Biblical Meaning of Cooking in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

“In this sign you will conquer,” said a voice to Emperor Constantine in the dream before the decisive battle for rule in the Roman Empire. Was the victory about 1,700 years ago thanks to a dream? In the dream the emperor is said to have seen a cross which his soldiers later painted on their shields and won.

Thus the story of Constantine became part of God’s plan and marked with a dream the birth of the Christian Occident.

Even in the oldest written evidence by a woman Christian script, the Acta Perpetuae et Felicitatis from the year 203, can be found tales of dreams. The author Perpetua, a wealthy woman in Roman Carthage, was sentenced to death because she did not want to renounce the Christian faith. Perpetua describes her dreams in the dungeon. At night she is confronted with dark, frightening scenes. The scenes change from dream to dream – until she finally emerges victorious. She escapes the death penalty in the arena, but commits suicide.

In the Old Testament Jacob plays an important role, he is considered the progenitor of Israel. He is the favorite son of his parents and gets the right of the firstborn. Therefore, he is on the run from his brother Esau. According to the book of Moses, he sees in the dream a ladder that reaches from the earth to the sky. He sees angels ascending and descending. At the top, Joseph discovers God, who promises him land and a great offspring.

When Jacob wakes up, he says, “How holy is this place! Here is nothing but the house of God, and here is the gate of heaven. “So Jacob takes the stone on which he slept, raises it up, and pours oil over it. He calls this place Bethel, one of the most important places in the Bible. Today it is believed to be near the Palestinian village of Beitin in the West Bank.

Joseph is a son of Jacob. He is not very popular among his brothers, especially because of his dreams. In the first dream, the grain bundles of the brothers bow to their own. In his second dream, the sun, moon and stars, symbols for his family, bow to him – that’s where his brothers are too much. They sell him to a caravan and Joseph reaches Egypt. There he ends up innocently imprisoned and interprets the dreams of his fellow prisoners, including servants of the pharaoh.

The Pharaoh has two unusual dreams: he sees seven fat cows, which are eaten by dry cows and seven withered ears devour seven full ears. No fortune teller can interpret those dreams. A cupbearer remembers Josef, whom he met in prison. Joseph explains to Pharaoh that Egypt is facing seven fruitful years and seven years of hunger. But this interpretation is not from him, but from God. So Joseph gets a good position with the pharaoh.

Biblical Meaning of Cooking in Dreams – Interpretation

Cooking, nutrition and just eating together are not just the Bible’s basis of life. In our society, eating together, but also the question of what we eat, is becoming increasingly important.

Cooking is a common phenomenon in the media. A variety of cooking videos can be found on Youtube, cookbooks for all ages are in the bookstores. But cooking shows are also lined up on television. It is no longer pre-cooked for housewives in the morning in the television programs of star chef’s lunch.

In the afternoon, amateur cooks compete against each other to convince various star chefs of their culinary skills. Even on prime time on Sunday evening, cooking shows are going on against the crime scene. The night before, you can see strangers inviting each other and cooking the perfect meal for each other. It is eaten together and it creates a community of strangers.

The question of nutrition is becoming more and more in the focus: meat or no meat or completely abstain from animal products or food as in the Stone Age (Paleo diet), but it should still taste it.

The Bible can keep up with this trend. Biblical cooking is one of them. The Bible as a book about people who live their lives with God’s guidance is also written about everyday things. “We cannot find complete recipes, but with what the Bible teaches, and some imagination, the most delicious dishes can be cooked.” Many different foods are named; much tells how people ate together.

A community project “Biblical cooking” is suitable for different groups and ages: for new or existing groups who want to do something different; in the women’s or men’s circle who want to put the Bible at the center of attention; for a bible study who would like to discover the bible in a different way; as an action on a confirm and free time; but also as a team formation in the parish council.

There are many more. The story that should be the basis for cooking together depends on the group: How much prior experience do the participants have with the Bible? Which stories do you already know? For an inexperienced group, I first selected the story of Jacob and Esau, as it was known to most of the participants so that the story could be learned in a new way.

For a more experienced group, it can also be interesting to study the Jewish dietary laws and experience the consequences of cooking them. The story can be placed at the beginning of the joint action along with some cooking and nutritional information. Thus, the participants also have the opportunity during cooking to share their stories.

Biblical Meaning of Cooking in Dreams – Meaning

Cooking in a dream – In general, this dream represents joy and making others happy. You are the type of person who feels good when you help others and make them enjoy the moments they spend with you. This dream is telling you that you are a kind person, always ready to help others and make them feel good about themselves.


Cooking in a large bowl – If you were cooking in a large bowl for a lot of people, this means you are going to be wrongly understood. This dream is telling you to be careful and not to let others run your life. You need to say what you mean without being afraid of other people’s words and sayings.

Cooking for your partner – If you were cooking for your partner in your dream, this means you want to make your loved one happy and you want to see him smiling. Your partner means a lot to you and you would like to see him happy. This dream is also a symbol of your desire to be closer to your partner and to be by his side.

Cooking and crying – When you were crying in your dream while cooking, this means you are going to be deeply hurt by the people who are closest to you. They are probably going to do something that you won’t like and hurt you deeply. This dream can also represent your desire to break out of the shackles you are in, because you would like to finally feel free.

Someone cooking for you – When someone was cooking for you in your dream, this means you have someone who loves and cares about you. This person is there to help you and make you feel happy, so be thankful for such a person. This dream can also symbolize the admiration someone has for you, and this secret admirer is certainly doing his or her best to sweep you of your feet.

Burning something when cooking – If the food you were preparing got burned, this means you are going to disappoint someone close to you. Your actions or your words are going to make his person feel betrayed and sad, so be careful what you say and how you say something. This dream can also symbolize financial loss or any other kind of loss, for example emotional loss. Be prepared for whatever is coming your way and don’t pay attention to the things or people who are no longer a part of your life.

Dream about cooking for a lot of people – This dream symbolizes the stress you are feeling because you are responsible for so many people. You feel like everyone is expecting a lot from you and you don’t know how to repay them and make them proud. Focus on yourself and don’t worry too much about other people’s opinions if you want to be happy.