unruly horse

If you see a wild, unbridled horse in a dream, it stands for the rich harvest, which you will soon enter.

The wildness indicates that until then you have a lot of work to do – after all, the horse has not been tamed yet.

See a horse in the stable

The stable itself symbolizes luck and favorable circumstances. The horse in the stable stands for prosperity and future success that you can book.

Dream symbol horse in the saddle

A saddled horse means great career opportunities and increased prestige. If you are stuck in the saddle, you are well protected. You have a bright future ahead of you.

Dream Interpretation Horse Attack

If you are attacked in the dream by a horse, you must prepare for a weakening of your own strength. If the horse attack or comes after you, it may indicate the fear of being hurt.

Dream interpretation aggressive horse

In the dream interpretation, an aggressive horse embodies energies that are difficult to control.

Women who dream of an aggressive, impetuous horse, want a strong partner, that can protect them. Physically, they would like to take control.

Petting a horse in the dream

If the horse enjoys your petting, the dream indicates that you are very balanced and your life is characterized by harmony. Sometimes the animal stands for the partner who desires more attention, romance or tenderness.

Horse dies in a dream

The death of a horse or a sick horse in a dream indicates that you put too much pressure on yourself.

You are stressed and weakened as a result. When a horse dies in the dream, it is a clear warning to pay more attention to yourself, to take your needs more seriously. You may also have to bury a dream or a plan because it is not feasible.

Dream symbol old horse

If an old, frail horse appears in your dreams, you are overwhelmed with a situation, which you did not want to admit yet. The dream indicates that you have to spare yourself more. In some dreams horses do not appear directly, but objects or persons who deal with horses do.

Harness and horse ropes in a dream

If you see a horse harness in a dream, you are facing a career change or a job change. If you are offered a new harness, you have an enjoyable journey ahead of you. If there is a horse rope in your dream, a former friend will return to your life.