Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams in the Bible had a very significant meaning. The dreams were often seen as premonitions and people blindly believed in these stories. Dreams were a way of communication between deities and humans.

Dreams are definitely a strange occurrence and scientists are still trying to find a way to describe what dreams are and what is their importance in our lives.

In this text we are going to see the Biblical meaning of cats and their importance in our dreams as a symbol.

Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams – Interpretation

It can be read again and again that cats are not mentioned in the Bible. But this is not true. I’ve found three places in the Bible where cats play a role.

In the apocryphal Book of Baruch, chapter 6, verses 19-22, states, “It is their [the false gods in Babylon] like a bar at the temple: their interior is, it is said, eaten away. But they do not notice the worms that come out of the earth and consume them with their robes. Their faces are blackened by the smoke rising in the temple. On her body and on her head, bats, swallows and other birds settle down, as do cats. By this you realize that they are not gods. So do not fear her! ”

The prophet Isaiah proclaims in the 34th chapter of his book (verses 9 and 13-14) a judgment of God concerning the Edomites: “Then Edom’s brooks will turn to bad luck and his earth into sulfur; yes, his land will become burning pitch … and thorns will grow in his palaces, nettles and thistles in his castles; and that will be a dwelling place for the Jackal … and wildcats will meet with hyenas, and one demon will meet the other. ”

Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams – Meaning

The cat has been a symbol of independence, beauty and affection for ages. Statistics indicate that the domestic cat has been displacing the dog for a long time from the first place on the list of popular pets. The soft coat, her gentle purring and her smooth demeanor know to fascinate. Especially a black cat with piercing green eyes knows how to fascinate, a cat baby makes many hearts melt.

However, the love of a kitty you have to conquer, neither by food nor by treats can be bribed this royal animal. Your individuality is unique. The animal that is so often associated with femininity is cuddly and self-reliant at the same time. And it does not matter if it’s the kitty or the cat.

What does the animal mean?

Who sees a cat as a dream symbol in his sleep, is in a certain way similar to the animal. For the dream interpretation sees in the pet a sign of the independence and the desire for freedom of the dreaming.

Also, cats are traditionally for wisdom and luck.

Dreams in which cats occur are not only common but also have very different meanings. So that you can analyze your cat’s dream optimally, you will find the most important dream symbols here:

A cat hisses in the dream

When a cat snarls in the dream world, it is considered a warning of a negative message or of evil in general. Pay more attention to threats and dangers in the watch world, especially with regard to your professional and romantic life. Are there problems at the moment in the job or in the relationship?

Beware of the cat: dreams of a cat scratching and biting

In the dream, it can happen that a cat scratches and bites. This action of a stubentiger is interpreted in the interpretation of dreams as a bad omen. That the cat bites and scrapes is a possible sign of betrayal and quarrels that you should better avoid.

A cat licks and drinks in the dream

Licking and drinking are two typical things a cat does in a dream. If you look at how a cat licks or drinks milk or something else, this can be seen as a symbol of a strong longing or passion. Soon you will fulfill your desires!

Dream Analysis: Cat turns into human

It is already a strange dream image: Suddenly the cat transforms into a human in a dream! Everyone will probably ask themselves the following morning what this dream means.

According to the dream interpretation you should pay particular attention to the people in which the cat has changed into. Was it a woman or a man? Did you know this person? It is also important which emotions you felt at that moment.


The cat is talking in the dream

As for many other animals, it can happen that in the dream a cat speaks. If this is the case in your dream, or even talking to a cat, it indicates a need for other people’s attention in the real world. Do you feel neglected or excluded at some point in your life? Also pay attention to the words of the cat, because these can be important in the correct interpretation of your dream.

A cat haunts me or attacks me in a dream

Despite the small size of a cat it is certainly not a pleasant feeling in the dream to live through the following: a cat attacks me or haunts me! Such a dream can be interpreted to mean that the pursuit by the cat symbolizes escape from certain emotions or situations. Imagine this in the watch world and you will gain the wisdom and strength of the cat.

The attack of a kitty stands for the fear of a new beginning, which is embodied by the velvet paw.

Dream of a peeing cat

“What’s up now, a cat pees on me!” – This will probably what the person who dreams is thinking about when a cat is peeing, and ruining his clothes while doing so. To see a peeing cat in a dream does not mean that one has to reckon with such a situation even in the real world. Rather, this dream image announces early happiness and learning new skills.

Dreaming to be bitten by a cat

An animal bite is usually neither nice nor a harmless in the dreams. If you were bitten by a cat in the dream, behind it hides a female person in your life who wants to harm you.

Several cats in the dream

Dream of 2 and 3 cats

Did you dream of 2 cats? Or maybe it was even 3 cats? If you want to interpret such a dream, you should consider the exact dream circumstances. Were the cats peaceful and cuddly? Then there is an indication that you are going to make up with your partner. If you have fought with each other, this can be interpreted as a warning.

5 or 7 cats appear in the dream

5 cats are already a lot. 7 of the small cats are already quite a few cats. But what has such a number of fur noses to look for in a dream? In this case, number symbolism plays a special role. The number 5 stands in the interpretation of dreams among other things for curiosity, courage and adventurousness, the number 7 sometimes for perfection and wholeness.