Biblical Meaning of Grapes in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

In the Bible, dreams emerge in critical situations of individuals or a whole national community, marking a turning point. So with Jacob on the run (Gen 28,10-22). In Genesis 40, two imprisoned Pharaoh officials dream of the impending turn in their lives.

The economic crisis due to a drought in Egypt manifests itself in the dream of the ruler (Gen. 41). Gideon gets a dream on the fringe of the enemy camp that encourages him (Ri 7: 13-14). The foster father of Jesus, Joseph, dreams and by following the talk of God, he ensures the survival of the Messiah (Mt 1: 20-21, 2: 19-20). The Oriental astrologers walk on a detour to their homeland because of a dream to protect the divine child (Mt 2:12). Incidentally, in the time of salvation prophetic dreams are promised to the young and old Israelites (Joel 3,1 and Acts 2:17).

These events make it clear that dreams can evidently convey decisive information for coping with life-threatening situations. God also leads through dreams: because of a dream, Jacob enters the return journey to his homeland (Gen 31:11, 13). So dreams are one of the means by which God communicates His will.

In the Old Testament, one can distinguish between dreams of revelation, through which God communicates himself, and which the dreaming understands without any help in interpreting, and symbolic dreams that require interpretation. Dreams of Revelation are dreamed by members of the Jewish people, symbolic dreams of pagans. Joseph interprets the dreams of the Egyptian officials of Pharaoh and Daniel the political dream of the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 2,1-49; 3,31-4,34). Dream interpretation remains in the Old Testament an event that we cannot dispose of and is bound to God’s will and wisdom (Gen. 41:16).

What about dream-interpretation books that give each symbol an explanation? An Arabic proverb says, “The dream of the hungry is bread.” We find similar words in Isaiah 29: 8. Moods and thoughts of the day can flow into the dream, a stressful current life situation can play a role, even far back memories and unconscious are processed in the dream. Dream symbols, such as. As house, bread, water, fire, etc. usually have a very individual meaning.

Therefore it is to be assumed, which connection the dreaming has to these symbols, whether he combines positive feelings with it or negative ones, whether he associates good experiences or experiences with them or not. Because it is his dream, above all, he himself can interpret and understand his dream.

The question remains whether God still talks through dreams, uses them today. Even though many of us, because of our Western Christian character, do not attach much importance to dreams or are skeptical about them, we must take note of the fact that it often happens that the Orientals dream of seeing Jesus.

Someone was given a Bible in the dream, or someone else got the instruction of a light-hearted figure to leave a certain place that is detrimental to his life and future. He sure thinks to whom he tells his dream. If God uses dreams so that people turn to Him, see their guilt before God, and recognize their Savior in Jesus, then we should thank God for reaching people in this way. We also know of dreams of Orientals that are less understandable.

Biblical Meaning of Grapes in Dreams – Interpretation

The Bible contains a differentiated wine-grape symbolism. The Hebrew word enab and the Greek word staphylä mean a bunch of grapes full of berries.

However, in the Hebrew Bible we come across another word for grapes, eshkol. The linguistic root of this word (shkl) means “childless”. Since in Hebrew only the consonants are significant – the vowels can be pronounced differently in the individual words (as in German dialects!) – “grape” (eshkol) and “childless” (shakol) are the same word. What do these two words have in common?

Although the word eshkol is usually translated as “grape”, it actually refers only to the stalk (the panicle) on which the berries grow. It is therefore sometimes emphasized that it is a grape with berries. So the spies bring a bunch of berries from the Promised Land 2 and Pharaoh’s upper mouthpiece dreams of grapes with berries.

If a grape has no berries, then you can see the childless (= berryless) stem framework. But if the grape carries herlings (hard, inedible grapes), then you do not see the stem framework. The grape then has the appearance of a fruit-bearing grape, but not its reality.

Biblical Meaning of Grapes in Dreams – Meaning

Certainly a well-known scene: We enjoy the sight of grapes and put us in the mouth with relish and joy. But instead of the expected sweetness we taste something completely different. Our mouth is tightening. Unfortunately we got a sour instead of a sweet grape.

What does it mean when grapes appear in our dreams? How can the dream symbol be interpreted? Which interpretations does the dream interpretation know?

Dream symbol “grapes” – The general interpretation

At the general level of dream interpretation, grapes in the dream symbolize in the first place a good health constitution for the dreaming. Interesting for the interpretation of the dream symbol are also different accompanying circumstances. The sight of sweet grapes in a dream tells the dreaming about love, security and tenderness. Acid grapes as a dream symbol indicate difficulties in the watch world. The dreaming will only be able to solve these if he shows himself to be lenient.

If the grapes are hanging on a vine in a dream, this indicates the general interpretation of the dream as an indication of future success.


However, the dreaming will have to make an effort to reach them. Ripe grapes in the dream symbolize a very good state of health. If the grapes in the dream are not only ripe, but also sweet, the dreaming in the watch world can look forward to happiness and satisfaction in love matters. The grape harvest in the dream interprets the general interpretation of dreams as a symbol of an early acquaintance. The pressing of grapes during sleep announces the farewell of a good friend in the awake life. If the dreaming grapes are pressed in a dream, it behaves very virtuously in awake life.

Important for the dream interpretation is also the color of the grapes in the dream. White grapes as a dream symbol promise profits as well as harmony and joy in the family area. In contrast, red grapes in dreams bring sorrow or sadness with them. If the grapes are blue in the dream, this is interpreted as a sign of misfortune or damage.

If the Dreaming Grape eats in a dream, it generally has to be prepared for a number of worries and difficulties in the awake life. If the grapes as a dream symbol are accompanied by the fear that they are poisonous, the general dream interpretation here clarifies to the dreaming here that he should not be too self-confident. His successes could otherwise quickly turn into the opposite.

Dream symbol “grapes” – The psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “grapes” as a sign of the eternal life energy. The enjoyment of sweet grapes in the dream psychologically points to loving moments with the partner in the awake life. Acid grapes as a dream symbol, however, symbolize jealous feelings of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “grapes” – The spiritual interpretation

Following the Greek myths, the dream symbol “grapes” is interpreted in the spiritual dream interpretation as a sign of wisdom and immortality.