Biblical Meaning of Bread in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Many of the visions and dreams recorded in the Bible were of a prophetic nature, that is, they indicated what would happen in the future. By writing these prophecies, the biblical writers allowed us to check the credibility of their records and the entire Bible. Are the prophecies found in the Bible fulfilled? For example, consider the view we find in Dan. 8: 1-7.

These words are written by the prophet Daniel before the fall of the Babylonian Empire.

Daniel saw the ram in sight, and then the dagger that bowed to him and overthrew him. The prophet of God did not have to guess what this vision meant. God explained to him through the angel: “The ram you have seen, which has two horns, is the king of the Media and of Persia. The royal dagger is the king of Greece “(Dan. 8:20, 21).

History has confirmed that Medoc-Persian has conquered Babylon and has become a world force behind it. But after about two hundred years Medoc-Persia was endured by Greek ruler Alexander the Great. It is indeed a fascinating fact that this vision is fulfilled to the slightest details. Such credibility is a feature of all biblical prophecies, and so are the prophetic dreams. This is one of the attributes that make the Bible distinctly different from all other religious books. Bible prophecies are a powerful reason to give our faith to God’s Word.

Biblical meaning of Bread in Dreams – Interpretation

In the Bible, the bread is mentioned several hundred times. Bible writers often use it as a synonym for food. Jesus emphasized that God’s servants can be assured that God will hear them when he is praying: “Give us this bread for this day” (Matthew 6:11). The term “bread” in this line implies food in general. Jesus wanted to say that we can be sure God will give us every day the food we need (Psalm 37:25).

The words of Jesus alluded to the time when the Israelis were completely dependent on the food God had given them. That period began shortly after they left Egypt. About a month has passed since they came to the Sinai desert, and food supplies have dropped dramatically. They feared that they would die of hunger in that untroubled desolation, and began bitterly to complain that they had “eaten bread as much as they wanted” in Egypt.

Bread in Egypt was undoubtedly delicious. At Moses’ day, the excellent bakers offered Egyptians a variety of different types of bread, pastries and cakes. But Jehovah did not intend to leave his people without bread. He promised them, that the bread of heaven will fall to them.  And indeed, “the bread of heaven” appeared early in the morning. He was “just as fine as the snowflake” on the ground, and he reminded them of dew or frost. “What is this?” The Israelis asked when they first saw that strange appearance. Moses explained to them that this is the bread of Jehovah. That bread, which they fed for the next 40 years, they called “the manna”.

It may well be that bread, as well as many other things in life, begin to be considered something that is in itself understandable. But the Bible speaks of a special kind of bread that must not be underestimated. That bread, which Jesus compared it to the manna that the unwilling Israelites rejected, can bring us eternal blessings.

Many who listened to Jesus did not realize that he was talking about bread and body in the transmitted sense. But Jesus’ comparison was quite appropriate. The literal bread was the food Jews had to eat on a daily basis, such as the fever, which the Israelites ate for 40 years in the desert. Although the flaw was God’s gift, she could not give people eternal life. On the other hand, Jesus’ sacrifice enables those who believe in him to receive this reward. He is indeed the “bread of life”.

Bread is the basic food, the main part of the diet. Often you heard older when they say that it is proper to have bread in the house and what else it will be. It is also said to be body bread, and the rest for the soul. The bread is mentioned in Christianity as a symbol of the physical maintenance of the human body. In many cultures and metaphysically, bread is the basis of life sustainability.

Just as a symbol of the basic food, substances related to bread, is the essence of life and a good sign. These substances mean health, prosperity, family harmony, and goodness. Seeing bread in dreams can also be a symbol of spirituality.

From a psychological point of view, if you see bread in your sleep, it represents your basic living needs. The bread can symbolize the positive, high quality and magnificent things you have learned on your life course. An alternative interpretation of this dream suggests that you need to rise from the situation in which you have been found, and observe it as if you have grown up.

Biblical Meaning of Bread in Dreams – Meaning

Bread in dreams – Bread in dreams symbolizes spirituality and your desire to come back to the basic principles in your life. You are overburdened with everything that has been going on in your life and you wish to go back to the time when everything was much simpler and happier.

Eating bread – Dreams about eating bread are symbols of financial expenses. You are going to spend money carelessly, which is going to become a problem for you. It is best to stop and control your finances in time if you don’t want to see major problems pilling up.

Delicious bread – This dream indicates you have strong friends who are always there for you in every sense of this word. They have your back and are prepared to go to great lengths help you. You should make it up to them and be by their side just like they are next to you.

Old bread – Dream about old bread is a symbol of wasted opportunities and dreams. There was something you could have done to make a change in your life for better, but you missed this opportunity and now it is too late.


Fresh bread – This dream indicated a new beginning in your life that is about to take place soon. There are a lot of great things coming your way and you can be sure that things will be completely different once you see what they are.

Sharing bread with someone – This dream is a symbol of your desire to become closer to other people and to be in their surroundings. You feel a bit lonely and you would like to expand your circle of friends and socialize more, but something is preventing you from doing that. Be more outgoing and don’t be afraid to meet new people and give them a chance.

Throwing away bread – This dream symbolizes loss in every sense. Whether it will be a financial loss or personal loss, you are going to lose something important in your life. Be prepared to handle this loss as an adult and don’t run away from problems when they occur.

Small bread – Small bread symbolizes your desire to grow and become better. Currently you are feeling lost and not that proud of yourself and your actions, so you need to find a way to boost your confidence.

Large bread – his dream symbolizes financial gain. You might even win the lottery or gain money in some other way, but in any case you will be more than happy that this happened. You will be able to handle all your debts and resolve financial problems you had, so there is no need to worry about money problems anymore.

Spoiled bread – This dream symbolizes enemies and people who are not a fan of yours. You have a lot of people around you who want to see you fail and not succeed in any case. You need to distance yourself from these people and push forward until you reach your goal. Make sure you open your eyes for the people who call themselves your friends because their intentions could be different.

A lot of bread buns – Seeing a lot of bread in your dream symbolizes prosperity and happiness so be prepared to enjoy the upcoming period in your life. You are going to be more than happy and satisfied about the changes that are taking place.