Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Our dreams are pathways to our subconscious mind. Sometimes we dream about things we never think about, but without us even knowing it, these thoughts are definitely stored at the back of our mind.

In ancient times, dreams played an even more important role and people relied on their dreams to lead them through life and tell them which steps to take next. Dreams were there to tell us where we should go next, what are the things that we need to be careful of and how to overcome difficulties in life.

Biblical interpretation of our dreams is a combination of basic dream interpretation and biblical representations and views about certain objects and things. To interpret dreams we need to remember as much as possible about a certain dream and apply that meaning we got to our lives.

Sometimes the interpretations of our dreams can have a strong symbolic meaning and can completely change the way we look at certain things.

In today’s text, we will be talking about birds and their significance in our dreams. Besides that, we will see the way birds were portrayed in the Bible and what was their symbolic meaning.

Biblical meaning of birds

Bird symbolism in general has always been valuable and widely spread among cultures. The reason why people have a special connection with birds is because we always envied their ability to rise above the ground and fly to the sky. Before we had the ability to fly with planes and helicopters, there was no way a person could see the Earth from the sky and enjoy the beauty from the above.

However, the symbolic meaning of birds wasn’t always positive. Just like there are many different symbolic meanings of certain animals there are different symbolic meanings of specific bird species. Not all birds are the same; therefore their symbolism can’t be the same. Each species of birds had its own symbolic meaning and this symbolic meaning is something that lasted until today, and we can see it in popular symbolism of certain birds.

Birds are often used as Christian symbols, and their appearance in dreams is often linked to this general symbolism. Some species of birds were used as examples of certain virtues of the Christian soul and the Saints themselves.

A white dove, in the Bible, symbolizes the Holy Spirit. White doves often appear in stories in the Bible and their presence is always followed by something positive and their presence represents blessing from the God. There is a story about the robin bird and the holy family. According to this ancient story, robin got its red chest after protecting the Christ Child from the fire. Peacock in Christianity symbolizes eternity and immortality. This symbolism was based on an ancient belief that the peacock’s flesh doesn’t rotten.

Blackbird is a symbol of darkness of sin and the temptations that are often sent to us by the Devil. Eagle in the Bible represents resurrection and this symbolic meaning was based on an old belief that the eagle can renew its youth by flying high to the sun and plunging fast into the water. Falcon was represented in two ways. In one representation, falcon symbolizes evil thoughts and the domestic falcon symbolizes gentile converted to Catholicism.

Goldfinch bird often appeared as the symbol of Passion of the Lord and was often painted in images of the Child Christ. Goose in Bible represented vigilance and providence. Lark symbolized humility while the owl is a symbol of Satan or Prince of Darkness. Partridge was a symbol of Church and the truth but also a symbol of deceit and the devil.

Symbolism of the raven is especially dark, and this symbolic meaning is something we can still see in popular culture. The raven was even as a symbol of the devil and darkness. Ravens are often portrayed eating the flesh of saints after their death, like in the story about St. Vincent Ferrer.

Sparrows in the Bible are symbols of least among people while the swallow is the symbol of incarnation. Stork symbolizes vigilance, chastity and piety. Stork is also the announcers of the spring and the comming of Our Lord. Woodpeckers are usually symbols of Devil, heresy and they are undermines or the Faith that lead the human kind to destruction.

Bird symbolism in the Bible is definitely rich and deeply grounded. Our dreams and their interpretation is highly influenced by the symbolical view of certain objects and things, therefore certain dreams used to bring positive or negative news depending on that symbolism.

Biblical meaning of birds in Dreams

Seeing a white dove – Doves in our dreams are symbols of purity, innocence and spiritual presence. When a white dove appears in our dream, this might be a sign that is warning us about something. It is important to remember the other symbols that were present in your dream, because the divine beings might want to send you an important message. White dove is a symbol of clean energy, love and beauty.

Baby birds – If you had a dream about baby birds, then you are about to experience transcendence and liberation from something. Your plans and ideas for the future are going to be finalized and success is something you can almost be sure of. This dream is also a warning sign that you need to be careful and focused on your goals, if you want to see them succeed.


Dead birds – Seeing dead birds in dreams, represents disappointment or failure of any kind. This dream is preparing you for the things that are coming your way, because you will have to be strong to push through these problems. This dream can also be a symbol of running someone’s idea or even limiting someone’s freedom.

Feeding birds – If you were feeding birds in your dream, this means you are currently supporting an idea or project that you feel very confident about. This idea is something you have been working on hard and you have extremely high hopes for it.

Bird eggs – Seeing bird eggs in your dream is a symbol of goals and hopes you have for the future. You are focused on making something happen, and you feel anxiety when you imagine your goals failing. If eggs are broken, then you can expect your goals and plans to fail.

Flying bird – If you saw a flying bird in your dream, this means you feel free. This dream represents lifting the weight of your shoulders that has been troubling you for a very long time. You can now focus on things that are important and enjoy life for a change.

Bird in a cage – When you saw a bird in a cage, this means you have a desire to be released and to feel free. Something or someone is restricting you and you don’t know how to let go of these bonds. Perhaps it is time to let go of the past and focus on the future.

Blue bird – Blue birds in dreams are symbols of releasing negative energy. This dream is either telling us to release negative energy from our lives or that we have released this negativity already. Perhaps you got rid of negative people from your life recently, which felt extremely good and freeing. If you haven’t let go of this negative energy, then maybe it is time to distance yourself from the negativity and start over.

Red bird – Red birds in our dreams are symbols of freedom and being aware of the danger. Something is threatening you and luring out to get you. The danger in your life is something that can be avoided but you have to make sure your eyes are wide open. Don’t let other people fool you into thinking their intentions are positive. Their goals might be completely different and their intention might be to harm you.

Black bird – When bird in your dream was black, this means you are feeling empty and depressed. This dream can also be a symbol of death in your close surroundings and illness. Dreams about black birds can also be symbols of unpleasant changes and overall things that are not going to make us feel positive.

Cutting bird’s wings – IF you were cutting bird’s wings in your dream, this means you are currently preventing someone from succeeding. Your intentions are not positive right now and you are doing something wrong to this person. Think about your actions and control the negative energy you have inside you.