Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

In the Old Testament, as in the tradition of the neighboring cultures of Israel, we encounter dreams only in the literary form of dream narratives, so that nothing more can be said about the dreams of people.

The biblical dream narratives always aim to express divine revelations. They announce the future or call for certain acts. Distinguish pictorial dreams and speech dreams. In the former, the emphasis is on the description of images and events, which, however, must first be interpreted in order to convey a divine message. The latter contain formulated divine speeches and must therefore be understood as already interpreted dreams. Particular weight is placed on dreams in the history of Joseph.

In the dream people do not only see pictures, but dynamic scenes. They also hear something or feel movements. After waking up, the dream often disappears quickly. Therefore, it must be put into words to be passed on orally or in writing. The language simplifies and unifies the ambiguous content. If the “dream material” (Freud) is fixed in writing as a “dream count” by means of a certain set of forms, the content interpretation has already been completed.

The oldest written tradition of a human dream dates back to the 25th century BC. The southern Mesopotamian plain tells of a divine encounter in his sleep, without directly speaking of the dream: when the ruler E-Ana-tum lies down, his god Ninĝirsu meets him (compare Zgoll, 17f).

However, such ancient traditions are not to be understood as subjective dream protocols, but rather as documents embedded and functionalized in social communication structures – be it everyday texts such as letters and administrative documents, texts of minerals or certain parts of larger epic works.

In the Hebrew Bible all the dreams told are long-handed and eventually canonized literature. Therefore, the stories are no longer to see whether they were based on real dreams. Often they only take over literary functions in the narrative context. In some cases, God’s speeches dominate the visual content so much that the dream’s vision disappears almost completely behind them (for example, Gen. 31:24, Gen 46: 1-5). If not even the night time or the state of sleep are mentioned, formally no dream can be proven. The number of dream narratives preserved in the Bible is limited. Therefore, for their proper understanding, the traditions of Israel’s environment must be consulted.

Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream – Interpretation

The egg (Hebrew bêṣāh, Greek ōion) is rarely found in the Bible. The eggs of wild birds were collected gladly, because they represented a change in the food supply. However, it was forbidden to take a mother bird with the eggs from the nest. In the background of this ban should be the respect for the parent-child relationship, which is to be respected by humans also with regard to animals: “the being that is about to pass on life must not be killed at the same time as the being, is about to become viable ” This rule applies to birds, both for the already hatched chicks and for the eggs. There are references in pictures to the eggs of the serpents, the partridge and the ostrich.

Fascinating and disturbing at the same time, dreaming shaped the self-understanding of all epochs and cultures. The sleep stages detected today were already observed in antiquity. People were overwhelmingly convinced that dreams can speak as much about present and future reality as waking experiences. There were also occasional voices of criticism that remained skeptical or reserved about the practice of interpretation and the future significance of dreams (for example, Aristotle, De divinatione per somnia, Cicero, De divinatione). In some cultures, such as the ancient Egyptian (Zibelius-Chen, 280.282f), the dream was even understood as a separate state between sleep and watch, in which the soul leaves the body and the other side of the ancestors and gods traveled (see Hornung / Schweizer ). Thus, death and destiny were closely linked to the dream.

In ancient Israel, the dream was considered as important as in the neighboring cultures: In Hi 33,14-18 the literary figure Elihu ( Job Book) formulates the widely accepted doctrine of antiquity (which, among other things, can also be found in Native American societies, cf. Ahrens, 60): God’s thoughts are usually expressed in human dream thoughts; conversely, dream thoughts can be thoughts of God. Therefore, it was important to understand the ciphers and codes of the ambiguous images in order to recognize the divine will or the future destiny (assuming the dream) to align their own life and possibly to prevent bad by apotropaic rituals (Solution of the dream).

Physically or purely intrapsychic-related dreams were registered, but not regarded as valuable. In Homer’s Odyssey (XIX, 560ff.) Penelope teaches her homecoming, unrecognized husband the distinction of the two doors, from which all dreams come, one of ivory (ἐλέφας), the other from Horn (κέρας). Lucian of Samosata (Vera Historia II, 33) knows the temples of deception (ἀπάθη) and truth (ἀλήθεια).

Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream – Meaning

For many, the origin of life lies in the egg. Not least because of the philosophical question of what first existed – the egg or the chicken? What is certain is that the egg is a perfect biological system to provide protection and nourishment for a developing life in the initial stages of its existence. The yolk of a hen’s egg, for example, contains valuable, high-energy reserve substances that provide the small embryo with nutrients until, as a chick, it is large enough to break the eggshell and hatch in the nest. In addition, the constant supply of heat plays an important role in the development of the offspring in the egg, which is why oviparous animals usually breed.

The laid egg of some animal species serves humans as a source of food because it provides valuable proteins. We especially like to eat chicken eggs, peel and peel them. As a baking ingredient, we beat it into dough or process it in the raw state to scrambled eggs. We pour dough of eggs, flour and milk into the hot pan and look forward to fresh pancakes or crepes. At Easter, we dye the egg, paint it elaborately and decorate it; throwing eggs at Easter is a popular custom in many regions of Germany.

In China, the rotten egg is even considered a delicacy, while a duck egg is 100 days in a pudding mix of loam, water, salt, lime juice and herbs inserted and fermented. The result is a black egg that tastes very aromatic.

How does the interpretation interpret the symbol “egg”? What are the interpretations of this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “egg” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “egg” in the general dream interpretation is an indication to the dreaming that he should make himself aware of his abilities. In the egg in the dream, so to speak, the life energy of the dreaming rests. In the general dream interpretation, there are a number of dream situations that can be interpreted differently. The sight or possession of an egg in the dream stands in the general dream interpretation for wealth, success in future projects and domestic harmony.

If the dreaming finds the dream symbol “egg” in his sleep, then he may expect in the watch world with a firm connection to another person. An engagement or a marriage cannot be ruled out either.


The discovery of a nest of eggs in dreams brings the dreaming money, possibly even an inheritance, and profits in the near future. By buying eggs while sleeping, the dreaming in the real life receives perks. If the dreaming sees a big egg in the dream or holds it in his hand, then this indicates an advantageous experience for him.

Eating an egg in a dream brings the dreaming in the watch world a stable and good health and profit. A beautiful chocolate egg asleep means the dreaming that he will soon meet a noble lady or a womanizer.

For the general interpretation of the dream, the color of the eggs is also important. Colorful eggs in the dream symbolize a large crowd of children. If the dream symbol “egg” is colored red, this indicates on the one hand a death or quarrels among friends, on the other hand a possible fire. A yellow egg in the dream can be interpreted as the advance notice of a disease.

Further general interpretations of the dream symbol “egg” are:

  • Dropping an egg: Clashes and talk are imminent, but setbacks must be overcome
  • The sight of freshly broken eggs: happiness weighs the dreaming; his zest for life and his sense of justice add to his popularity
  • See rotten broken eggs: quarrels or losses
  • Watching a chicken lay an egg: good news arrives
  • opening an egg and finding a chick in it: a lottery win is possible or other profits are put into the house
  • Watching a chick emerge from an egg: a happy event within the family improves the current life situation
  • Take egg out of the nest: means blessing for the dreaming
  • See bird eggs: indicates an inheritance from distant relatives
  • Looking for Easter eggs: early love affair
  • Lazy egg: gossip and libel for the dreaming, which can also lead to the loss of his wealth
  • To throw a rotten egg at another person: an injustice committed will come back to you and take revenge
  • To be pelted with eggs: the dream may be pursued
  • To be sullied with eggs: the dreamer gets too much with successes from dubious actions
  • A basket full of eggs: profitable business is completed
  • Make egg dishes: an interesting person will invite the dreamer
  • Making omelet from eggs: new acquaintances
  • Pancakes: stands for enthusiasm, merit and development
  • Rotten egg dishes: possible fights in the family
  • Boiled egg: brings joy to the dreamer.

Dream symbol “egg” – The psychological interpretation

Psychologically interpreted, the dream symbol “egg” symbolizes life and fertility as well as rebirth. At the same time it stands for something new or changing. Basically, the dream symbol “egg” usually has a positive meaning in the psychological interpretation of dreams.

In addition, with the egg in the dream the insight of the dreaming is linked, that in hectic times also moments of peace and reflection must follow. For only in this way can the dreaming process his experiences in the watch world and sort them correctly in his life.