Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Babbies – Interpretation and Meaning

In the Bible, dreams emerge in critical situations of individuals or a whole national community, marking a turning point. The foster father of Jesus, Joseph, dreams and by following the talk of God, he ensures the survival of the Messiah. The Oriental astrologers walk on a detour to their homeland because of a dream to protect the divine child. Incidentally, in the time of salvation prophetic dreams are promised to the young and old Israelites.

These events make it clear that dreams can evidently convey decisive information for coping with life-threatening situations. God also leads through dreams: because of a dream, Jacob enters the return journey to his homeland. So dreams are one of the means by which God communicates His will.

In the Old Testament, one can distinguish between dreams of revelation, through which God communicates himself, and which the dreaming understands without any help in interpreting, and symbolic dreams that require interpretation. Dreams of Revelation are dreamed by members of the Jewish people, symbolic dreams of pagans. Joseph interprets the dreams of the Egyptian officials of Pharaoh and Daniel the political dream of the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar. Dream interpretation remains in the Old Testament an event that we cannot dispose of and is bound to God’s will and wisdom.

What about dream-interpretation books that give each symbol an explanation? An Arabic proverb says, “The dream of the hungry is bread.” We find similar words in Isaiah 29: 8. Moods and thoughts of the day can flow into the dream, a stressful current life situation can play a role, even far back memories and unconscious are processed in the dream. Dream symbols, such as house, bread, water, fire, etc. usually have a very individual meaning.

Therefore it is to be assumed, which connection the dreaming has to these symbols, whether he combines positive feelings with it or negative ones, whether he associates good experiences or experiences with them or not. Because it is his dream, above all, he himself can interpret and understand his dream.

The question remains whether God still talks through dreams, uses them today. Even though many of us, because of our Western Christian character, do not attach much importance to dreams or are skeptical about them, we must take note of the fact that it often happens that the Orientals dream of seeing Jesus.

Someone was given a Bible in the dream, or someone else got the instruction of a light-hearted figure to leave a certain place that is detrimental to his life and future. He sure thinks to whom he tells his dream. If God uses dreams so that people turn to Him, see their guilt before God, and recognize their Savior in Jesus, then we should thank God for reaching people in this way. We also know of dreams of Orientals that are less understandable. By telling this dream, mature Christians who are guided by the Spirit of God can give their impression.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Babies – Interpretation

For God, children are no burden. He does not find them annoying or disturbing. But on the contrary. Psalm 127, verse 3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; those who receive them will be rewarded richly. »Of course, children will cost energy, time and nerves. But never forget how much your efforts are worthwhile for the little ones, whether they are your own children or not.

The verses 13-16 from Psalm 139 are among the most beautiful parts of the Bible, however valuable the little ones are for God: “Of course, you yourself have formed my inner self, put me together in the womb of my mother. I praise you that I have become wonderful in an amazing way. Wonderful are your works, I recognize that very well. When I took shape in secret, artfully crafted in the depths of the earth, I was not invisible to you. You already saw me when I was an embryo. And they were all written in your book, the days that were already formed before the first began. ”

Yes, it is exhausting to be strict, to set limits and to educate. However, the Bible encourages children to help themselves in this way: “Educate your child at a young age – it will not forget education as it grows older.” (Proverbs, chapter 22, verse 6)

The Bible also encourages children to explain early on that God is our father and friend and how to treat other people with love. When Moses had received the Ten Commandments, he said: “Keep the words in my heart that I tell you today! Emboss them on your children. Speak always and everywhere about whether you are at home or on the way, whether you lay down to sleep or get up. “(Deuteronomy, chapter 6, verse 6)

And the Bible has even more educational tips to encourage, not frustrate, “Do not excite your children to wrath, but educate them according to the standards and admonitions of the Lord.” (Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 4)

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Babies – Meaning

As with the reality, in the dream of a newborn or a baby, it signifies the fulfillment of desires, the new beginning and the need to correct the bad traits that make us unhappy. Baby dreams are very rarely negative.

To dream of your newborn, your baby – If you see your newborn in a dream, it indicates that you will dedicate more time to yourself. It is possible that you have decided to reorganize your life and return to the long forgotten goals. You will try to get to know things that have pleased you and restore contact with people whom you wrongly neglected.

Dream of a newborn baby – If you see a newborn baby in a dream, that means happiness is present at your home. You will probably realize that members of your family are the only ones who will find you in good and bad and why you will try to be better than they are before. Only a little tolerance will be enough to bring peace and tranquility to your home.

Dream of holding the baby – This means that you are aware of the compromise that you have made. It is possible that you are not satisfied with the terms set for you on an emotional and business plan. You will not be sure whether you are willing to sacrifice free time to progress at work, and whether you will sacrifice your freedom to stay with your partner.


Dreaming of losing a newborn baby – When you lose your baby in a dream, it implies that you are afraid of responsibility. You are a person who has many desires, but as soon as you get to the point of their achievement, you retreat and give up. Somehow you always manage to convince yourself that you cannot do anything and you only listen to people who confirm it.

Dreaming of a baby crying – If a newborn baby cries in a dream, it implies that you will be left to yourself. It may happen that you will find yourself in a situation that will be new and uncertain, and you will have to choose your own. People who care about you will not interfere in letting you become independent and engage in a struggle called life, or will not interfere with some of their inner discord. In any case, you should not resent their inactivity and lethargy.

Dream that you have a baby – When you have a baby in your sleep, it’s an indication that you should bring some joy to your everyday life. Routine has dominated your life and it makes you unhappy. You’d better feel if you started practicing a sport or doing a hobby that you enjoyed. Even if you are older, it’s never too late to learn a foreign language or martial arts.

Dreaming a dead baby – If you dream of a stillborn baby, it can mean that you are concerned with the cause, but that you will find a way out of this situation. The most important thing about you is how you will look at life’s problems.

Dream of how to feed a baby – This means that you are waiting to resolve the misunderstanding you are involved with. It is possible that your friends or partner have heard the untruth about you from malicious people. You will try to resolve these disagreements with the conversation with the remark that they are next to see what they believe and trust.

If you’re dreaming of an unusual baby – What you long wanted, will finally come true. You did a lot of work on yourself and you deserved to start doing wonderful things.

If you dream about turning into a baby – Too much obligation is on you, and the family does not notice it. You feel undervalued and you wish someone would recognize your effort.

Dream about bathing a baby – Good health, happiness and long life is what you can expect after having this dream.